4.085470085470085 117
Corona Just started smoking cigars and tried this one. Smooth not to strong. Good peppery notes. Will try other uppmans 4 5 1
Corona Love the flavor of this cigar has a good burn time good construction I smoke one every Saturday and enjoy it every time 4 5 1
Corona H upman has much better cigar than this one but it is still a ok smoke little flavor not much 3 5 1
Corona I love this stick. Unpretentious classic well sized cigar. Great flavor not overly complex so nice for a day when you don’t want to think about. Nice draw. 5 5 1
Corona Love my Upmanns! Solid dense draw. Leather spice and pepper. Great mellow but flavorful stick. Not a lame flavor even though it's a Corona. A tad pricey but this is a close 2nd to the Banker series. 4 5 1
Corona The OG Upmann. It's worth trying. The draw is okay but the rest of the cigar is very well made. The flavor and consistency are locked down! 4 5 1
Corona The staple of the H Uppmann line the original has flavors of slight coffee oak and a little charred oak. Great sharp burn and nice construction make his a decent stick parked with a nice single market or coffee 4 5 1
Corona One of the first cigars I smoked and still a favorite. Great burn excellent flavors than reminds one of the original Cuban blend. Consistency is spot on and the price is where it should be. Go and try a few you won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
Corona Do you have one of these in your humidor? If you don't you should buy some! 4 5 1
Corona The H Upmann line of cigars are good for the everyday smoke. Just the right amount of flavors for the price. 4 5 1
Corona Creamy goodness that is flawlessly constructed as always A smidge mild and small but what a midday smoke! 5 5 1
Corona Like all Upmanns this was well constructed and draw was good. But the flavor seemed very peppery off the bat and then became nutty. Good sticks for the money. 4 5 1
Corona these are not bad for a cheaper stick id say 4 out 10 and they are just a cheap stick nothing special 3 5 1
Corona Consistently well made flavorful medium smoke. A staple in my humidor. 5 5 1
Corona very nice cigar. no construction problems and the draw and burn were good. great tobacco flavor with hints of nuts. 5 5 1
Corona Another Upmann classic! I've had quite a few of these and there's only one way to describe this smoke: consistently good! Always complex always well constructed and always a good standby. 5 5 1
Corona One of the first premium cigars ive had the pleasure of trying. My friend recomended it and i was not disappointed. Been buying them for years now 5 5 1
Corona h. upmann original corona is a mild good cigar with a tight draw. good with a bourbon. 3 5 1
Corona This stogie was a pretty decent smoke. Gave a good flavor with an interesting finish. The draw could have been a little more consistent for my taste but overall was a fairly good smoke. 4 5 1
Corona This cigar is a classic. It has a good draw with a steady burn. It has a mild to medium flavor to my taste buds. Great cigar to sit by the fire with some bourbon. 4 5 1
Corona Good smoke .. lots of great flavor. Rich and mellow with a hint of cedar. The draw is good found it to smoke better using a punch. The construction is good. We'll made and the consistency is good has a long slow and even burn 3 5 1
Corona What a pleasant surprise this smoke was. Got it from a friend not expecting much. Smooth flavor solid construction and excellent finish. Very impressed. 5 5 1
Corona Well made with great consistency of construction. Upmann quality through out the smoke. Smooth and creamy taste. Overall good cigar. 4 5 1
Corona The Upmann Corona is a pretty good smoke. For me it is not spicy enough. We all like different taste So enjoy 3 5 1
Corona This cigar is a staple in my humidor. H upmann always delivers a fantastic Corona. Outstanding construction. Consistently reliable ash and burn. Add this to your humidor. You will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Corona I gotta say I am becoming more and more a fan of the upman brand as a whole good flavors good construction well balanced nice 4 5 1
Corona Dang pretty good stick.. I like these haven't had one in several weeks but they are good have a good burn with a nice mellow flavor 4 5 1
Corona Good light and straight burn all throughout the cigar. Starts off with a hint of pepper that lasts the whole cigar. Flavors of nuts earthiness spices and cocoa. 2 5 1
Corona I really like this one. This is a great classic original medium in strength and big on flavor good anytime smoking. 4 5 1
Corona Nice cigar. I don't buy these all the time because I smoke about 4 or 5 cigars per day and these get a bit costly. But I do have some in my humidor. I enjoy the flavors and the way this cigar smokes. Cinsistent and smooth. 4 5 1
Corona H. Upmann original is a great smoke. Have enjoyed plenty and will continue to buy. Well worth the green. 5 5 1
Corona Another of my go to cigars for years. Always have a box or 2 of these around great smoke for the money. Smooth well built and taste 5 5 1
Corona This is another great cigar from H. Upmann. It is a well constructed cigar just as all my past experiences with this brand. This cigar has a great Mild-Medium flavor that is very smooth. I would recommend this to anyone. 4 5 1
Corona This is a ok smoke. Something for a every day smoker with some coin. I would smoke it again if you buy it 3 5 1
Corona As usual a great cigar from H. Upman. Great flavor and a nice little smoke. 4 5 1
Corona An exceptionally flavorful and deliciously complex cigar that is sure to satisfy any palate. Absolutely flavorful and deliciously complex cigar that is exceptionally flavorful and deliciously complex. 4 5 1
Corona Great cigar! I love the flavors. I got a hit of nutty and it was very smooth. I highly recommend it 5 5 1
Corona I had one of these when it was gifted to me and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't the most full bodied stick but was good still. 4 5 1
Corona Love H. UPMANN. fanastic smoke. Rich in flavor. Suberb burn and construction. I love this one next to the reserve. 4 5 1
Corona H. Upmann Original is a tasty morsel of delight. This is a testament to taking your time and getting it right by one of the big boys of the industry. 4 5 1
Corona The H Upmann original is a nice smooth smoke. You just can't beat an original. This Upmann is still my favorite. Sometimes you just can't beat the original. 3 5 1
Corona classic Cuban flavors on this one. Really liked the size. Well constructed and tasty. Pepper creamy vanilla and rich tobacco flavors. 4 5 1
Corona A solidly consistent cigar throughout with mild flavor but great construction. Overall a nice experience. 3 5 1
Corona Great cigar to rest for a few years. Once aged it has some nice complexity and won't break the bank. Highly recommend! 3 5 1
Corona An old favorite back with a savory mix of flavors in this well smoking cigar. Warm and smooth from end to end. 4 5 1
Corona the Upmann original is a smooth tasty medium strength cigar. It lights well burns evenly and is a good smoke 4 5 1
Corona HP is one that I can never turn down. Every cigar seems to excel and leave me wishing it wouldn't end. Entire brand is solid. 4 5 1
Corona Good cigar. Nice draw. Not necessarily my favorite but it was ok. Some didn't burn even and were hard to keep lit. 4 5 1
Corona Great cigar all the way around clean draw consistent flavor amd even burn through the entirety of the smoke great construction as well. I clipped amd re-lite mine a few times 5 5 1
Corona If you have not smoked this then you haven’t had a great cigar. This cigar deliver a 5 5 1
Corona Rich Smooth and nutty this is a well-made mild to medium cigar that is certainly worth your time. 5 5 1
Corona This is a really good cigar like you would expect from H. Upmann it's very rich with some cream 5 5 1
Corona One fantastic cigar. It's everything you want in a cigar. And nothing you need consistently fantastic smoke I urge you to try one you will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Corona Was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of this smoke but yet had a strong presence on the palate 4 5 1
Corona This is the original h. Upmann. The options today are overwhelming but this cigar full of Dominican and Brazilian long fillers bring it back to the basics. Good build burn smoke and taste make it easy to go right with these guys! 4 5 1
Corona This is a great smoke from H. Upmann. I enjoy this with a single barrel scotch. 4 5 1
Corona I’m smoking one now! It’s a mild smoke! Nutty hints of vanilla not a bad smoke! It’s a great morning cigar! 5 5 1
Corona The h. Upmann Corona is a suttle but flavorful cigar loaded with flavor. Nice size for a relaxing smoke after dinner. 3 5 1
Corona Great experience overall very decent quality and very good flavor. Loved this one but it was very expensive 5 5 1
Corona This is a good cigar with a good profile and flavor. Very enjoyable and leaves you enjoying your smoke vs cheap ones that dont 4 5 1
Corona Dryed out can't draw smoke through half the box. End up throwing 30 percent away. 1 5 1
Corona I like a lot of H Uppmans out there. This is one of my least favorite. It wasn't bad by any means but there are definitely better ones out there. 3 5 1
Corona I love the way upmann cigars taste and burn this cigar is a good smoke anytime of day although the after dinner is my favorite upmann 5 5 1
Corona most h unman cigars are really enjoyable. I liked this one pretty well. the flavors aren't very pungent tho 4 5 1
Corona Like any Upmann contruction is excellent Flavours of tabacco and leather are very prevelent. I enjoyed this smoke and would definitely buy more. 4 5 1
Corona Great burn good stick Great to enjoy around the fire this time a year and great to enjoy with friends nice mellow taste true definition of a Connecticut 5 5 1
Corona The original smooth and nutty blend that H.Upmann fans of have come to love 4 5 1
Corona This cigar was pretty good. Nice robust flavor and construction of the cigar was great. 4 5 1
Corona Generally like the Upmanns. First time I've tried the Original did not disappoint. Good taste nice smell good draw and construction was the best. 4 5 1
Corona These are an excellent mild to middle strength cigar. They are a terrific morning smoke. They are creamy with a very nice smooth sweet taste. 5 5 1
Corona Upman always makes a quality cigar. There is no question this one more to add to there collection. The corona is so smooth 4 5 1
Corona This cigar is as premium as it gets. A pleasure to burn from top to tail. I needed a couple of relights but nothing that made the experience bad by any means. 4 5 1
Corona A pretty good cigar but suffers from inconsistency. All were smokable but most were too tight to really enjoy. The well-rolled ones were very good and none were too tight to smoke. I recommend the Lonsdale. 3 5 1
Corona Pleasant flavor fantastic smoke highly recommended. 5 5 1
Corona One of the best. Takes me back to the early 2000's. Even burn. Nice ash 5 5 1
Corona Exceptionally good with lots of flavor. This is a very good quality cigar with great consistency! 5 5 1
Corona This is a nice cigar with a mild taste and a decent construction. Tended to burn very quick and had to relight twice. 3 5 1
Corona Bought on a Rapid Fire lark for a song and have not looked back. Subtle nutty flavor and as other have reviewed creamy. It's one of those sticks that you can light up as the sun starts to rise for a start to a great day. 4 5 1
Corona Very tasty and well constructed stick... nice draw... would purchase again. 4 5 1
Corona I loved this cigar! Then again it is an H. Upman! Great flavor great consistNcy and great construction. Enjoy!! 5 5 1
Corona There's tastes different tha. I remember but not inns bad way. This is a great everyday cigar. It seems to have everything as far as a flavor profile but with a mild to medium strength. This smoke won't break the bank and you're getting a pretty good cigar with fantastic construction. 5 5 1
Corona I thought this to be. Good solid cigar with good draw and a great burn all though a bit spicy for me it was a good made cigar 4 5 1
Corona Relaxed smoke and good aroma. Easy to smoke no problems whatsoever. Fine pack and good construction I would say. Nicely made cigar. 4 5 1
Corona The upmann corona wasn't bad at all.it had good flavor good draw couldbe used more smoke though....... 4 5 1
Corona Whats more classic than the original uppmann. Nothing beats the creamy smooth flavor profile if this mild to medium smoke. It just has that everyday smoke feel and while you puff away on its classic you know everyone else is enjoying the aroma definite buy 5 5 1
Corona Smoke these H. Upmann's if you have them... Wow what a smooth light from the beginning. A must to have in anyone's humidor. 4 5 1
Corona Normally I don't smoke such a small ring cigar for lack of flavor but was given one so I didn't want to insult the giver . That and it bring an Upmann I decided to try and as always what it lacked in ring size it more than made up for it flavor and the way it held the ash 5 5 1
Corona Great cigar for everyday smoke good for after dinner always have a box they are that good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 5 1
Corona Another classic cigar by one of the best. In true Upmann form it pleases the senses and is good for any occasion. 4 5 1
Corona What can be better than h upmann original. I've tried the h upmann habana and this is as close as it gets! The draw is easy and the flavor is good not too hevy at all 5 5 1
Corona Great go to Upman. Nice smooth smoke great for a hot day if you don't want something too full Pair it with your favorite craft beer and relax 4 5 1
Corona This one is a classic mild-medium smoke. Extremely creamy smooth and delicious. Notes of coffee and slightly nutty at times. 4 5 1
Corona A really good smoke the taste is great the draw is great favor is wonderful I love it . I'm smoking one right now. 5 5 1
Corona I am a a huge fan of this and all H. Upman cigars. This like all the others is a fantastic smoke. I recommend this. 4 5 1
Corona I was really hoping this cigar would have stronger flavors and more body. Fell short in my book. Not terrible 3 5 1
Corona you can't go wrong with an h. Uppman they are always a very well made smoke you know the construction is going to be on point and they have the flavors down pat. 4 5 1
Corona Good light and straight burn all throughout the cigar. Starts of with a hint of pepper that lasts the whole cigar. Flavors of nuts earthiness spices and cocoa. 3 5 1
Corona Anything that says H. Uppman is going to be tasty. The Corona will not dissapoint delicious with coffee. 3 5 1
Corona Nothing like a non cuban with a cuban name to be a bad represenative of its distant counterpart. The only good thing about it is the name 3 5 1
Corona A good cigar, 96.5 rating is my grade. 5 5 1
Corona Price much too high. 4 5 1
Corona I certainly had higher expectations from H Upmann than what this Cigar presented: strictly a middle of the road Cigar at best. Very disappointed in this product for sure 3 5 1
Corona Well made and construction is consistent. 5 5 1
Corona I find it to be a nice smoking cigar 5 5 1
Corona I am not a cigar expert but I have enjoyed them for many years. These suit me well in size, construction, taste, even burning. 5 5 1
Corona Very disappointed with the whole cigar. Won’t buy again, fast uneven burn, construction was good except for the hard draw uneven fast burn and a not so flavorful cigar. This was the first smoke out of the five so I will re-review after the next one to see if it was just a fluke but so far I won’t buy again! 1 5 1
Corona Wonderful mild smoke and the perfect size. So good that I am going to buy a couple boxes of the JR Equivalents. Lew R. would approve of my thinking! 5 5 1
Corona Very nice everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Corona The ones in the tube travel well in my cargo shorts 5 5 1
Corona These corona burn well and perform perfectly...Quality all the way !!! 5 5 1
Corona good easy smoke - had enough flavor to keep you interested but was mellow relaxing smoke - paired well with a Jamison strait up. 4 5 1
Corona Good smoke, great price. 4 5 1
Corona Enjoyed this cigar. Was not over powering. Tobacco was smooth 3 5 1
Corona Can’t go wrong with this Choice at the price. 4 5 1
Corona enjoyed this small ring smoke for a good 30 minute late night smoke. Enjoyed with a Jamison and made a good mellow end of the day 4 5 1
Corona I am a daily smoker of Upmann's. This one was not up to their reputation. 2 5 1
Corona This cigar might be my favorite. I have always enjoyed the H Upmann brand, specifically the vintage cameroon. I actually ordered this cigar on accident and I am so glad that I made that mistake because I have come to love this cigar. It's a medium smoke, slightly on the mellower side, but it burns great and is always enjoyable. 5 5 1

H. Upmann Original

Corona 5.50 × 44 UPOC

This Corona contains the original smooth and nutty blend that H.Upmann fans of have come to love. After a long hiatus, this classic smoke is back and here to stay. Packaged in a box of 25.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Brazil

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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