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69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Easiest way to keep sticks humidified. Works great! 5 5 1
69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton These work great for keeping humidity in humidifier also great for traveling 5 5 1
69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton These are just the right size for 5-packs of cigars in a Ziplock bag! For when you just don't have room in the cabinet, humidor or tupperdor. 5 5 1
69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton These Boveda 69% works great only need 3-4 packs in my 20ct humidors last months and when they dry out I put them in a zip lock bag with a water pillow and less then 7 days later there fully recharged ready to reuse so no need to buy many a year to toss them recycle them and recharge them I simply Rotate them every other week not to mention when I recharge these there way more fuller then when you get a brand new pack in other words recharge gives me and additional month or more so instead of 3 months it last me 4-5 if fully recharged! Perfect for Travel Humidor, Wood Humidor, Coolidor, Tupperdor, Acrylic humidor, even works good in tins! Easy to use, easy to recharge! 5 5 1
69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Haphazardly throw them in wherever you store your cigars, and stop thinking about it. The things just work. 5 5 1
69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Nice to throw in travel humidor or even ziplock bag with you smokes 3 5 1


69% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton 3HP869

 The Boveda 69% 8-gram 10pk Carton will offer you an easy solution to keep those your favorite premium cigars at a steady 69% humidity level. What sets Boveda apart from plain distilled water and messy PG solutions, is its patented two-way humidity system that not only emits the perfect amount of RH into your humidor, it also absorbs excess humidity in over-seasoned humidors. After using Boveda packets to keep your cigars fresh, you’ll never settle for anything less.

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