4.5 4
Oliva Epic Collection I’ve had the Nub Cain, Oliva O and G, the Nub Maduro and Habano. All were excellent. They burned nicely and put out a good amount of smoke. The draw was good and they each had a nice flavored smoke. I’m fairly new to cigars (11/2019) but have enjoyed these and will purchase again. 5 5 1
Oliva Epic Collection i normally prefer a mild Gordo, but I enjoy every Oliva! Generally stronger, harder draw, I compensate by sipping the stick instead of puffing. The result is tasty and long lasting. consistency is amazing,, i have never tossed a poor performing oliva. 5 5 1
Oliva Epic Collection If you're ever offered this cigar sampler don't pass it up. There are so many great cigars in this package. And don't think you're getting short changed with the nubs, yeah they're small but they're full of flavor and very enjoyable. A must buy 5 5 1
Oliva Epic Collection Not as good as I thought 3 5 1

Cigar Samplers

Oliva Epic Collection OSEPIC

The Oliva Family is considered by many to be the finest manufacturers of Nicaraguan cigars . With a comprehensive portfolio of top-shelf blends, they have the perfect blend for just about every style of smoker. This 15-Cigar Oliva Epic Collection includes some of the best of the best. Starting with cigars covered in Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro wrappers, you’ll discover the subtle nuances that these delicious leaves provide. You also get top rated smokes that are included for your sampling pleasure. Order this Epic Collection today, and become an Oliva cigar fan for life!

The 15-Cigar Oliva Epic Collection includes:

(2) Nub Cameroon - 4x60
(2) Nub Connecticut - 4x60
(2) Nub Habano - 4x60
(2) Nub Maduro - 4x60
(2) Nub Cain Maduro - 4x60
(1) Oliva Serie G
(1)Oliva Master Blend 3
(1) Oliva Serie O
(1) Oliva Serie O Maduro
(1) Oliva Connecticut Reserve

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