4.37037037037037 108
460 Cameroon I usually smoke the 460 Maduro this was a slightly lighter smoke. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon A smooth and creamy smoke from start to finish. Surprising depth for a lighter ish wrapper to boot. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon The nub 460 Cameroon is a top knot stick they'll sure we please your senses 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I have tried most of the Nubs and they have all been good. This however is my favorite of them all. Never had a problem with burn or draw and I love the flavor profile. Nice full rich flavors throughout. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon One of the better nubs. Price is always right with these. Will be buying some again. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Lots of smoke output and a good draw plus that nice Cameroon wrapper makes this my nub of choice. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon The nub 460 Cameroon is extremely well crafted with a great draw that isn't too tight. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon It's a fun size smoke. Medium - Full body. Burns great - nice long ash. An 86 out of 100 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Good if your a fan of cameroon very specific indeed to the filler. Id recommend 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Nice little quick cigar. I wasn't going to buy-in to the shorties but they are good for a quick puff outside. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon All of the nubs are good cigars but this one is probably my favorite because it has such a great flavor and a smooth smoke. It has a nutty cream flavor that's also slightly peppery. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Very good stick had some draw issues but after poking a couple times no problem burned evenly very smooth and tasty cigar 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Great little cigar awesome flavor and draw a good pick up for a quick smoke very well put together 5 5 1
460 Cameroon The nub Cameroon is a very nice mild to medium bodied cigar with a nice zesty and sweet profile that has overall decent construction considering the size of the cigar. I never really have a great luck with larger RG smokes but this is one to try out 3 5 1
460 Cameroon Awesome cigar if you like the shape. Flavor was really nice on this one. It surprised me how long it lasted 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Very creamy textured mild to medium bodied and strength. It's very relaxing and flavors are creamy nutty and with cocoa undertones. I really like Cameroon and espresso as well 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Great creamy smoke! Great flavor and draw on this one! Short length but by far full flavor! Great stick! 4 5 1
460 Cameroon For a short cigar this lasted a long time. Nub is short because they are trying to capture the sweet spot of the cigar in one area. Toothy Cameroon wrapper and perfect construction. Loads of Cammy flavor. Fantastic cigar 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great stick all around amazing flavor woderful draw with plenty of smoke nothing to complain about with it 5 5 1
460 Cameroon All Nubs are great but this one exceeds expectations. Even burn with lots of smoke and flavor. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Love the cigar he hit the sweet spot for the very first puff absolute Construction perfect draw very good smoke 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Was not real impressed with the flavor tasted cheap. Construction was great and so was draw. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon What a great smoke from such a short cigar. A lot of creamy nutty taste mild flavoring. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Hesitant to try it. Big ring gage and pricey for a short smoke. But i got a great deal on a sampler from JR and two of the stubby nubs were in included in the pack so I thought I'd try it rather than gift it. It was an excellent smoke from start to finish. It took longer to smoke than I expected. As tasty as every Oliva cigar I have tried. I probably won't buy them separately as the ring gage is larger than I like to smoke but I won't be giftin these when I buy another sampler pack. Very good cigar. Love the camaroon wrapper. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I have to admit this is not by far and away my favorite Nub Cigar. The draw and construction are top notch. What throws me off is the rather harsh flavor from start to finish. I'll stick to the Nub Maduro hands down my favorite cigar. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon I loved the Nub! Will definitely order again 5 5 1
460 Cameroon If you live the montichristo white series then you will enjoy these. Every humidor should have a box of nubs. One of my favorite smokes. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Small and powerful.makes you want more of these. Wonderfull flavors from this nub that are nice and creamy. Wrapper tastes good prelite 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Nubs Rock!!!!! Cameroon not too harsh just right for that time of you want to smoke and just chill. No drama just enjoy the moment with Nub Cameroom... Plus a good drink go hand in hand. To forget your troubles and realize everything is going to be alright while smoking Nub Cameroon. Life doesn't get any better than this. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon the 460 is one of my top sticks great smoke and will smoke a long time for its size great draw 4 5 1
460 Cameroon This is an excellent cigar that I feel comfortable with recommending to others. I love the Cameroon wrapper! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Don't let the size fool you great flavor from this little gem. Hay caramel and tea with a little pepper on the finish. A must have for any humidor 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Tried this the other day. Not a bad smoke. Nice draw even burn with some good flavor. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon This is a good cameroon cigar. I got this as part of a Nub sampler and thought it was the best of the bunch. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon I'm a fan of shorter cigar and Nub fits that bill perfect. The flavors are there from the start it's the sweet spot from light up. Mild creamy spicy earthy flavor. Loved it. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon won these from the game beat the dealer. Super sweet. Compact size but big flavor. Smoked this on the golf course. Got many compliments on it. Solid smoke. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon You get what you pay for nothing too outstanding and I don't like the shortness or the gauge overall ok taste. Not an everyday smoke 3 5 1
460 Cameroon The nub cameroon packs a lot of punch in such a short cigar. Had an ash nearly the length of the cigar. Very well made. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon The 460 camaroon is an outstanding great cigar with a smooth earthy sweetness with a slight hint of coco the burn is even and the smoke cool due to the larger ring size try it 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Good stout smoke with a good draw and bursting with flavor! For such a small stick it lasted a long long time 3 5 1
460 Cameroon The nub Cameroon is a nice medium body cigar with great construction and theflavors are incredibly well done and it's perfect for burning after a big meal 3 5 1
460 Cameroon Great Smoke. Captures the best part of a quality smoke. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great looking cigar. I haven't smoked one of these in years. Just smoked one that I got in a sampler recently. Had it in the humidor for a couple months. A little tight on the draw but other than that it was a great cigar burn nice and straight nice tight Ash. Flavor taste and smell all that you would expect from Oliva. I am a little puzzled however when I got down to the cigar band and removed it the wrapper split completely down the side and the cigar became unsmokable. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to the Finish. Very uncharacteristic for an Oliva cigar. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon v-cut , slow light , a very nice smoke . A very good addition to my humodor. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I enjoyed this short cigar in center city Philly. No aftertaste at all., Will buy again definitely!! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon One of the best smokes on the market. So smooth so good and great price JRs! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon over all quality smoke 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Great cigar perfect smoke my favorite 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great smoke. Was hesistate about buying a short stick but Boy was I Wrong. I love the flavor easy even burn easy draw. I timed it 1:10 mins. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon These little big bore cannons are heavy on flavor and light on the wallet. Perfect for that 45 min smoke you’re looking for! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Winner winner chicken dinner. If you like shorties give this baby a try. Bon appetit 5 5 1
460 Cameroon This is my favorite of the Nub line. Ultra smooth and excellent flavors. Surprisingly the shortness doesn't mean it's a quick smoke. They last. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon A surprisingly great smoke. Initially my assumption was a 15 minute smoke. However I enjoyed some 40 minutes of wonderful smoke smooth and tasty. No wasting time of getting to the sweet spot. Once you light up you are instantly enjoying the fruity flavors and complex textures of smoke. I only wished they made a 5” or 6 inch of this same cigar with the immediate satisfaction from beginning to end. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Not my favorite NUB. It is a bit on the mild sidecwith muddled flavors. I did pick out creme and cedar with nutty finish. It was VERY smooth and construction was great. 1.5 hr smoke 3 5 1
460 Cameroon Best of the Nub line by far. Smooth. Burns even and the 30 or so I've smoked have been very consistent. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Good draw even burn excellent taste. These are the gars when your smoking time is limited. I always have some in my humidor. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Nub 460 Cameroon is one if those special blends that just match up so soon perfectly. I love the aromas and the draw is awesome 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Super good smoke. Smooth and flavorful with rich smoke. Excellent consistency and burns great. I'm a big fan 5 5 1
460 Cameroon An amazing cigar. Short fat and full of awesome goodness. One of the best nubs in my opinion. Great smoke 4 5 1
460 Cameroon This stick just didn't measure up to the other offerings by Nub. It fell a little flat on flavor although as typical for Nub if had great construction. Good smoke but not my favorite . 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Fine cigar slower burn rate than I expected. Nutty taste with spices. Nice draw with a smooth even burn. I am new to the Nub line but I will buy more! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon If you like a big 60 you will enjoy this. I don't like a big cigar but this is still really flavorful. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon The first Nub I ever tried..was very skeptical at first..then I realized this is a good smoke..all sweet spot...burned longer than I expected...a lot of flavor too.. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon This was a nice medium full smoke. Very smooth and great flavor. Lasted a long time for a short cigar. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon If you want to have something that gives you a short amount of time and great cigar this is it. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Not a huge fan of the shorter cigar. The taste is decent and it burns slow. Just need something with more weight and strength. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon 5 stars ***** for this awesome cigar. Full flavored and medium strength. Tobacco gold in my book. A must try. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Not a bad little cigar. By little I mean in stature because this smoke is packed full of tobacco! This cigar has a huge ring gauge and the flavor is great the smoke lasted me a good hour 4 5 1
460 Cameroon I am a big fan of all the traditional Nub 460's. These little guys have the flavor of a full size cigar but lasts as long as a robusto. The Cameroon is packed full of flavor and will not dissappoint. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great cigar slow mild burn. Flavorful for a small cigar. Great construction and great consistency. Absolutely a good cigar. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon The Nub Series Has A Really Good Ligero Blend That Has Fair Strength And Great Flavor. Try One Of these 5 5 1
460 Cameroon This 460 isn't my type of smoke but it played out well. I thought it would be more of a quick smoke from how short it was but the larger gauge and supreme construction made it last. A light/mild smoke that wasn't overpowering and overall a very enjoyable cigar. Good smoke. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Very neat little cigar! Short and stubby just like the name states itself but should be a retry decent smoke! 4 5 1
460 Cameroon One of my favorite cigars. Very well constructed. Nice draw. Great flavor. Smokes longer than you would think. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon although I like this nub it is my least favorite of the nub series (not including the cafe series ones). this is not to say I don't care for it its just not my favE. but it's a great stick smokes really well and last a great while. I u haven't tried it do it. enjoy 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Nice mild cigar. Good burn and flavor. I am partial to Olivia though as they make excellent cigars 4 5 1
460 Cameroon All around an enjoyable smoke but probably not something I would say I need to have. Would buy again at a good price. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Everyone I have come across loves Nubs. The Cameroon 460 is one of my favorite styles. Light and creamy perfect mid day smoke. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon phenomenal cigar from start to finish great flavor all the way through not too strong or mild it's a winner 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Nub. Exactly what you will do to every one of these great little cigars... nub it. Fantastic construction and more flavor than should be legal 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I generally stay away from larger ring gauge cigars (except when golfing since they tend to stay lit and require little attention) but the Nub line gets an exception. The Cameroon has a nice sweetness and smoothness to it that makes it worth the time. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Excellent everyday smoke. Quality and value. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Big, rich peppery flavor with leather and faint cocoa. Short but fat and long- burning, excellent construction. The tastiest. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I like to take a smoke when I walk the dog. The Nub Cameroon is perfect 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Always a great smoke. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Love Nubs 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Very nice cigar. Stronger than the "coffee" series but very smooth and consistent throughout. The draw on some of the cigars in the box were more tightly rolled than the usual Nub series. I found I needed to "poke" it so i need to ding it on draw and construction consistency, but still a very good smoke. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Really like the size of it, very smooth draw. Has a mild taste and a little kick at the end. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon My go-to cigar. The Cameroon & Sumatra 460’s are great smokes. About 40 minutes of great flavor start to finish. The Maduro’s are good too. They are consistently good cigars with very few “duds” over the 15 or so boxes I’ve bought. JR seems fresher or better stored than other on-line or local store’s & ships faster. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon NUB is a great go to cigar with smooth draw and flavourful tones. Perfect to fit in a golf bag. Sturdy construction and lasts for six or seven holes! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon These are some of the only cigars I buy at full price. I love the rich flavor that doesn't blow my palate out with the strength. The draw can be a little tight on some but that hardly takes away from the quality of these little guys. Even with its short stature the still last over an hour of you want them to 5 5 1
460 Cameroon These showed up really dried out. The head would crack when I used my punch. Bummer! 3 5 1
460 Cameroon Flavorful first light , Nice smoke 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Imo these larger ring gages dull the flavor of the wrapper. 3 5 1
460 Cameroon well constructed, pretty good flavor, a little bitter 3 5 1
460 Cameroon 1 Nub Cameroon a day keeps the stress away! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great taste and even burn! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon The size is perfect and flavor stays true to the end that means a lot . bigger cigars seem to get pretty hard/bitter tasting at the back end of them I think every cigar has its place some more than others!!! Thanks Kelly 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I am really enjoying this cigar. Good flavor from start to finish, easy draw, and even burn. I would definitely recommend it. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Great little cigar. Smokes like a large cigar. 4 5 1
460 Cameroon Well put together stick 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Excellent cigar 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Will always have a home in my humidor! 5 5 1
460 Cameroon These are some great flavored cigars. I always keep some of these in stock. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon I really enjoyed this cigar...excellent draw,smooth pull and an extremely even burn. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon ve a nice smooth taste 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Always smooth and a perfect size for a dog walk around the neighborhood. The best tasting medium strength cigar with an even burn that you can get in this price range. Highly recommended. 5 5 1
460 Cameroon Good smoke, at the right length and ring sizze 5 5 1


460 Cameroon 4 × 60 N4605

Nub 460 Cameroon cigars feature the Oliva Company’s groundbreaking short and fat 4 x 60 size that was designed to hit the proverbial “sweet spot” of the smoke the moment you light it up. Yet, thanks to expert craftsmanship , Nub 460 Cameroon burns just as slowly as a larger size Toro or Double Corona. The cigar is named after its silky-smooth Cameroon wrapper that encases the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. You can expect a medium-bodied smoke whose rich tasting notes of earth, spice, cedar, and coffee, earned it an impressive 90-rating from Cigar Aficionado in 2012. Order a 5-pack of Nub 460 Cameroon’s from JR Cigar, and enjoy a smoke that wastes no time getting to the heart and soul of its delicious, award-winning flavors.

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