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Large Humidity Brick 72 Perfect as always. 5 5 1
Large Humidity Brick 72 I've been smoking cigars for some years now and I've tried everything out there in cigar land to keep the humidity level stable in my humidors and the one and only solution that I came across was the BOVEDA humidity packs! They work simply wonderful and lasts a very long time! Ever since using them I have the best of the best keeping my cigars on point with NO WORRIES at all! Simple and easy to keep your gems perfect! I say try using them and you'll be glad you did!! 5 5 1
Large Humidity Brick 72 Value priced pack of 20 Boveda 60 gram humidity packs. Four Boveda 72 humidity packs keep my Old World 100 count humidor at relative humidity of 65 - 70% depending on temperature and room conditions. This is a great product that takes the worry out of keeping your cigars fresh. 5 5 1
Large Humidity Brick 72 I use this product in all my humidors Works great 5 5 1


Large Humidity Brick 72 3HPB72

The Boveda Large Humidity Brick 72 uses only pure water vapor to keep humidors at 72% humidity without leaving any unwanted tastes or fragrances, so all of your favorite premium cigars stay the same flavorful blends you love. With just 1 pack of 20 you can count on that freshness for months, because each packet humidifies 25 cigars with perfect accuracy. There’s a reason all of the top brands are using Boveda, too!

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