December 7, 2018

When it comes to major Nicaraguan brand, usually three names come to mind.  Padron, Drew Estate, and Oliva.  While Padron is famous for its high prices and luxurious aura, and Drew Estate is known for its crazy themes and hardcore fan base, Oliva is simply known for making solid, reliable cigars.  These characteristics go back over 100 years, to the founding of the family business.

In 1886, Melanio began producing tobacco in the famed Cuban region of Pinar del Rio.  His blends earn quite the reputation for being smooth but exceptionally flavorful.  The family continued to grow in this area for 80 years, with Melanios son, Hipolito soon taking over the business.  Then the same tragic scenario hit the Oliva family like so many other Cuban tobacco growers…the Cuban Revolution.

At the time of the revolution, Hipolito’s son, Gilberto had ended growing tobacco and instead become a tobacco broker.  He would travel all around the world dealing in the finest tobaccos he could find.  In 1964, unable to deal with the changing political landscape of his native Cuba, Gilberto left the country.  First, he moved to Spain, before eventually settling in Nicaragua.  This is where the modern story of the Oliva Cigar Company begins.

Since then, they have created one of the most versatile cigar brands in the industry.  Their name brands, such as the Oliva O or Oliva G, are cigar store staples and can be found on the shelves of every tobacco shop.  For the mellow smoker, they offer up the smooth and creamy Oliva Connecticut Reserve, while the more seasoned nuanced aficionado can enjoy the Master Blends Series 3.  If you want insane flavor and complexity, look for the Cain series including the Cain F and the Cain Daytona.  Last year also saw the release of their high end Gilberto Oliva line, named after one of the founders of the company.

Oliva also made tremendous waves with their sub-brand Nub.  Known for their short and stocky sizes, Nubs have taken on a life of their own.  While the main Nub line is straightforward premium cigars, they also offer two infused lines.  The Nub Café is perfect for the coffee drinker while the Nub Nuance Seasonal is great for those special times of the year.

Make sure to check out one of the most storied cigar brands in the world, and pick up your box of Oliva or Nub at JR Cigars.


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