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Lot M Robusto Buying seconds is always a gamble - this one really paid off, a 5 star rating from me. Hesitate to say how good they were because they'll all disappear and I won't get any more. Beautiful, rich aroma right out of the cellophane. I think the "seconds" determination may be that some of the wrappers show veiny leaves, but the draw, flavor, and smooth even burn are what you want a cigar to be. Deep and spicy, a real pleasure. Would love a 2nd bundle for long term. 5 5 1

Oliva Seconds

Lot M Robusto 5 × 52 OL2MR

Oliva Seconds Lot M Robusto cigars are haven’t quite met the company’s rigid quality standards due to wrapper leaves that have a slight variance in color, a vein here or there, or the occasional sunspot. The good news is that these slight imperfections hardly affect the rich bold flavors that the Oliva brand is famous for. Order a bundle of 20 from JR Cigar and savor a genuine Oliva smoking experience for a fraction of their intended cost!
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