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Founded in 1844, H. Upmann Cigars are one of the most famous Cuban-heritage brands still in existence today. Produced in the Dominican Republic by Altadis U.S.A, the original H. Upmann blend of cigars is highly respected and a favorite of many cigar connoisseurs for its rich medium bodied flavors of nuts, spice, cedar, coffee, and leather. Today, with large modern factories in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, the brand has grown exponentially to include such fan favorites as the Connoisseur, Banker, Golden Nicaragua, Herman’s Batch, 1844 Anejo, 175th Anniversary and more. Recently, Altadis turned to famed cigarmakers AJ Fernandez and Jose Mendez so that they can release their modern takes on this versatile brand. This comes in the form of the H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez, and H. Upmann Crafted by AJ Fernandez cigars. Today, the current H. Upmann lineup has the perfect blend for every style of smoker with many choices of flavor and strength profiles while still maintaining the benchmark of quality passed down from generations. Order your favorites right here at JR Cigar and join the millions of satisfied smokers that keep their humidors fully stocked with H. Upmann cigars!

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