4.5227272727272725 44
Churchill Extra Great smoke. This is one you won’t regret trying. The flavor is excellent. The burn draw construction and consistency are equally impressive. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Oliva Series V in the Churchill size but this one gives you just that little bit of extra 4 5 1
Churchill Extra The Oliva V is an excellent cblend regardless of the size you are smoking. The Churchill offers a ton of smoke and thick chewy texture and an oil slick across the palate. Nice full bodied smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Extra The sampling of this cigar I had unfortunately had a very tight draw and at times an uneven burn. This I'm told by other smokers is a fluke. The flavor despite the hot smoke and tight draw was fairly good peppery and leather flavors dominated I would like to try them again 4 5 1
Churchill Extra One of the better Oliva cigars out right now. The Serie V is a smooth and flavorful smoke with some very good well balanced flavors. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra The Oliva V Is Probably My Favorite Stick.They Are Strong But Smooth. If You Like NicaraguanTobacco This Might Be For You 5 5 1
Churchill Extra The V is o e of my favorite Olivas. Full of changing complex flavor. From earth leather and coffee. Really pairs up nice with a beverage. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra The very flavor packed cigar complexity beyond reproach well deserving of it's high ratings 1hr to 1 1/2 burn that was flawlessly enjoyed and will go back for more 5 5 1
Churchill Extra I tried this at the recommendation of the local cogar shop. I enjoyed this immensely and made this a regular choice 4 5 1
Churchill Extra Not my favorite but not terrible. A but of a tight draw and strong pepper flavor. Need a good Scotch on the rocks. 3 5 1
Churchill Extra With a the hype the Series V's get I was a little disappointed. It was a great smoke full of flavor and not too much strength but I can't say it's one of my top favorites 4 5 1
Churchill Extra This is probably my favorite Oliva. Pepper wood chocolate some sweetness and a hint of licorice all move in and out to create a consistently tasty cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra The length on this cigar is perfect for this stick... Never want it to run out! This is a great blend and a great smoke! Buy one and you will be hooked! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra I absolutely love this smoke! These cigars get better and better every time I have one. Full bodied and smooth from start to finish. Even burn every time and have never had any construction problems. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Everything about this cigar is very good except the wrappers that seem to start coming apart within 15 minutes of lighting up. I've finished several of these with no wrapper left and just the binder showing. I have them in an airtight bag with a Boveda 75% RH60 humidity control bag and a digital hygrometer (which is usually reading around 70%). Lately I've even unwrapped several cigars to see if direct exposure to the humidified air would help. No such luck. Due to flaky falling off wrappers I can't give the cigar an overall rating of more that 3 1/2 stars. 3 5 1
Churchill Extra The perfect cigar for any occasion. There are better cigars. But this fits all times. Breakfast driving after lunch boating anytime 5 5 1
Churchill Extra The series v was id say ok at best wasnt a all time great but was a great filler stick or give it away stick 3 5 1
Churchill Extra I really appreciate its consistency from beginning to end. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra Olivia makes some of the best cigars on the market. The Oliva V Serie is no exception. Nice medium brown wrapper. Burns evenly and flavors of coffee and creamy spice. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra A great full bodied cigar with a lot of flavor and quality construction. Slightly strong due to the ligero in it. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra I love the series O and am really excited to try these. Hope I can win a pack today! 4 5 1
Churchill Extra One of the best lines from Oliva. The Oliva V has a nice dark pepper with cream and some spice. Amazing cigar over and over again. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra I mean it's the v. Really what more can you say about a top notch cigar. I am all about this one. Solid smoke for a great occasion. Treat yourself to one today. 4 5 1
Churchill Extra A five star stick with smooth and tick smoke that any cigar smoker could appreciate! This thing is amazing 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Again it doesn't get much better than Olivia. The Churchill extra is sometimes a bit hard to find but if you do smoke them puppies up 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Series V is a must smoke for anyone. It has great body great strength and and excellent flavor profile. Just do yourself a favor and grab one of these and smoke it then grab a box of them and keep them on hand. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Buy this cigar. A great price for a top tier cigar. Pepper with deep sweet tobacco notes quite the delicious treat 5 5 1
Churchill Extra This massive cigar is chock full of Nicaraguan tobacco that is perfectly blended and is medium bodied cigar with tons of flavor but it is not overpowering 4 5 1
Churchill Extra Soft delicate flavors of coffee with cream, cedar, toffee, sea salt and leather. Smooth as silk. Savor every puff. Flavor builds stays smooth. Not to be pared with anything to strong. Easily over powered. A favorite! Beyond box worthy!!! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra The Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra is almost as good as a cigar gets. The construction and draw are perfect, the consistency is excellent, and the flavor is great. I bought a box of 24 of these on sale, and none of the 10 that I have smoked thus far have been anything short of perfect. I’ll definitely be buying these again. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Enjoyed this cigar from start to finish. Normally I smoke Robusto size and hardly ever a cigar the length of a Churchill. In this case I am glad I did. I am sure I will be purchasing them again. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Great cigar at a reasonable price. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra My favorite stick. All round excellent smoke. I highly recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Extra A good smoke, an even burn. I definitely recommend them. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra One of my favorites. Absolutely amazing stick! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Top 3 favorite. Churchill is my favorite length for these smokes. 5 5 1
Churchill Extra ! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra If a cigar could somehow be both “an every day smoker” and “special occasion,” this is it! It lands in the perfect medium-bold strength, with a satisfying draw and balanced flavor. The Churchill length provides the distance of a good 100-minute smoke. This cigar lives up to the hype! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Great cigar! 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Just about done with the 1st box. Never should have ordered them.. They "Trump" all my regular smokes ....except the Prensada Double T....which are never in stock anyway. Goes great with 6 oz of Knobb Creek on ice.. Just odered another 5/5packs of the double robusto,'s also for my morning coffee. The larger size of the Churchill extra and the double robusto is more to my preference than the smaller sized Master Blend 3's (which I really like) 5 5 1
Churchill Extra Consistent all the way through 5 5 1
Churchill Extra a little on the higher price range for a daily smoke but great smoke for those special occasions. well made - good flavors - nice draw and pairs well with what ever you are drinking - when they go on sale I will buy more 5 5 1
Churchill Extra An outstanding smoke! The first third was a little rough and singular angular. But after that, right down to the nub, the smoke was excellent. Constructed well. Drew well. Burned well. Great flavor. And the "SO Second$," basically slight imperfections of the regular edition, is a freaking bargain....at almost any price (I paid about $26 for 20 of them!). I'll review that one later 4 5 1

Oliva Serie V

Churchill Extra 7 × 52 OSVCH5

Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra cigars come from a company that has been producing unparalleled premium cigars since 1886. Oliva is also the largest tobacco growing family in Nicaragua. This affords them to use the best homegrown Nicaraguan tobacco in the world for many of their blends. In this case, each Churchill Extra is rolled in a popular 7 x 52 format using the company’s specially-fermented Nicaraguan ligero binder and filler leaves – the strongest selection of high priming tobaccos on the planet. These powerful ligero Nicaraguan binder and fillers are toned down by extensive aging, along with the use of a rich, naturally sweet, sun grown Habano wrapper. The end result is a full-bodied smoke whose creamy smooth flavors of earth, coffee, leather wood, and sweet spice, makes it the perfect cigar for seasoned aficionados, along with newcomers looking to move up a notch or two in strength. Order an affordable pack of 5 from JR Cigar today and count on Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra cigars becoming one if your favorite daily smokers.

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Sun-grown Habano


Jalapa Valley Ligero


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