4.4375 16
Churchill Outstanding cigar. Draw was a little tight but didn't detract. I usually go for more mild cigars but I will recommend this stick to anyone. Went ahead and picked up a box of the Toro's. 4 5 1
Churchill Incredibly smooth and creamy to me. Nice solid construction yet an easy draw. Great smoke to relax with. 5 5 1
Churchill This is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. A beautiful cigar with a silky wrapper. Medium bodied and very smooth. Great earth and coffee flavors. An outstanding smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill I reviewed this a couple weeks ago and for some reason my review never posted. Darn. Because I think I did a really fine job of describing this beautiful delicious cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill A medium body with a good burn great construction and a very good flavor. Draw is a little tight but does not affect the smoke output. Very good cigar 4 5 1
Churchill My favorite cigar! Great draw. Smooth flavor. Ive introduced this light cigar to several folks who have all become a huge fan. Just ordered 2 moxes. 5 5 1
Churchill Like all AJF cigars, this cigar was practically flawless. The draw was slightly on the "easy" side, but other than that, the cigar was perfect. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a three hour Churchill, the draw is perfect. I will be ordering more. 5 5 1
Churchill I love this cigar! Bought a box of Churchills and I couldn’t wait to try them. Nick is right; this is the best of the AJ collaborations. Great flavor draw and construction. These will be a staple in my humidor. 5 5 1
Churchill The first one I smoked the entire wrapper split. Put them in the humi for about 2 weeks and the magic happened: good draw great give to the touch nice & even ring burn lots of smoke and great taste! It took a little wait but the AJ Fernandez genius came through. Worthy of a second and third purchase. 4 5 1
Churchill I’ve had some of these. I find all AJ Fernandez cigars taste very similar, while all being good and some being great. My experience with H Upmann for years, is that they aren’t the great cigars they were decades ago. So, I was happy to try these and discover that the flavor is more H Upmann of old than AJ Fernandez. Nice cigar and a fruitful collaboration. Mellow to medium flavor, to me. Smooth with nice easy draw. 4 5 1
Churchill easy transaction fast delivery for a great cigar 5 5 1
Churchill I wanted to enjoy these because Ive had other offerings by H. Uppman that were good but these really were lacking. Construction was overall poor with cracks and splits in the wrapper. I had one Churchill in a tubo which had many cracks and since they are sealed in a metal tube the only explanation is poor construction from the factory since I handled it carefully after buying from one of the best high quality cigar stores in the midwest. Had another from a box which had very inconsistent burns requiring touch ups and relights at least 3-4 times. The flavor was nothing special. It was a musty and rather unpleasant flavor hardly better than a Garcia Vega from the gas station. I wouldn't recommend them as a medium strength cigar as there are many better options out there...for example nearly anything by Arturo Fuente or Romeo y Julieta 2 5 1
Churchill I have been smoking these for 3 years now and I won’t stop. Great everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill All the AJ cigars I've tried have tasted the same: a good Nicaraguan, but nothing special. Excellent draw and smoke delivery. If you like Nicaraguans you will like these. 4 5 1
Churchill Easy to smoke w/o collapsing a lung. Good flavors Smokin as I write 5 5 1

H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez

Churchill 7 × 54 UPAJCH

H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez Churchill cigars take the quality and superb artisanship of one of the world’s most famous brands and gives it that magical AJ touch. Deeply complex and super-delicious, you will enjoy a smoke loaded with hearty notes of dark roast coffee, hazelnut, cedar, and some spice, with a rich tobacco sweetness that gently lingers on the palate. Twenty of these ultra-premium beauties appointed with elegant powder blue and gold bands are seated in artfully designed dress boxes with matching trim for the total luxury package.

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