3.8125 16
Sultan #14 My current favorite. Long even burn perfect draw good construction. I can smoke these beauties down to the nub without any harsh nastiness. My son and I just smoked Padron 50th Anniversaries (red serial #s). We both preferred these Consuegra Sultans. If status is less important than a fine smoking experience give these a try. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Y 5 5 1
Sultan #14 I had a problem. Called customer service what a great staff you have working for you. Thank you so much. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 The cigars were dry and fell apart with every draw. I imagine that's because it took 7 days to receive the order. I've been a faithful customer for years but am now exploring other options and suggest you do too. Most of the competitors also offer FREE shipping and arrive within 2 days of placing the order. 1 5 1
Sultan #14 Great construction draw and burn on this stick. As good as any other high dollar cigar. Flavor? Eh it's just OK. Not bad not great just pedestrian. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Make mine the Maduro. Like many of the other reviewers been smokin' 'em for years. Dunno how they do it but I find them superior in all aspects to the Hoyos JR compares them to. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 I especially like the EMS wrapper. The cigar on a whole is very pleasant to smoke with an easy draw. The Consuegra series are an exceptional buy and I'll be back for more 4 5 1
Sultan #14 This is the cigar that you hope no one else knows about because of its great price and value. I have tried much more expensive cigars that in no way measure up to these. The perfect everyday go tol 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Really enjoyed this cigar goes well with bourbon. Last a good hour or so for a nice slow enjoyable smoke 4 5 1
Sultan #14 I've smoked these cigars for years but I thought that I would try some of the more big name brands but after smoking cigars that cost 3 times as much I think the Consuegra kicked the majority of them to the curb. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 No consistency some burn and draw great others don’t. Took way to long to ship 2 5 1
Sultan #14 Draw is good. Smoke is medium to heavy. Construction at the tip could be much better. Most times the top would unravel (and I snip very thin) and there are stems and leaf parts that have to dealt with most of the smoke. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 I have bought these cigars for years, but might not again. The quality has definitely gone down. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 Very good for the price 4 5 1
Sultan #14 One day I was in JR in Paramus and I was just looking who is the height of the pandemic so a lot of the Cigars That I would normally get just wasn’t in stock I thought I was just walking around looking at this and that and I came across the Consuerga 14 EMS And I knew that I had hints of Hoyo de Monterey Excalibur and For me I said well why not I’ll give it a shot so I did and I purchased the 20 pack it was an extremely enjoyable Smoke I have since purchased at least 4 others and they didn’t disappoint. As I write this review I’m smoking one now. I’d say it’s closer to a full bodied cigar burns nice and good overall draw and have not had the experience of it yet turning. I like them very much. Jack C 5 5 1
Sultan #14 I have read other reviews from all types of smokers and I read one in this post as a matter of fact about a dried out product. That’s unfortunate but it’s not an end all be all. Cigars that are dry can be brought back to life in a humidor. All seasoned cigar smokers know this. As far as cheaper options yes JR is not my regular go to. I find them on the expensive side but they carry products that others don’t so this is doable for me. I’m pleased overall with JR 4 5 1


Sultan #14 7.25 × 54 CG14

If you love the long burning, flavorful Hoyo De Monterrey Sultan, this Consuegra is the cigar for you. A factory overrun, packaged in a bundle of 25, it has the same high quality and premium tobaccos as its compatriot, but at a huge discount. Wrapped in an EMS Honduran leaf, it is zesty, earthy, and almost too good to be true.
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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Bundle of 25

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