Saint Luis Rey
Gen 2

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Saint Luis Rey is one of the most famous brands ever made with its storied 70-year history dating back to its origins in Cuba.

So, what do you get when you combine centuries of traditional tobacco expertise with a heavy contemporary edge? Well, the master blenders at Altadis USA thought it was time to put a modern spin on an old classic. This cigar, the SLR Gen 2, is made with all the quality of the original Saint Luis Rey lines. The Gen 2 features a no-nonsense recipe of premium tobaccos surrounded by a deep, dark Ecuador Sumatra leaf for a smoking experience that makes a real impression! In fact, everything from the trendy design of the box right down to the incredibly delightful blend has been overhauled. This ain’t your grandpa’s Saint Luis Rey! Order today, so you can be talking about m-m-m, my- Generation too!
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