4.395348837209302 43
Double Toro Nice cigars burns even the only problem I had was mine had a very tight draw 4 5 1
Double Toro Another awesome cigar from Olivia. I like the Toro size and it delivers the same great flavors as the other series from Olivia. 4 5 1
Double Toro If I could give this cigar a grade better than 5 of 5 I would. I have never smoked a better cigar than the Series O. The taste the burn and the aroma are without a doubt the best cigar that I have ever smoked. Copious amounts of rich smoke that pleases the senses lasts for an hour and a half with this hefty 6 x 60 masterpiece. 5 5 1
Double Toro One of the best I've found for the money I've bought these a few times and they never fail to please. 5 5 1
Double Toro Series O is always a winner and oversized works Great burn which not all big boys pull off and as always the Oliva's wrappers are the bomb 5 5 1
Double Toro The Oliva O Double Toro has become one of my favorite smokes. The subtle flavors make this cigar extremely enjoyable. In fact I'm enjoying one right now. 5 5 1
Double Toro The Oliva O double toro actually surprised me as I don't typically smoke large ring cigars like this. The flavor was a nice spice and honey sweetness with a fairly good burn and a nice long smoke 3 5 1
Double Toro Another good solid stick from Oliva. Good subtle flavors and a smooth even burn. Nothing bad to say about this one. 3 5 1
Double Toro Highly recommended for seasoned cigar smokers. First quarter to half mild flavorful and just a little strong at the last half to the nub but not too powerful. 4 5 1
Double Toro This has a wonderfully balanced and complex flavor excellent draw and I have never had any burn or comstruction issues. The V is my favorite from this brand but I still keep these on hand 5 5 1
Double Toro Olivia cigars never disappoint. 4 5 1
Double Toro These are one of my favorite cigar I really enjoyed these cigar. I will definitely buy these cigar again 5 5 1
Double Toro Love the bitter taste of the wrappers. Goes great with the sweet floral taste of the smoke. 4 5 1
Double Toro This is a good cigar. It is earthya bit of spicecocoa and wood notes. It stays consistent and has great drawburn and construction. Try it 5 5 1
Double Toro The Serie O grew on me. Good flavor of earth and raisins. Maybe some chocolate mixed in there too. If I concentrated really hard it kind of tasted like chocolate covered raisins. Good price for these sticks. Usually in a samplers if you wanted to try it first before buying the box. 5 5 1
Double Toro The series o double toro was ok it was alot like the g but a lil bit milder have to say will try this one again 3 5 1
Double Toro The Olivia cigars have never failed to impress me. From the flawless construction enjoyable flavor profile and the finish this is a top notch cigar. 5 5 1
Double Toro Although I do prefer the melanio series this is still quite enjoyable and not as good as that one. 4 5 1
Double Toro Love this cigar. Nice and thick with a deep and rich smoke and full white ash it is enjoyable I the evening with a solid bottle of whiskey. 4 5 1
Double Toro Good draw. Great taste and very well constructed. Great for any humidor. 4 5 1
Double Toro Great filler a sweet leaf that maintained the same taste all the way through. Definitly a cigar you should buy. 3 5 1
Double Toro Excellent in every way 5 5 1
Double Toro Excellent smoke. Hard to beat at this price point! 5 5 1
Double Toro More of a Maduro guy. Feel the series V better fits my liking. Good mild smoke however. 4 5 1
Double Toro Good solid smoke. I'm definitely adding to my regular buy list. 5 5 1
Double Toro I love these sticks. The draw is always consistent and the flavor is just perfect. Taken with a good single malt and life is really good. 5 5 1
Double Toro not fresh stale taste and hard 1 5 1
Double Toro Would buy again. 5 5 1
Double Toro Also excellent taste. I enjoyed it with scotch. 5 5 1
Double Toro Great 5 5 1
Double Toro Wanted to smoke something smooth and With ease and this cigar to me was great. Great pull, burned great and good medium cigar. This is one of my go to for sure. OLIVIA cigars, I'm very impressed. I recommend for a time to relax and chill. 5 5 1
Double Toro grate cigar awesome price 5 5 1
Double Toro This is a nice blend of Habano tobaccos that is smooth, with plenty of satisfying flavor. Not necessarily a cornucopia of flavors, but but maybe dark chocolate coffee and cedar with a little spice that tames down after the first third. I always reserve at least two hours for this substantial cigar. As always, Oliva cigars are outstanding in draw, construction and consistency. 4 5 1
Double Toro Very good smoke , Olivia not one of my favorite smokes. The 6 x60 is a pleasure from start to finish . Will always have them in the humidor. 4 5 1
Double Toro When I started smoking cigars, I picked up an Oliva Series O. It hooked me. These are my go-to stick and there are times I cannot get enough of them. They have got to be one of the most consistent sticks I have ever had. Nice draw, even burn, nice flavor. 5 5 1
Double Toro Good for the price 5 5 1
Double Toro Great smoke for beginning to end, smooth draw, even burn. Could make it into my top ten list. 5 5 1
Double Toro Only about 3 big ring sticks are repeats for me,this is one of my favorites,good construction,draw,and burn.For me,strength,body,and flavor have just the right amount of "umph".Great value when on sale,ill buy again. 5 5 1
Double Toro Well balanced smoke, perfect burn, recommend a punch over a cut due to it being a little airy on the draw. Just buy it you'll love it! 5 5 1
Double Toro Great cigar for the money. Always smokes well. 4 5 1
Double Toro I am very satisfied with this stick. Oliva did a great job with this habano big ring full of flavors especially coffee Great smoke and a great price thanks JR. 5 5 1
Double Toro Tied with Montecristo as my favorite smokes. 5 5 1
Double Toro i had picked up several five packs of various manufacturers when they were on special.... of all the cigars i chose to try these were my least favorite... i found them to be very tightly rolled to the point of having to reall draw on it hard to get any smoke, they were going out constantly , burning unevenly where i had to constantly correct it.... the flavor was good but the effort was frustrating... i am a fan of olivia and even though i didnt care for these particular sticks... another five pack of olivia i chose was my favorite of all the five packs i grabbed that day... i might have just got a less than great five pack on these 3 5 1

Oliva Serie O

Double Toro 6 × 60 OSODT5

Oliva Serie O Double Toro is one of the richest and most flavorful premium cigars to ever come out of Nicaragua. These Nicaraguan puros are covered by a silky sun grown Habano wrapper that embraces a sturdy Habano binder, and Habano seed fillers grown in Estelí, Condega and the Jalapa Valley. By using this gorgeous sun-drenched wrapper and fillers from the three top growing regions of the country, you’ll embrace a medium bodied smoke that’s oozing with delectable notes of cedar, wood, spice, dark roast coffee, and caramel. Add a 5-pack to your cart now, and get ready to discover a smoke that provides the perfect balance between strength and exceptionally smooth flavors!
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Sun-grown Habano

Nicaraguan Habano

Nicaraguan Habano




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