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Padron Cigars is one of the most legendary and sought-after brands on the market today. Synonymous with luxury and quality, Padron Cigars and the cigar industry at large evolved hand-in-hand through the decades. However, Padron Cigars did not see success overnight, the family-owned brand went through many trials and tribulations to become the juggernaut it is today.

Famous founder Jose O. Padron started the Padron Cigars brand back in 1964, but the family’s history with tobacco stretches far earlier in history. The Padron family first took roots in Cuba during the 1880s, when Jose Orlando’s grandfather, Damaso Padron, emigrated to the Pinar del Rio region from the Canary Islands.

Born in 1926, Jose Orlando would spend his days on the family’s tobacco farm, where he learned all about tobacco. From planting, to growing, de-stemming, sorting, and especially tobacco fermentation, which continues to be the star of Padron Cigars’ process to this day. He would work on the farm every day after school, assisting his grandfather and his father, Francisco, with anything the farm needed.

Once Batista was dispatched, Castro would soon show his true colors as a communist and began nationalizing Cuba’s private industry, including Padron’s family farms. Left with less than 5 acres of what used to be a more than 250-acre farm and marked as a potential dissenter in the eyes of Castro, Jose Orlando fled Cuba to Spain, then to New York City in 1961.

Displeased with the cold winters of New York, Jose Orlando soon moved again to Miami in February of 1962. Taking up odd jobs to make ends meet, he would eventually be gifted a hammer by his friend Raul Fernandez so he could find more substantial work as a carpenter. Determined to save up enough to return to his roots in tobacco, Jose Orlando would do gardening during the day, and carpentry at night.

The hammer, affectionately called “el martillito” by Jose Orlando, became a symbol for both Jose Orlando’s struggles as well as his perseverance, and its depiction is adorned on every box of Padron Cigars to this day.

Celebrating the year that Padron Cigars was founded, Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars continue to be some of the most popular cigars on the market. Made entirely with Nicaraguan tobaccos aged over 4 years, the Padron 1964 comes in either a natural or maduro cover leaf, and each size is rolled in an unusual box-pressed format. Its bold, rich flavors and smooth finish made the line an instant classic.

In 2001, Padron Cigars would continue wowing palates and make a name for itself with the Padron 1926 Series, named to celebrate the 75th birthday of the family patriarch Jose Orlando Padron. The 1926 Series boasts Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged for 5 years. Its full-bodied flavors and undeniable smoothness have made the 1926 Series a favorite among seasoned aficionados across the country.

Possibly the most popular with aficionados both newcomer and seasoned is the classic Padron Series, which is commonly referred to as the “thousand” series due to the names of the sizes. Each leaf is aged for nearly 3 years and featured in either a Natural or Maduro wrapper over a Nicaraguan core. The Padron Series is great for a beginner thanks to the line’s relatively affordable price point.

Whether you have never had a Padron cigar before or have been smoking the brand for years, Padron Cigars set the bar for what a cigar should be. Order some Padron Cigars online from JR Cigar today.

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