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Large Humidity Pack 72 Best humidifier on the market. 5 5 1
Large Humidity Pack 72 boveda 72 works as advertised - as usual 5 5 1
Large Humidity Pack 72 I won't be needing sponges and pg anymore. Its so easy with Boveda. Simply place the packet(s) in the humidor, shut the lid and walk away. No mess. No worries. 5 5 1


Large Humidity Pack 72 3HPL72

Boveda 72 % Two Way Large Humidity Control Packs is a simple to use pack that will keep a large collection of your favorite premium cigars in your humidor at a perfect 69% humidity level. Boveda’s revolutionary reverse-osmosis membrane only releases pure water vapor for near perfect accuracy. In addition, Boveda will never damage anything through direct contact, and each packet will humidify 50-plus cigars and last about 3 months. These packs also keep cigars fresh by stabilizing the humidity inside a humidifier box. If the air inside your container is too moist, Boveda absorbs that moisture. If it's too dry, Boveda releases moisture into your container to bring those valuable cigars back to life. Many of the top cigar manufacturers in the industry use Boveda Packs to keep their own cigars fresh, so rest assured they will keep yours fresh too. Order yours from JR Cigar today.

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