Boveda is a very popular new company that has re-invented the art of cigar humidification. By using a patented a two-way humidity system, the device not only emits the perfect amount of RH into your humidor, it will also absorb excess humidity in over-seasoned humidors. That fact alone can give the cigar smoker huge peace of mind, especially when you might have thousands of dollars invested in your cigars. Another great feature of the Boveda humidity packs is that they cannot damage your smokes, even when coming in direct contact; they will not damage the cigar at all. Just toss one or more packets (depending on size) in your humidor and forget about it!

The Boveda humidity packs come in an assortment of RH levels 65, 69, 72, or 75% are all options. There is an Boveda seasoning 84 RH pack that is used strictly for seasoning (breaking in) a new humidor, as this level is too high for plain storage.

Boveda also sells in bulk with their new 20 pack bricks. Each brick contains 20 brown kraft paper Boveda that are not individually wrapped in plastic, like the packets. This is not only a more affordable alternative, but saves you the time and hassle of having to unwrap the packs every few months when you change out your humidors.

To make storing Boveda in your humidor more efficient and to take up less space, the company also offers top-quality metal and cedar holders that easily screw in to the top of your humidor.

Finally, for the complete storage and humidification package, the Boveda Hygrometer calibration kit is a a simple and surefire method to accurately calibrate any digital or analog hygrometer. Simply place your hygrometer inside the bag, close the zipper, and wait 24 hours. And you will have a perfectly calibrated hygrometer reading 75% humidity.

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