4.2272727272727275 44
Churchill I won this cigar on an auction. I was intrigued by the size of the cigar and by the reputation of St Louis Ray. It has great flavor and very consistent throughout the smoke. It was a nice break from my c a o Brazilian gol. 4 5 1
Churchill St Luis Rey Serie G Churchhill Maduro is a great tasting cigar with a fuller flavor profile nice draw and relaxing smoke. I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy full body cigars. 4 5 1
Churchill I'm not sure how long JR has been selling these cigars as I just discovered them a few months ago. Since smoking my first one I have bought the equivalent of three boxes of them from JR. It is a very flavorful aromatic smoke with hints of chocolate coffee and leather. Overall they have a nice earthy character that lasts until the very end. About my only complaint is that about half of them have had a slightly loose draw. Otherwise they are very nice. Please JR keep stocking these cigars as they have come to dominate a lot of space in my humidor! 4 5 1
Churchill After smoking CAO's for years I came across Saint Luis Serie G 7x58 and found that it's way better than CAO. The only this is the price of this cigar went up in price.. I remember paying $120 plus dollars.. I treated myself and paid $205 for this cigar but I'm not looking to pay that much again.. I hope they go back down on price if not I'll be waiting for Cuba to open their doors.. 5 5 1
Churchill This is the best cigar I have ever smoked. I have tried plenty of the name brands. None of those compares to the SLR Series G. I have had none of the problems of other reviewers. This cigar burns true and draws as good as any other large ring guage cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill This is my favorite smoke under $20. Amazing bold spicy flavors outstanding draw and construction razor sharp burn and not at all overpriced. Outstanding cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Was not that impressed by this cigar. Found it difficult to keep lit was like drawing through a hollow pipe and wasn't fond of its flavor. 2 5 1
Churchill Bought the 7x58. Beautiful wrapper dark and oily. Flavor was woody with a hint of coffee. It's more med-full to full flavor. 4 5 1
Churchill Excellent cigar, uou can't go wrong if you're looking for full mafuro! 5 5 1
Churchill Never received my order 5 5 1
Churchill Bought these for the first time a few months ago and they have become my favorite cigar. Great flavor and consistency; they burn very evenly for being as large as they are and have a great draw. For me, this is a nearly 2-hour cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill I loved the chocolate brown Nicaraguan habano wrapper. This Maduro Connecticut broadleaf wrapper is even tastier. Warm toast nuts and leather permeate through the entire cigar. Easy on the palate with a great finish. Well worth the price. Can't go wrong. 4 5 1
Churchill Great full bodied cigar which never disappoints. Good flavor draw and burn. Would recommend to a seasoned cigar smoker. 4 5 1
Churchill Overall good smoke. Smooth draw. Consistent flavor for entire length.Only complaint is uneven burn. Good value for the price. 3 5 1
Churchill this is one fine cigar 5 5 1
Churchill I won this cigar on an auction. I was intrigued by the size of the cigar and by the reputation of St Louis Ray. It has great flavor and very consistent throughout the smoke. It was a nice break from my c a o Brazilian gol. 4 5 1
Churchill These are filled with rich flavors and a spicy aftertone. These are one of my favorites! The burn is pretty good but will need a few touch ups along the way. I give them an A- because you need to keep your lighter handy. I just bought another 20 and will continue to buy more. I love these sticks! 4 5 1
Churchill This is absolutely the best cigar I've bought on JR so far! Rich flavorful cigar with an even was a great buy on a JR auction that I will be looking out for again. 5 5 1
Churchill Not a fan was definitely disappointed after reading the reviews. Had a hard time keeping it lit and the smoke was a harsh one 3 5 1
Churchill Given the previous reviews I was looking forward to trying this cigar as an alternative to the LaGloria Cubana Serie R I usually get. The price was right but the performance was disappointing. Poor burn uneven taste questionable construction and overall an OK cigar. Staying with my old brand. 2 5 1
Churchill Fun cigar. Nice flavors of chocolate and expresso. Constitution and burn not on point. Every cigar needed a correction or two. For the size and price it is a nice cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill Burns very evenly through out. Nice tight construction. Will definitely be in my humidor. 4 5 1
Churchill One of the best cigars I’ve smoked so far. 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Churchill Excellent cigar. I enjoy one at least once a day 5 5 1
Churchill I’ve had these before but the most recent batch all had plugs and burned inconsistently. Good flavour but overall smoke should have been better. 3 5 1
Churchill Nice even smoke 4 5 1
Churchill This cigar, the Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro, is not for the faint of heart or palate! It is exquisite in every way. Yet it is STRONG! Perfect for after dinner and/or with a glass of port or wine. The cold taste is extraordinary! The lit taste is perfection itself. It burns slowly and the draw is awesome. For a day to day smoke, I prefer a mellow cigar. But every once in a while, this is the perfect indulgence! 5 5 1
Churchill There was a time when Saint Luis Rey was one of my preferred brands. Unfortunately, the brand is not what it used to be. Construction issues seems to be the norm, with varying degrees of uneven burn, occasional reluctance to stay lit, & inconsistent draw. The Serie G Churchill provides medium-full bodied, subtle notes of chocolate, coffee, cedar, & roasted cashews. Gets smoother with proper aging. 2 5 1
Churchill great cigar!!! 5 5 1
Churchill Nice with good flavor 5 5 1
Churchill Great smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Saint Luis Rey Serie G is very earthy, woody, long lasting cigar with an even burn all the way to the knuckle. That being said, this bad boy is a definite knuckle burner. The 2/3 through, it steps up another notch with peppery, heavy, full-bodied, rich and balanced puffs that is a boom show. This is a fun ride all the way through to the knuckle. 5 5 1
Churchill Good drawn good smell 4 5 1
Churchill For Maduro lovers this big stick will suit your Fill.. Waited 10 days resting in the humidor before trying. It was a pleasure for 1.5hrs and I sadly will be waiting another week before trying another from this five pack… 5 5 1
Churchill I waited more than a week to try another. This burner is definitely in my Top Ten purchase on a regular basis now.. This big fatty will delight even the beginner .. Its so smooth and silky For the beginner.. after snipping the cap - take a good whiff of the fresh cut and take in a few long dry draws to introduce yourself to this Beauty... Light it with a yellow flame or a blue flame, but only Toast the foot with the flame as close to the foot without touching it until it becomes a glow all around. This could take like 2min with a yellow flame (preferred method), or about a min with a torch blue flame... Now - take a draw from it, not really deep, it will give you plenty of smoke with one easy draw, now blow it out slowly through your mouth to feel the texture of the smoke. That first draw from this way of lighting is called a Virgin Draw Wait at least One Min before you take another draw. This is called Resting The next draw with your lips tight, blow out your cheeks and fill up your mouth inside with the smoke and open your mouth to let the smoke just come out on its own. Smack your lips as the smoke is coming out as if you're tasting the smoke. See if you can capture any nuance of taste (smell) Rest another minute .. Next draw like the first .. blow slowly out your mouth and this time .. when you think half the smoke is out, begin slowly blowing it out of your nostrils and not your mouth. This is a retrohale. It will sting, but feel the texture and and see if you can capture any nuance or taste (smell) from it. This maduro has the easiest retrohale of the dozens of burners I've tried. I am not a real fan of the retrohale...I enjoy the blowing the smoke out more. The sting of some smokers are KILLER to my sinuses... lots of SNOT and drippage...LOL and TEARS GALORE...I'm not a fan. Rest this burner at least a minute between draws, and I've even been 3min between draws. It stays lit just fine ... well the two I've had have been remarkably perfect ... It's best to never RUSH a cigar ... you don't want the burning cherry to make the smoke harsh or hot. I've smoked my sticks down to about an inch. Really. I have not burned my fingers or my lips or had a harsh smoke with this way of smoking a Great Stogie like this. Enjoy this big fatty ya'all... Hope you get as much from it as I do ... By the way, this smoke lasts me 1.5-2hrs ... No touch ups or relights ... it's an Excellent made stick from Cap to Foot 5 5 1
Churchill One of my regulars 4 5 1
Churchill One of my favorites. Only complaint is that they sometimes burn unevenly. 4 5 1
Churchill Between an hour and an hour and a half of excellent flavor: rolled beautifully, smokes beautifully. I gave one to a friend and he freaked out and wanted to order some immediately. 5 5 1
Churchill Good cigar love it 5 5 1
Churchill A very good, if not even-keeled, smoke. Taking my time there were no issues, though I might've taken too much time since it went out once. Great flavors. Medium. Though this is the first one, and I can't really rate consistency based on one, hence just two stars on that, I'm looking forward to the next one. 4 5 1
Churchill This was solid. Good draw, burned evenly. Significant uptake in flavor middle third. 1:45 smoking time. Worth ordering a five pack. Would've given it a 4.5 if that were an option. Hasn't displaced my favorites, but they're certainly worth trying. 4 5 1
Churchill Very reliable cigar, full bodied and one I keep in stock. 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar with a full flavor & good burn. 5 5 1

Saint Luis Rey Serie G

Churchill 7 × 58 SLGCH3

Expertly handcrafted in Honduras with ultra- big ring smokers in mind, Saint Luis Rey Serie G Churchill cigars are refined, well-balanced, and affordably priced. One of the most popular Hondurans in the Altadis lineup of world-renowned premium cigars , Saint Luis Rey Serie G Churchill is rolled in a massive 7 x 58 size using a robust blend of aged Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers, covered by a Nicaraguan binder and a beautiful, oily, licorice black Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. This two-nation blend provides a full-bodied smoke with hearty flavors of espresso, leather, bittersweet chocolate, and cream, around a core of zesty spice. Order a modesty priced box of 25 from JR Cigar, and savor the succulent Saint Luis Rey maduro experience for a price that won’t empty your pockets.

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