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Looking to provide their clients with the greatest handmade cigar known to man, German bankers Carl and Herman Upmann voyaged to Cuba. While there, they were able to create a premium cigar that was of such high-quality they believed it should be saved for only their top tier associates. Those who were able to touch their lips to the dark, oily wrapper knew what kind of treat they were about to embark upon. In this Dominican version, the filler provides a robust nutty flavor while refined notes of spice, coffee and leather are seamlessly mixed into the taste. Alas though, the two gentlemen sent their recipe back into the vault to not be seen or heard from until only recently. H. Upmann Cigars has released this magnificent blend, titling it “The Banker.” Today, you don’t have to be an upscale man of wealth to indulge in the earthy notes of coffee that are accompanied by a zest that will have you coming back for more. Purchase a box of the H. Upmann The Banker Cigars today at JR Cigars!
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