If you want to enjoy the top-rated flavors that Oliva provides but at an incredibly affordable price, Oliva Seconds should be first on your list of brands to try. Oliva Cigars is one of the best cigar makers in the industry, and it got to where it is with strict quality control standards. Yet, having such high standards means that not every cigar makes the cut.

Made with the same finely aged Nicaraguan tobaccos found in many Oliva offerings, Oliva Seconds were kept from their destiny of boxes and bands due to minor flaws like slight wrapper color variations or the ring gauge is just a smidge too thick or thin. While they may not be the pinnacle of perfection like most Oliva offerings, the flaws on Oliva Seconds have no impact on the flavor and are just as good as their banded brothers.

With so many diverse blends making up Oliva’s deep portfolio, Oliva Seconds are in turn available in many different blends and wrapper varieties. In fact, each little Lot code relates to an existing Oliva brand. For example, Lot CR is the Connecticut Reserve, Lot SG is Serie G, Lot FO is Flor de Oliva, Lot NH is Nub Habano, and many more.

Whether you are looking for some bundled smokes to drive your day or looking to enjoy Oliva’s top-shelf flavors for a fraction of the price, Oliva Seconds will be a welcome addition to your humidor. Order a bundle of 20 of your favorite blend and size of Oliva Seconds today while doing your online cigar shopping with JR Cigar!

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