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72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton I bought these after hearing so many recommendations for Boveda packs. "Toss one in and forget it" was the refrain I heard most often. While I have found them helpful, I've found that they aren't nearly as effective as I expected. I've found that I need a minimum of four to keep my 25-cigar humidor under control, and even then, the humidity fluctuates between 69 and 71%. So, useful tool, just not quite the silver bullet. 4 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Great for use in travel humidors or zip bags. Keep a few bags sealed when traveling in case you stop at cigar shops and can then put your purchases in. 5 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton After seasoning my new humidors, I now have 7, I just put in 2 packs in my smaller humidors and in my larger ones 3 packs. it humidifys and dehumidifys as needed, No longer need for for the hassle of humidifiers, just replace about 3 months and 10 pks. from JR makes it very affordable 5 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Pop a couple in my humidor and they keep me stogies just right for at least a few weeks 5 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton I use Boveda exclusively in all of our 8 Humidifiers . No fuss, no muss. They keep our cigars humidified perfectly. 5 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton This product keeps my cigars in a nice texture and doesn't cause them to become too moist in the humidor. I would buy it again! 4 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Works great and keeps my humidor right where I want it. Just swap them out every 3 months or so 5 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Make sure your humidor is airtight or these will dry up in a day. 3 5 1
72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton Great for travel, or use in an “over flow” airtight cigar storage jar. The length of use greatly depends on how they are used, especially these smaller sized 8 gram packets. Also be sure to use the correct size packet for the job. 5 5 1


72% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton 3HP872

The Boveda 72% 8-gram 10pk Carton makes keeping a stable 72% humidity level for your premium cigars easy. The patented two-way humidity system emits the perfect RH in the humidor, while at the same time removing the excess humidity created by over-seasoning. Boveda is the industry standard for all the top cigar manufacturers, that alone should tell you how reliable these humidification systems are. 

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