3.760869565217391 46
Principale #73 I tried this cigar based of the reviews-thanks to all of you for my finding a great cigar that's still at a reasonable price. Even burn easy draw & even smokes great all at once or cut in half! 4 5 1
Principale #73 This cigar has a very nice construction and flavor. It's my daily cigar... Let them sit in the humidor for a few weeks and enjoy! Great stick for the price point. 4 5 1
Principale #73 An excellent cigar; Consuegra has been a favorite of mine for years. They have a very satisfying flavor that does not change much during the smoke if that's important to you. As for strength they generally start off a solid Medium then build to perhaps a 7/10. Note that Consuegras always ship over-humidified so it's best to set them aside for 3-4 weeks. They also benefit greatly from some additional aging. So if you can resist the urge let them sleep in your humidor for 3+ months and you have some truly top-notch cigars! 5 5 1
Principale #73 Money well spent. Great tasting and smooth. Well worth it. 4 5 1
Principale #73 good cigar draws and burns well will purchase again 4 5 1
Principale #73 I've smoked cigars in all price ranges and Consuegra ranks up there with the best. I've been smoking these for years and keep worrying that once the secret about these comes out the price will skyrocket. I have no idea why these are seconds but I'm glad they are! 4 5 1
Principale #73 Lets be clear this is about quality at a price point. In my view at this price point this cigar does very well. It is my go to cigar. 4 5 1
Principale #73 I received an email from jrcigars about a special offer on Consuegra cigars.It is now my go to smoke.Great smokemost enjoyable.I will be buying these smokes from now on. 5 5 1
Principale #73 Great everyday cigar nice burn. Cap sometimes comes off towards end off cigar burn. I would recommend these to a friend 4 5 1
Principale #73 For the price it’s a really good smoke. Consistently draws easily and a rich flavor. 4 5 1
Principale #73 Say whatever about your favorite, best, or daily cigar. Money very well spent on this brand, I've been smoking Consuegras for about 27 years. JR's here in DC used to have these stocked from the ceiling, but not anymore. I been online for about 5 years placing orders. I guess you're getting my point. Yes Sir, these are good no matter who wins the games. At the end of the day, the winner is these great affordable sticks. Good flavor, smell is Rich and rustic like fine wine. 4 5 1
Principale #73 I have been buying this cigar for over 10 yrs and I still think it is one of the best and best valued cigars from JR's. Out of the hundred bundles or so that I have bought I would say maybe I can count on one hand the bad ones I have gotten. 5 5 1
Principale #73 Extremely inconsistent. 2 5 1
Principale #73 it's a little bit to spicy at times. other than that, they area good everyday smoke 3 5 1
Principale #73 YUCK! I read the reviews for this cigar and bought a bundle, smoked one the day after I received the bundle. The entire cigar tasted horrible. Sometimes, not always, time in my humidor solves nasty taste issue. The wrapper cracked and pealed when I used my cigar cutter to cut the end off, the draw was too easy because the cigar was dry, the burn was fast because the cigar was dry. Consistency? The one cigar I smoked from this bundle was consistently bad from start to finish. It did not smell good, it did not taste good. I didn't like it. I will keep them in my humidor a while, as stated, and see if they improve. If they improve in my humidor and if I can remember to do so, I will upgrade my rating. At this point I would not recommend buying this specific cigar to anyone except to my ex-wife. she should buy some of these for her personal smoking "pleasure". 1 5 1
Principale #73 I've been smoking these for years! 5 5 1
Principale #73 The price was good. It has a nice draw, not harsh 3 5 1
Principale #73 Not bad for a lower priced stick, wrapper fell apart on one of the 3 or 4 I smoked. Fairly consistent on taste. Good long burn, good draw 3 5 1
Principale #73 Good consistent construction and burn. Good flavor. Easy and consistent draw. Best Consuegra I have had in several past orders. 5 5 1
Principale #73 This is my daily cigar. It’s a great price and good taste with a consistent burn. 3 5 1
Principale #73 A few from this last bundle were wrapped a bit lose but overall they were full of flavor and burned well. 4 5 1
Principale #73 Fantastic everyday cigar... I haven't found anything in this price point with the construction or flavor of this stick! 4 5 1
Principale #73 Mighty fine cigar good construction draw and taste. Wonderful body. 5 5 1
Principale #73 These are a perfect everyday stick...maduro tastes sweet...just the right strength to motivate my day...I order tone or two bundles a month...highly recommend these🔥 JR has great service 4 5 1
Principale #73 Not bad for the price. some uneven burn and split 2 5 1
Principale #73 I buy these for my friends and me. We have a great local cigar shop where we try some rather expensive smokes. We frequently say This a good cigar but the Consuegras are just as good and sometimes better at a fraction of the price. 4 5 1
Principale #73 I'll start by saying that there is a lot of variation between Consuegra batches. But my experience with them has been positive. Well made good draw good flavors. Hard to beat this for the money. 4 5 1
Principale #73 Great ever day cigar 4 5 1
Principale #73 I love them! I smoke between 3 and 4 sticks daily, cigars like Consuegra lesson the financial impact. You get a premium smoke at a discount. I'll smoke 1 to 2 premiums a day, then 1 to 2 seconds a day. Thank you JR... 5 5 1
Principale #73 Consuegras are a gift to the daily smoker who's not foolish enough spend more. 4 5 1
Principale #73 Pretty good cigar. Smoked them for years. Every now and then you get an exceptionable bundle, but mostly just good bundles. 4 5 1
Principale #73 If your looking for a daily smoke that is budget friendly this is it. 5 5 1
Principale #73 Usually good bargain but roll inconsistent. Last batch wasted four cigars due to poor draw due to bad roll. 2 5 1
Principale #73 I look forward to these great smokes.The 54 ring sizes my favorite.It has a nice ash and a very good taste for this price cigar bundle.One of my go to cigars.You can not go wrong. 5 5 1
Principale #73 Too unpredictable. Sometimes they are wonderful and other times, unsmokeable. I have had entire bundles that were so bad, they had to be returned. If they were consistent I would give them 4 stars. 2 5 1
Principale #73 I’ve been smoking these for years, but quality has suffered recently. Good flavor, but burn is now erratic. Draw is now inconsistent and the pack has been pretty loose lately. 3 5 1
Principale #73 I enjoy trying either a box or a bundle of cheaper cigars to see if they are as good as the more expensive ones.These fit the bill.The Consuegra #73 are worth the money.Good taste and very well made.Buy some today I don’t think that you will be disappointed. 5 5 1
Principale #73 I have been buying and smoking Consuegra's for 20 years, and think they are one of the biggest or best secret deals, I know of.... Not only in Cigars but in any commodity! Having said that, they are "seconds", and not always perfect, but over the years, the really problematic cigars have been few and far between. 4 5 1
Principale #73 So far in this bundle of cigars I've only found frustration. There appears to be tiny holes in the wrapper in some of them while most of them still seem to be plugged, maybe they just were wrapped too tight. I've seen this before in this cigar but never every stick I pull out of the box like this one! 2 5 1
Principale #73 Firm with good flavor 1 or 2 sticks per package gave an uneven burn. 3 5 1
Principale #73 A great cigar, especially for seconds! Very consistent in flavor and draw. Has a medium/full flavor that is not abrasive, still smooth 4 5 1
Principale #73 Flavor good, construction generally good but fails my number 1 peeve in cigars. Too many with a bad draw out of a bundle of 25. If the draw were good, I would reorder - it's the only failure with this cigar. 3 5 1
Principale #73 First time ever not satisfied cigars where were a little bit dry & crumbled when cut. was able to put in plastic bag with wet paper towel and smoke after 3 to 5 days. 2 5 1
Principale #73 Connies can be a crap shoot. But I've had good luck with these sticks. With some bundles, I actually prefer these over the firsts. 4 5 1
Principale #73 My everyday cigar for years.I find these consegra Maduro in the larger sizes 4 5 1
Principale #73 I have been smoking the Principale #73 maduro for a long time and for the last 8 months they have been exceptional. Good construction, wife says they smell good (very important), and the burn has been consistent. Best of all you get a great tasting, everyday cigar that does not break the bank. 5 5 1


Principale #73 6 × 54 CG733

Consuegra Principale #733 cigars come from the same manufacturers that produce Excalibur, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Hoyo de Monterrey and JR Ultimate. However, due to some irregularities in size, you get to enjoy the rich bold medium-full bodied flavors found in the above-mentioned brands for pennies on the dollar. The blend consists of a dark, oily, Honduran wrapper over the finest aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Order an affordable bundle of 25 from JR Cigar today, and discover one our oldest and most popular value priced brands.
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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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