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1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars The bag works fine and is plenty large to hold 50 cigars. The negative is this listing for it. The listing clearly showed "Pack of 20". I ordered that based on giving some away to friends at an event. I was much surprised when only 1 bag came in the order. JR offered to refund the cost, but by then it was too late to find another appropriate door prize. 3 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars Was surprised at the size of the bag. Was able to fit the box of special cigars that I just got into it. Each cigar was in a separate cedar box and would not have fit in my regular humidor. Nice job! 5 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars Works great 5 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars Great back up to have for when your humidor is full and JR's puts on another big sale or you just can't stay away from those Auctions this bag will save the day. 5 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars I have another smaller Humidor bag and it has worked Great for over a year. Since I’ve only had this new bag for approximately a month I’m assuming this will be as good. 5 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars Great concept, but the plastic zipper doesn’t last. You end up with a broken zipper and a bag of dried out cigars.👎 3 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars bbbbb 5 5 1
1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars I “solved” a consequence of my failure to resist cigar sales: Buy more Boveda! Ive been keeping anywhere from 300-700 sticks in these bags for several years. They do the job! 5 5 1


1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars 3OYBL

The Boveda 1-Year Large Humi-Bag will offer you 365-days of perfect 72% humidity levels for up to 50 of your favorite premium handmade cigars! Unlike distilled water and messy PG solutions, the groundbreaking Boveda Humi-Bag will keep your beloved treasures factory fresh, thanks to its two-way reverse-osmosis membrane that only releases pure water vapor while simultaneously sucking out excess moisture from an over humidified box. 

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