4.0 6
President #28 It has a surprisingly nice draw for such a large cigar. The flavor is consistent throughout. A long relaxing medium-bodied smoke. 3 5 1
President #28 I've been smoking the Connie#9 for years. So I decided to give these a whirl for the golf course. The look on people's faces is hilarious when you pull out one of these monster sticks. Love the long lasting pleasure of this Hoyo in disguise. 4 5 1
President #28 I am a big cigar person and this one fills the bill for me. Great price goog flavor just a real good smoke for the price. 5 5 1
President #28 The Consuela is a marvellous cigar I like everything about it except the price keeps going up price gets much higher we'll keep me from purchasing them me if you let them sit in the humidor about 5 months there is not a cigar that's any better out there 5 5 1
President #28 Decent & low cost... been buying them for years. 4 5 1
President #28 As mostly an every day smoker who, weather permitting, enjoys a cigar or pipe on the front porch (wife “discourages”indoor smoking). A little much to handle at one sitting, I halve the Consegra President and get two separate, enjoyable hours and save money. My view of this particular cigar; medium strength, average tasting, smooth draw cigar with an average wrapper is worth the money (on sale). 3 5 1


President #28 8.50 × 52 CG28

Consuegra President #28 cigars are bestselling factory seconds that have been pleasing our customers for close to 30 years! Premium cigar brands including Punch, Excalibur, Hoyo de Monterrey and El Rey del Mundo bundle up their overstocks or slightly flawed seconds and sell them to JR Cigar for a very wallet friendly price. They may have wrappers that are slightly off color, or slightly off their intended size, but quite honestly these imperfections hardly affect their bold, delicious, “Cubanesque” taste. Consuegra President #28 is a big 8.5 x 52 stick that features a medium-to-full blend of aged Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers covered by a mouthwatering Honduran wrapper. Boasting rich, captivating flavors of earth spice, leather, coffee, and pepper, Consuegra President #28 offers everything you’ve come to expect from a first-rate Honduran brand for a mere pennies on the dollar. Grab a bundle of 25 from JR Cigar today, then count on coming back for more!

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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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