Nub Cafe

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The innovative folks at the famous Oliva factory created the fat little Nub so that cigar smokers pressed for time could enjoy the whole cigar experience on the very first puff. This cigar went on to captivate the masses and set the standard for the short fat cigar craze that’s sweeping the cigar world. Now Nub has taken this brand to the next phase. Nub has decided to cater to the flavor cravers with this new line of coffee-infused handmades fittingly dubbed Nub Café and billed as ‘The Ultimate Coffee Experience.’ These chock-full-of-nuts nuggets are available in six sizes and three flavors to choose from. Your mouth will water when you taste the creamy smooth Cappuccino blend, the dark roasted notes of the Espresso and the vanilla milkshake goodness of the Macchiato. These luxury café blends are a wonderful deviation from the standard fare and a perfect way to enhance your favorite cup-of-joe!
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