Oliva has built their stellar reputation by providing smokers with the industry's finest, highest-rated premium handmade blends. Every Oliva cigar boasts top-notch construction, and utilizes the finest aged tobaccos, hand-selected, grade “A” wrappers, and rigid quality control standards that set this world-famous brand apart from the rest. However, on rare occasions such as this, some of these highly sought-after blends don’t meet Oliva’s rigorous standards of excellence to make their way into a box, so they are designated as factory seconds and sold in affordable bundles of 20. Oliva Seconds are available in seven different blends that didn’t make the final cut due to minor wrapper imperfections such as slightly off shade colors, a vein here or there, and the occasional sun spot. The good news is that you still get those rich, award winning Oliva flavors for a fraction of their original intended cost. Be sure to pick up your favorite Oliva Seconds blend, the next time you buy cigars online right here at JR.

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