In its famous long and storied history, H. Upmann 1844 Barbier cigars are the very first H. Upmann blend to feature the distinctive Barber Pole design. Every smoker, whether new or experienced, can recognize a barber pole wrapped cigar when they see it, because it features both a light and dark wrapper interwoven together to resemble a barber pole. In the case of . Upmann 1844 Barbier ( which is the German word for barber) the cigars are covered by a golden-brown Connecticut Shade and a darker EMS Sumatra wrapper. Under these contrasting wrapper leaves is a binder from Indonesia, surrounding a blend of aged Nicaraguan, Dominican ,and USA broadleaf long filler tobaccos. The end result is an incredibly complex medium bodied smoke with flavors of leather, cedar, and cream, when the flame hits the lighter wrapper, followed by notes of chocolate, earth, and black pepper when the flame reaches the darker leaf. Order a box of H. Upmann 1844 Barbier cigars today, and allow the Barber Pole experience to take you to new heights of premium cigar enjoyment.
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