4.5 24
Corona Just had this last night...great long lasting nice flavor even burn smoke. They never disappoint 5 5 1
Corona One of my favorite smokes ever made! This is a must try for all cigar afficianados 4 5 1
Corona How can a corona be satisfying? When it's a Patron Anniversary and is start to finish wonderful 5 5 1
Corona Padron 1964 anniversary is a wonderful blend and constructed cigar. Outstanding draw can’t be beat 5 5 1
Corona The corona size is nice when you don't have time to smoke a larger cigar but you want the quality and flavors that Padron has to offer. These are still slow burners though so don't be fooled by its small size 4 5 1
Corona Excellent draw concentrated flavor coca with a little peeper kick and Padron has found the perfect formula for a winning combo. 1964 blend is declicious 5 5 1
Corona Probably one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. The draw flavor and construction are flawless 5 5 1
Corona Nice smoke smooth draw and excellent flavor. Like most Pardons a great stick. Worth the price bout of I had to choose a 26 would be my preference 5 5 1
Corona My second favorite cigar very smooth and complex. Notes of coffee coco and leather. The cigar is well balanced and transitions often. It's expensive but a great cigar like this is worth it. 4 5 1
Corona Great cigar from foot to cap it's quality is matched by few and envied by many love everything about it except the prices but sometimes you get what you pay for 5 5 1
Corona Absolutely wonderful cigars. Solidly medium in body and flavor with expert construction every time. 5 5 1
Corona Now personal preference here but I favor the 64 over the 26 because it's flavors and creaminess are more my liking but other people differ. Just try one yourself. 5 5 1
Corona The padron 1964 is what a super premium is all about. No one has better construction and raw materials to work with. It is 11 out ofb10 4 5 1
Corona One of the top 10 cigars I've every had. And I've enjoyed cigars for over 30 years. I love the Padron 1964. Wish this could be my everyday smoke but they are a little too price for that. But a wonderful special event smoke. Highly recommend them. 5 5 1
Corona The padron 1964 anniversary series Corona is a very delicious little cigar with good smells one of Padrons best cigars 5 5 1
Corona Slow burning corona. This vitola fits nicely in the mouth. It's flavors are a little muted compared to their 50-54 ring size sticks but still great all the same. 5 5 1
Corona These cigars don't even taste anything like the other 1964 anniversary cigars I typically smoke. Poor draw and they taste horrible. 1 5 1
Corona This Padron has good flavor a good nice long burn Fills the room with good aroma it's a will done cigar 4 5 1
Corona the 64 corona not my fav just not the size im use to but ok smoke but still not for me ill pass 3 5 1
Corona Have tried the 64 in every size and still to this day I believe that the size does not matter it is still one good stick. 5 5 1
Corona Again out of the park Cigar. Flavors to complex to pick them all out. I would smoke one every day if i could 5 5 1
Corona Padron aren't cheap but this cigar is worth what you pay for it. This is a nice smoke with a glass of burgundy. 4 5 1
Corona This is my favorite Padron. You get the sweetness and chocolate notes from the San Andreas wrapper and the smoothness of the smoke and it's just perfect. 5 5 1
Corona One of the best corona smokes I've ever had! So many flavors and wrapped so perfectly and tight! I loved it! 5 5 1

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

Corona 6 × 42 PD64C

Crafted to celebrate 30 years of creating some of the most luxurious and sought after premium cigars in the world, the highly-rated Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Coronas are to die for. These top-of-the-line, flawlessly constructed gems are on the fuller size in strength and body and feature the most enjoyable flavors of espresso, earth, chocolate, and nuts with a great toasty finish. They are finished with attractive natural-leaf wrappers, box-pressed, packed in cedar boxes of 25, and available at JR Cigar.

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