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Padron cigars enjoy a truly legendary status among knowledgeable cigar connoisseurs that embrace the luxury lifestyle. The Padron family began making premium cigars in Miami in 1964, as a brand that would appeal to the local community who could no longer purchase Cuban cigars. Today Padron Cigars are a driving force in the premium cigar industry with their state-of-the-art factory in Nicaragua that produces one top-rated blend after another.

These exquisite cigars are blended from carefully aged tobaccos, many of which are grown on their fertile estates throughout the country of Nicaragua.

The Padron portfolio of 90-plus rated blends include the Family Reserve, Special Releases, 1926 Series, Padron Series, 1964 Anniversary Series, and the Damaso line, along with a fine assortment of luxurious samplers, sold right here at JR Cigar for the best prices on the web, that will allow you to discover this top-of-of-the line brand.

Padron Cigars all boast their own unique full-flavored profiles distinguished by their creamy smoothness, unrivaled complexity, and extraordinary balance, that sets it apart from every other handmade premium cigar out there. Treat yourself to a box, pack, or a sampler of Padron cigars today, but be forewarned, it may be hard to smoke anything else!

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