4.634146341463414 41
Torpedo One of my go to smokes. The oliva serie v will always be a staple in my Humidor 4 5 1
Torpedo Great smoke. They stay consistent and the flavor is on point every time. Great burn and draw on these as well. Try these you won’t regret it. 5 5 1
Torpedo Perfect draw burn consistent perfect amount of smoke. My new favorite! 5 5 1
Torpedo Very nice cigar mild yet very flavorful nice even burn had a small issue with the cap unraveling but not a huge issue still a creamy smoke bomb 4 5 1
Torpedo These are a fantastic cigar! Nice pepper leather and spice Burns great and even. They are in my top 10 5 5 1
Torpedo The oliva v im torpedo really was not my thong i just cant stand the draw and mouth feel and taste 3 5 1
Torpedo The Olivia is always a good cigar don't know know if you could go wrong I enjoy the V 4 5 1
Torpedo This as close as it gets to my favorite oliva cigar when I don't have them I have these 4 5 1
Torpedo The Oliva blend is a full bodied powerhouse packed full of flavor and spice. This is my favorite blend in the oliva line up. Make sure you eat well before firing up a V 4 5 1
Torpedo If this isn't your go to smoke it should at least be in your rotation. Consistent great construction full of flavor but not harsh...all at a great price. Beautiful oily wrapper medium full bodied - pairs nicely with a peaty scotch. Try it and you will forget about the double digit priced smokes in your humidor. 5 5 1
Torpedo This smoke tastes like it looks they could charge way more than their asking price the torpedo is a great way to experience this blend 5 5 1
Torpedo This One Really Good Stick. The Oliva V Is The Stick I Judge All Others By. Burns Great And Has Great Flavor Very Smooth For Tgis Strength level 5 5 1
Torpedo Good full body cigar by Oliva. Good construction and tasty wrapper. Well worth a try. 4 5 1
Torpedo The serie v is a great blend. Good flavors and perfect construction and draw. Oliva made this cigar right and it's a strong one. 5 5 1
Torpedo typical high end oliva perfection 5 5 1
Torpedo Little biased...Don't recall ever having a bad Oliva. Always very smooth & tasty. Good ratings all around from me. 4 5 1
Torpedo Been waiting to taste this lil guy. On first light there is the usual spice on the lips and tongue. First third the finish is a bit long but soon fades away. Hints of leather cedar wood and pine nut. These characteristics also fade but a slight pice is sticking to the back end to the throat which is kinda nice. Beautiful ash and draw loosens up as the stick progresses. Was a bit tight for me at start. Impeccable construction. overall a pleasant smoke. 4 5 1
Torpedo The Oliva V torpedo concentrates the flavors or down onto the palate and brings the flavor together in a nice spice. There's excellent coffee and dark cocoa with a little leather 4 5 1
Torpedo Great size for the golf course. This is a great full bodied smoke with lots of smoke output. Nice and leathery flavors throughout 5 5 1
Torpedo The oliva serie v is one of my favorite cigars out now. Full bodied stick not for the faint of heart. They say the melanio is better but I haven't tried it. If you have a chance to smoke the serie v do it. 4 5 1
Torpedo A great full bodied smoke. Has a great silky wrapper and great flavor. With the torpedo style the flavor is even more intensified 5 5 1
Torpedo Oliva has a true winner with torpedo. I have frequently purchased Diamond Crown Maximus which are much more expensive and I found the Oliva to be far superior. The construction is flawless a great draw and an extremely flavorful cigar. I smoke a full-bodied cigar often a maduro. and the Oliva was satisfying potent but not overpowering. I have smoked Oliva V Muduro Especial (very limited production) and found the Torpedo equally enjoyable. It is a winner! 5 5 1
Torpedo Having this incredible smoke with a nice glass of Bourbon (neat) is the best way to relax during these uncertain times. 5 5 1
Torpedo It’s tightly rolled but the draw is perfect... easy with just the slightest resistance, just how I like it. It’s dense too, so it smokes somewhat slowly. Taste is smooth but satisfyingly rich. Smoke is abundant as you smoke. This is an outstanding cigar. 5 5 1
Torpedo Wow. I'm very impressed with the Oliva Serie V Torpedo. One of the best smokes I've had in quite a while. I can't find anything to criticize. Full body taste with a hint of spiciness. The draw was perfect and I felt like it burned forever. I actually got tired of smoking it because the burn was so slow and even. I will keep this line in the humidor!! 5 5 1
Torpedo One of my favorites ! 5 5 1
Torpedo Smokes and draws perfectly. Moderate to strong flavor and perfect shape. 4 5 1
Torpedo Well constructed and smooth smoke till the end. One of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
Torpedo Great size. Love the figurato. Long time favorite. Never disappoints. 5 5 1
Torpedo consistent smoke as usual from the people at Oliva. As usual the customer service from JR top notch. 5 5 1
Torpedo These are worth the time and the money, to get a superior smoke. The draw is smooth and even til the very end! 5 5 1
Torpedo I purchased a 24 box of Oliva Serie V Torpedo 6x56 and the cigars are outstanding. Oliva Serie V are my daily cigars and I enjoy them thoroughly. I purchased these great cigars from JR and received a great price point on them. 5 5 1
Torpedo These are the best cigars I have ever smoked! Oliva = Quality. You won’t go wrong with these cigars. 5 5 1
Torpedo Love Oliva 4 5 1
Torpedo A consistently great cigar! 5 5 1
Torpedo One of my favorites a truly great cigar taste construction draw you name it this cigar has it after all it’s a Olivia 5 5 1
Torpedo Serie V is my favorite of the Oliva lines, smooth, great taste, draw and construction are of the best I've had 4 5 1
Torpedo Great cigar great flavor for the right price 5 5 1
Torpedo Great service. Quick delivery ! 5 5 1
Torpedo This is my favorite Oliva. This size checks all the boxes. Powerful, but balanced, great construction and burn. World class 5 5 1
Torpedo Truly, this is one of my favorite smokes....of all that's out there. A great flavor. Everything clicks on this one. I've had the pleasure of having at least 6 of them and they are simply outstanding. The flavor alone would be worth any inconsistencies. If I could've given it 6 stars, I would've. 5 5 1

Oliva Serie V

Torpedo 6 × 56 OSVTO

The Oliva Serie V Torpedo, packaged in a box of 24, is a superb Nicaraguan cigar masterfully rolled and blended to deliver a full-bodied taste. Complex and well-aged tobaccos from Nicaragua, and a stunning and savory Habano Sun Grown wrapper delivers creamy coffee and dark chocolate flavors, further enhanced with a fragrant, smoky bouquet.
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Sun-grown Habano


Jalapa Valley Ligero


Medium - Full


Box of 24

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