4.031578947368421 95
Toro Very tasty smoke some wrapper cracking but nothing too major. Would buy again for sure. 4 5 1
Toro Great Stog. Been smoking these for years. Love 'em on the golf course. Good draw flavor and even burn. Highly recommended 5 5 1
Toro Always good. A go to cigar. Nice strong flavor but not too much so. 4 5 1
Toro Very nice. Consistent medium to full flavor. Good construction. 5 5 1
Toro Another winning smoke here.. A lovely cigar with all sorts of flavor.. I love it and for a great deal 5 5 1
Toro These Cameroon wrapped beauties are the same ones that I craved and drooled over back in the late '80s and early '90s which I had probably smoked 400-500 of. H Upmann has brought these back for good reason and they have constructed them just like they did the pre-'95 H Upmann 1844s. Back then I smoked the Churchill now I've discovered the Toro which delivers greater volumes of rich savory smoke for an hour and a half through an easy and consistent draw from start to finish. H Upmanns in any size with this filler binder wrapper combo have ALWAYS been perfectly constructed stayed lit burned as well as the best of the rest yielded a stiff 1 1/2 white-grey ash that has to be broken off and drawn so perfectly that I find myself lightly sipping on them and letting them stay lit for 5 minutes between sips. When I've kept them stored and cared for in the easy normal method these sticks will NEVER split or unwrap on me and burn square never tunnel never canoe never need re-lit etc. Roasted almonds and coffee the first 1/3rd dark coffee and double dark chocolate the middle 1/3rd and then comes the smoked beef brisket burnt ends taste at the end. Your palete and taste might very but I'll bet that you will find your flavors in them. This is the only stick that I grab tweezers to hold it to avoid burning my fingers while I sip it until I almost burn my lips and regret that the drooling is over. I just ordered another box. 5 5 1
Toro Another great smooth smoke! Great drawn and flavor- will be ordering again for sure! 4 5 1
Toro Been smoking these for a long time now. A nice milder smoke that's good for midday. Always consistent draw that gets better as you go. Whenever these go on sale I always get some. 4 5 1
Toro Dry & rehydrated -- TERRIBLE 2 5 1
Toro Very nice! 4 5 1
Toro I tend toward a milder cigar but I liked this one even though it was a little strong for me. Bottom line it tasted good and I bought an additional five pack today. 4 5 1
Toro This is a must have for my humidor and an outstanding smoke. If you haven't tried one it's well worth it. 5 5 1
Toro Nice Smoke Smooth and full of flavor. 4 5 1
Toro Problems with construction, draw and burn. Taste is decent. 3 5 1
Toro Very nice Cameroon 5 5 1
Toro Upmann toro is a rich flavorful smoke! 4 5 1
Toro This was my first introduction the H. Upmann cigars. When my order first arrived I tried one and was disappointed. I let them sit in my humidor for a few days and was shocked by the improvement. I would say its a good smoke but give them time to adjust after shipping. I will consider purchasing again. 4 5 1
Toro This is one of my favorite tasting sticks. The draw is very tight and most times need to draw twice. Smoke is light. 4 5 1
Toro This is a perinnial favorite for me when I'm partying with friends... & im the one buying smokes! It's a good solid cigar that anyone can enjoy even virgins! And the price per stick is just right so that if someone only smokes a half you don't have to shed any tears. 4 5 1
Toro I have never had a bad H. Upman cigar. This may be the very best medium bodied everyday cigar out there. 4 5 1
Toro My go to cigar. 2 hours of pleasure and relaxation. Quality construction and a great price from JR. 5 5 1
Toro Construction- beautiful presentation Cameroon wrappers in general are very delicate. 2 of the 5 I have smoked so far were prone to ripping or unraveling be careful of that. Solidly packed with beautiful stiff white ash that breaks evenly. Draw- Smooth as silk you barely touch it and it will give lush white smoke with no effort. Flavor- Starts out with notes of cedar and mellow oak. Gives way to nuts and a bit of cream. Not complex but exactly as expected from its looks. Consistency- Excellent throughout. Smokes right down to your fingertips. Never plugged went out or had to be re-touched. Aroma- Sweet and floral. Excellent bouquet. Classic cigar. Pairing- Pairs well with a good coffee or an oaky red wine. 4 5 1
Toro nice peanutty aroma when I removed the cello. easy draw. mild flavors of honey nuts and tea leaves. very enjoyable. 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke I have been smoking H .Upmann's for years now always a great draw and smooth till the very end. I have shared many and they never disappoint. 4 5 1
Toro Great draw. Smooth rich taste. Rich earthy notes followed by a nut/coffee taste 5 5 1
Toro This was one of the best cigars I have had. I always like H. Upmann and this was my first cameroon wrapper. Excellent flavor to go with the nice draw and burn. 5 5 1
Toro What a phenomenal every day smoke! I enjoy these in the morning with coffee on the patio and then again with an after dinner drink. Great draw everytime! 4 5 1
Toro You know what you always receive in Quality when you buy H Upman cigars. The Cameroon wrapper delivers teriffic flavor to this medium body smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Excellent quality cigar. Lightly spicy but smooth. Flavors are delicious but subtle. This one is not in your face and is easy to get along with. 4 5 1
Toro A spicy toro with a good draw and burn. Medium to full bodied. A nice smoke. 4 5 1
Toro This is a fine cigar that I can easily recommend. Nice taste and good burn. Pairs really well with a nice Belgian ale or a triple IPA. I've bought these repeatedly with always good results. 4 5 1
Toro This is my go to smoke!! If I see it first I buy them ... Perfect smoke every time ... Can't beat this cigar... Perfect for a new or seasoned cigar smoker! 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke very smooth! 5 5 1
Toro Good solid smoke. Burns even. Medium body and good flavor. My go to cigar 5 5 1
Toro Unfortunately, my vintage camaroons came in moldy- all 5 of them... Really sad about it- super disappointed. I know it's a wonderful cigar. HOWEVER, with that being said- even though I'll be fighting with customer service for either a refund or just 5 more of these beautiful cigars; I still believe JRCigars is a good site for auction and I think this was just a mistake. 2 5 1
Toro Really good cigar....will always be in humidor.... 5 5 1
Toro A full "4-star," this toro-sized Cameroon-draped cigar delivered a smooth nuttiness with a rich, complex taste (due to its multi-amazing filler mix). Fellow smokers and cigar artisans, I highly recommend this medium-bodied blender, anytime! Easy light, medium draw, even burn to the nub. I would proudly offer the craftsmanship of this H. Upmann to my most honored family, friends, and professional cohorts. I tried to maintain about a dozen in my humidor at all times. Much love and happy cigar pleasure!, T :-) 4 5 1
Toro I rated the H. Upmann Cameroon toro as 5 stars. A perfect roll, good freshness and lights well. Smokes beautifully with a spicy note. One of the few cigars I smoke down to the last 1/2 inch. 5 5 1
Toro Reading the other reviews, maybe I just got a bad cigar. I just smoked half of one of these. I wasn’t enjoying it and it wasn’t getting any better, so I quit on it. Draw was tight. Taste was ok, but it was smoking hot and bitter when I reached the halfway point. For a premium cigar, this one was no better than “ok”. 3 5 1
Toro To me this is one of my favorites I totally enjoy smoking this and evening 5 5 1
Toro Nice size, frankly I was expecting a bit more. Uneven packing on some, burns a bit hot. Draw is inconsistent. Flavor good when you get a good one. 3 5 1
Toro Reminded me of Macanudo Prince Philip Maduro for the 1970's; great flavor, taste and draw. I enjoy these cigars and hope to see more like them on the market again. 5 5 1
Toro Has a dry, grassy taste. Wrapper is very fragile, cracks when clipping and while smoking. Construction is inconsistent. 2 5 1
Toro Some are good. Most have the wrapper fall apart, burn on the side and hot. 3 5 1
Toro This is a nice smoke, a few inconsistencies but nothing to get bothered about. It was certainly a good buy. These will definitely be repurchased in the future. 4 5 1
Toro Bought a box for a good price. So far (about 8 cigars in) only one was enjoyable. Others had little to no draw. Cigars have hard spots that cannot be cleared, even when I put a wire into the cigar. Very dissapointing. 2 5 1
Toro Like everyone as soon as I received my box I took one out and headed for the porch. I noticed it had a tight draw and wondered if I choose the wrong smoke. I decided to give a little humidor time. 2 or so weeks later my opinion has changed. This is a very good smoke just needed a little time. Burn was even. The wrapper had a nice oily feel. Had a medium to full but smooth taste. Would buy again 4 5 1
Toro One of the best 5 5 1
Toro Be it for a solitary smoke or a festive celebration; flavorful, smooth with a consistent draw. 5 5 1
Toro Good flavor. Hard Draw. Have open a hole to get enough smoke. 2 5 1
Toro Great smoke…. Love it!!! 5 5 1
Toro Good taste Easy smoking 5 5 1
Toro I've smoked the Upmann Vintage Cameroon for several years now. They have become one of my favorite "higher end" sticks. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to picking the cigars I keep in my humidor (holds about 600). I smoke 4-5 cigars a week. I'm looking for a pleasant medium to full smoke with consistent construction with flavor. I find that in many of the JR Alternative cigars for $3-4/stick, but when I want "name brand," the Vintage Cameroon is one of the cigars I turn to. It gives me what I'm looking for at less than $6 per stick. 5 5 1
Toro Never disappointed with a Upmann V. Cameroon... 5 5 1
Toro This is a very good cigar that is my daily go-to cigar. Good value for the price. 4 5 1
Toro A really good cigar, had this multiple times and a good draw. Very mild cigar with good flavor. 5 5 1
Toro Well constructed smooth cigar. A top choice when picking a smoke from my humidor. 5 5 1
Toro Great taste,burn,construction and price.Long burning.Got these from Steals and Deals.Definitely a great buy. 5 5 1
Toro Very Inconsistent, I have purchased about 6 boxes so far, some are outstanding, others not. As of late, burn hot and bitter, wrapper seems to unravel even though I store them properly. As of late the quality is getting worse. 3 5 1
Toro Not my favorite upman. 3 5 1
Toro a medium to full taste at the start that slowly and gently builds to a full, but and satisfying finish. The tobacco taste is top notch without much of the stuff that you might not like i.e. leather, chocolate, etc., blah X 3. The cedar wrapper really helps this smoke shine. I've tried all of the "vintage" labeled H Ups and they all are great smokes. Long ashes, constant burn, completes a long day's work/play. Enjoy!!! 5 5 1
Toro I've been a customer for over 25 years and this order is the worst I have received from JRs. The quality of the cigars is poor as the each cigar is hard with the wrapper material being extremely brittle to a point it falls off the cigars when trying to smoke them. The draw is so bad I have to take a tooth pick to open up the filter to even get them to lite and keep them burning. Over the last several years I have become not very pleased with the cigars you provide and with this last order not sure if I will ever order anymore from JRs. 2 5 1
Toro Had potential but tasted like they were completely dried out. Wrapper felt like fine sandpaper. 1 5 1
Toro One of my favorites, the Upmann cameroon is a great smoke. This last batch of 5 was dry so the wrappers were split on 3/5 and 1/5 could not smoke as it was rolled too tight. 3 times I ordered these and they were perfect condition, 4th time had these issues. 3 5 1
Toro Enjoy smoking them 5 5 1
Toro This is one tasty cigar. The flavor from the cameroon wrapper really comes through. The draw can be a little tight but thats ok. It gets better as I smoke. Never was an Upman fan until I tried these. 5 5 1
Toro The Cameroon wrapper on this cigar definitely gives this stick it’s unique flavor! It’s smooth and burns evenly. I recommend grabbing a 5 pack an giving them a try!!! 5 5 1
Toro The flavor is great. The Cameroon wrapper really shines, but it also explodes. Im not kidding, on my first stick out of the humidor, within a few minutes the wrapper basically exploded off the cigar. The draw was tight and im guessing that had something to do with it. The second a few days later did a little better. It took till the second third before the wrapper decided to go boom. The draw was also much better on that one. Even with the exploding wrapper, the flavor makes it worth it. I want a box. I just hope the construction is better. These feel like seconds. 4 5 1
Toro Great smoke, smooth even draw, consistent burn. Would recommend 5 5 1
Toro A very good smoke, price point is right on. Good construction and flavor, not my favorite Cameroon, but still very good. 3 5 1
Toro Take your time with this one, has a great nutty taste, will be buying more 5 5 1
Toro Great nutty flavor. Take your time with it to bring the flavor out 5 5 1
Toro Nice cigar, slow on the draw at first. I enjoyed it but a tad too strong for me. 4 5 1
Toro Some good ones. Some burn unevenly. 4 5 1
Toro consistent, good taste throughout and a nice medium full smoke 4 5 1
Toro This used to be my favorite cigar, but the last two or 5 packs that I have purchased they will not draw. It is horrible to try and smoke one of the Cigars, not sure what happened to the quality. You can look at them and see that they are not rolled properly. They have ruined my favorite cigar 1 5 1
Toro They were good after midpoint 4 5 1
Toro Got a few of these in sampler packs. The first one I smoked was rolled too tight and could barely get a draw. The next three were perfect, great burn and smooth draws. Much closer to full bodied than medium. A very peppery back of the throat burn but very favorful. 4 5 1
Toro H. Upmann is always a classic smoke you can count on. This is a smooth smoke with taste that enjoyable and on the medium side. Well constructed and burns great. I always appreciate the cedar wrapper that finishes the package. 5 5 1
Toro A fragile wrapper that split in two areas while smoking, and a little rough and ready appearance didn't detract from positives. While not the prettiest cigar, it provides a delicious mild to medium flavor with subtle nuance. Draw and burn were excellent. Ash held on for over an inch. Flavors include sweet cream, cedar, leather, nuts, cinnamon and mild red pepper, some fresh oak, orange zest, and a mineral note on the finish. It's a solid mild plus moving to medium for the final third. Balanced and nuanced, this is a friendly cigar for those who like something that won't pummel them with strong flavors. 4 5 1
Toro Not quite up to my expectations. 4 5 1
Toro I really enjoyed this cigar and I turned on 4 of my friends to it and we all loved it. Thank you, JR 5 5 1
Toro Although this Cameroon wrapper can be fragile, I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. Excellent construction, burn and enjoyable roasted nut/chocolate flavors. A definite good change of pace smoke mild enough to enjoy with coffee. 4 5 1
Toro Really enjoy the variety of your cigars. 5 5 1
Toro A solid, well made smoke good for any time. Smooth with a little pepper on the finish. 4 5 1
Toro wasnt spectin much but surpize very nice medium body smoke 5 5 1
Toro Looking for something new, I decided to try these as I do like Cameroon wrappers. The flavor is spot on, but the wrapper is very fragile and started breaking apart early in the smoke. Disappointed. 3 5 1
Toro I purchased a pack of five cigars and waited several weeks to rehydrate them, as they arrived in a dry state. Unfortunately, the cigars were plugged and completely unsmokable, not drawing any air even when I used a draw tool. 1 5 1
Toro Yes 5 5 1
Toro nice medium flavored smoke - enjoyed after a nice BBQ dinner paired with a winter stout - great way to end a day 4 5 1
Toro Great 5 5 1
Toro I received my 20 H. Upmann vintage cameroons yesterday, and so far, I am not impressed. The first one had a split in the wrapper which necessitated having to hold 2 fingers over the split to draw. The one I had this morning had a “knot” under the label that I had to keep reaming out in order draw. It also burned very unevenly and I had to keep touching it up to prevent it from canoeing on me. I have been a cigar smoker since the early 80’s and a JR customer for over 20 years. The quality of most everything I have received lately has been inferior. I wish I could post the pics I took. 1 5 1
Toro this is a very nice smoke, mild to full flavored... the draw was a little harder than i personally like but still enjoyable non the less 4 5 1
Toro Been in the humidor for months pulled it out let it acclimate perfect humidity, great burn , nice layered ash ,, nasty taste last upman I ever smoke 1 5 1
Toro Little disappointed in this smoke!! After taste was very bitter to me! I do not recommend!! 3 5 1

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon

Toro 6 × 54 UPVT5

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro features its original African Cameroon wrapper. This leaf appeared on all Upmann cigars before 1995. The rich, nutty flavor this leaf produces is astounding. Get your pack of 5 today at JR Cigars.
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