Drew Estate

December 7, 2018

Jonathan Drew revolutionized the cigar industry several times over.  No one could have anticipated a college “bro” from New York would have created not just a successful cigar company, but one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world.  There is nothing about Drew Estate that is common or average or status quo.  Everything from their blends to their creative designs to their factory is pushed to the limits, and the industry loves it.

Drew Estate first came onto the scene in the late 90s, with Jonathan and partner Marvin selling some hand-rolled cigars throughout the City.  However, it was the tail end of the cigar boom and the industry was hurting.

They knew they had to stand out and create something not just unique, but something customers would want.  By incorporating their distinctive NYC style along with the desire for a high-end infused cigar, the company comes out with their legendary Acid line.

Acid has become not only the best-selling infused cigar in the country but one of the top 10 best-selling cigars overall.  This led to a few other infused cigars by the company, that became almost as successful.  This includes the delicious Tabak, a coffee-infused cigar, the Natural, and the Ambrosia.

Following the success of the Acid brand and its infused lines, Drew Estate decided to turn to more traditional premium cigars, but with their distinct branding.  The result was the Undercrown, a bold and flavorful smoke that is one of their best-selling products.  Undercrown was so successful, that it spawned two sequels: The Undercrown Sungrown and Undercrown Shade.

The Undercrown inspired them to push their traditional smoke even further, with lines such as the powerful MUWAT and the zesty Nica Rustica becoming staples in cigar stores everywhere.

After a string of successful traditional premium cigars, including the Norteno and Herrera Esteli from the new master blender Willy Herrera, the company decided to once again take a turn towards the unusual.  This time, they started to utilize fire-cured tobacco, mostly used in pipes, and use it in a premium cigars.  The Kentucky Fire Cured, as it is now known, became another tremendous hit for the company and has become quite popular with the hardcore Drew Estate fans.

As if this wasn’t enough to convince you of this company’s dominance, they are also the sole distributor of Joya de Nicaragua in the US.  Joya is the oldest cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua and is responsible for such tremendous cigars as the Antano, Dark Corojo, and their most recent additions the Joya Red, Joya Black, and Joya Silver.  You also may know them from the Cuatro Cinco, one of the highest-rated Nicaraguan cigars ever made, or our private label with them, the Joya Clasico. We’ve broken down the tastes of the Joya Red in our Joya Red Cigar Review.

It seems there is nothing that can stop the juggernaut that is Drew Estate.  From working in a bodega in New York City to operating the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua, Jonathan Drew and his team continue to create the finest, most unique cigars in the world.  They even came out with a bundled cigar this year, the Factory Smokes, that is already being hailed as revolutionary!  If you are a cigar smoker, you are well acquainted with the Drew Estate name and their fine list of cigars.  Make sure you check out their whole lineup right here eat JR Cigars.


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