4.386206896551724 145
2000 You can never go wrong with Padron one of the best now the 2000 is flavorful and the ash stays like two plus inches( at least mine has) great product 5 5 1
2000 Padron series 2000 is a great cigar for experienced aficionados. Cigar is not easy and flat have great structure and hidden tastes great cigar for exploring 5 5 1
2000 These are full flavored cigars without the higher prices. Topical Padron quality and construction and very similar to their other cigars. Lots of flavors hints of pepper earth wood and chocolate. Very affordable for such a rich cigar. 5 5 1
2000 Great stick. I loved it. Great draw great taste solid construction. Very smooth medium to full bodied. No complaints 5 5 1
2000 This handmade smoke is well put together and burns quite well. I did have to relight it when it got down to about 3.5 inches. Not so thrilled on that. However it had great flavor and after relighting it stayed steady 4 5 1
2000 A nice full bodied smoke. Nice earthy taste. Great draw and burn. Good value. 4 5 1
2000 Love this cigar. Smoked one yesterday. Generally an excellent choice. I had trouble with the draw on this one and keeping it lit. Uncharacteristic for a Padron. The problems took away from the joy of the experience. 4 5 1
2000 I love all Padrons. This one is no exception. Beautiful cigar great smoke. I love finding these baby's on sale. 5 5 1
2000 You can never go wrong with a padron. Always great flavors and construction. Easily the best 5 5 1
2000 These nicuraguan cigars are a mild to medium bodied (mild for nicuraguan tobacco especially). The 2000's have a more even wrapper to filler ratio than the 3000's. This makes them a little more complex and flavorful in my opinion. Both are very good introductions to nicuraguan cigars for those who like milder smoke. 4 5 1
2000 Good little cigar with the quality you expect. Great construction and looks. Smoke em if you got em. 5 5 1
2000 This is one that never fails to deliver outstNding flavors of dark cocoa creamy textured and a pepper kick on the retro that melds perfect every time. The cost of these makes them even more attractive 5 5 1
2000 The 2000 series is a fine smoke. Great construction . Lots of flavors earth pepper and coffee. Would recommend to anyone. 4 5 1
2000 Great value - amazing smoke! When you want Padron flavor on the fly this is the go-to! I can't imagine my humidor without a few padrons lurking about... Rich chocolate spicy goodness in every puff! 4 5 1
2000 Love Padron cigars!! This series has the same quality as the ones that cost twice as much. Anyone would love this cigar 4 5 1
2000 This is undoubtedly the best cigar ihave smoked.total difference from most other cigars. Will definitely buy these again. 4 5 1
2000 Pretty reasonably priced Padron. Good smoke and nice transitions. I will be ordering more. 5 5 1
2000 My favorite format the robusto has been a staple in my humidor for 10yrs. For 10 yrs the consistency has been flawless. Smoke 1 a day after a good dinner. 5 5 1
2000 A more mild Padron compared to the average Padron smoke still that classic and delicious Padron flavor. 4 5 1
2000 Either of the Nat or Mad are good to insert in a daily rotation. I trbd to think of the x000 as a high end yardgar. Good smokes but inexpensive enough to put down early if need be. 3 5 1
2000 Padron series 2000 is another great smoke from Padron. If you haven't tried one you need to. 5 5 1
2000 This is a great all around quick smoke stick. Consistency throughout and spongy enough to stay intact. 4 5 1
2000 This was a good cigar and I have to admit I was really suprised by the entire smoke from beginning to end I say try it you will like it. 4 5 1
2000 Everything this cigar company makes is solid gold I rckmend it to anyone I will be buying more of them 5 5 1
2000 Call me a padron fan but these smokes are consistently amazing body draw flavor and they don't overheat 4 5 1
2000 This is probably my favorite cigar with the exception of the series 4000 natural I absolutely love this brand nothing less than perfection 4 5 1
2000 This is a value Padron if you can't afford to smoke the more expensive 1926 and 1964 4 5 1
2000 Just smoked this one. It was great. I love the wrapper and the draw. Lit well and burned grwat. Love the flavor. Nice flavor. Great undertones. Chocolate and caramel with expresso. Mmmm good. 5 5 1
2000 A decent cigar but just not my thing. Flavor was off throughout and I just couldn't finish it. 3 5 1
2000 I have one sitting in my box rightnow. For the price you cannot beat this stick! The flavor is outstanding and it burns so smooth. 5 5 1
2000 One of my favorite cigars top notch on every level great flavor great quality. Would recommend to anyone and great price for what you get! 5 5 1
2000 This is one of my favorite Padron smokes. From the moment I light until the last draw. 5 5 1
2000 Same as my last review. The draw was a bit tough but overall a good cigar 4 5 1
2000 Very solid cigar. A perfect option for a more-affordable daily smoke. Nice smooth taste from start to finish. 4 5 1
2000 Another great cigar by one of the best companies in the industry. These are delicious. If you haven't tried every single cigar in Padrons line up you are doing yourself a disservice. 5 5 1
2000 In my opinion this cigar has it all bold smooth taste flavorsome aroma and consistency from one to the next 5 5 1
2000 Seriously a great smoke. I might have one or two that weren't 100% but this is a good strong cigar to sit back and relax to no real Critisism here 5 5 1
2000 It's Padron what else can you say. Front top to bottom there line is a model of consistency 3 5 1
2000 Very potent little stick. What a great Cuban like smoke. Very flavorful and enjoyable! 5 5 1
2000 I like this cigar. It has a bold flavor and is actually very tasty . It is much different than many of my other cigars. 4 5 1
2000 Love the patrolling Series 2000 dark love the dark winter 02 the rapper awesome stick create strong flavors love the flavor change in the first third 5 5 1
2000 Very consistent with a great open draw. Something that can be tough to find is smaller smokes. Great earthy coffee and spicy flavors. Nice slight sweetness throughout. Won't let down at its price. 4 5 1
2000 Good...no great cigar. If you want to try a cigar from the padron family and not ready to drop the money on a 64 or 26 then I highly suggest these. 5 5 1
2000 The Padrón 2000 is a great cigar. It's a value line with a sharper less smooth flavor compared to the 1964 line but it still stands great on its own. 4 5 1
2000 This stick was decent but I personally don't think it lived up to the hype that my buddies did 4 5 1
2000 Everything from Padron is good and their maduros are great. These are a great value a good 1 hour smoke with great earthy flavors chocolate and coffee notes. Perfect size too. 4 5 1
2000 These are very nice and tasty. I would recommend it with an IPA or another ale. Perfect for the backyard 5 5 1
2000 I noticed that sometimes the cigar will burn internally and not include the natural wrapper and I have to knock off the end and restart the cigar. 3 5 1
2000 This is my go-to Padron. I love all things Padron and this is no exception. The 2000 is the robusto size and is excellent. 5 5 1
2000 Great smoke I really enjoy y'all the time only if j could afford a whole box 5 5 1
2000 Solid taste and a subtle flavor that always puts me in the mood to smoke another one 4 5 1
2000 Always enjoy a wonderful padron cigar on a Sunday evening in the winter time. This cigar brings the flavor 4 5 1
2000 Great bang for your buck cigar. Want smooth flavors without big price. This is it 5 5 1
2000 Excellent cigar. For the money it is really tough to beat anything in the 1000's series. 4 5 1
2000 This is a magical cigar. Always have one resting in my hunidor for when the moment strikes. A solid flavor. Solid stick 5 5 1
2000 Had one when I first got them a few months ago. Not the best. After some time in the humidor they are great. 5 5 1
2000 A must in any humidor....Great flavor excellent construction. An enjoyable experience for any reason to light up. 5 5 1
2000 Everyone's favorite cigar. You can enjoy one any time of the day. This cigar has the flavor that will alway want to have a supply ready to smoke. 5 5 1
2000 This is an amazing stick that all must try. Packs a punch and very aromatic. Cloud maker 5 5 1
2000 Love cigars from padron and this is another great one. Not as expensive as the 26 or 80yr but a great full flavor maduro 4 5 1
2000 I think this was a great smoke mid to full bodied . Good draw and even better flavors 5 5 1
2000 These are a short smoke for me. Holds up well and the cap does not collapse too soon with my wet bite. Can burn a little bitter I'd you draw too hard. 4 5 1
2000 Keep a box of these premium smokes inside my humidor at all times it has an excellent draw and flavor it is really a premium smoke 5 5 1
2000 This Lil hammer brings it full on right from the start it hits the nail on the head the construction was exceptional 5 5 1
2000 One of the best cigars to keep in your humidor for the price amazing flavors I always keep some in my humidor 4 5 1
2000 Very good stick have tried this one and liked it so I am going to try the others will let you know 5 5 1
2000 Great great great smoke. Padron makes a good cigar. Flavorful and we'll made with a great draw. 4 5 1
2000 Padron series 2000 has a good draw and good consistency. Smooth and creamy smoke with great flavors 4 5 1
2000 This is the stick that started it all for me. After the first 1/4 the smoke comes to life. 5 5 1
2000 This is an excellent cigar. Very solid construction and flavor in each cigar. Has a slightly nutty taste. I would highly recommend. 5 5 1
2000 Not the best padron I've ever smoked but filled with flavor and certainly worthy of the price tag that came with it 4 5 1
2000 I don't personally care for the x000 series of Padrons but I understand why people do enjoy them. They're generally well made but the flavor profile just doesn't do it for me. 3 5 1
2000 Great mid range pardon line. Lots of leather and tobacco flavor. Great construction great sold cigar 5 5 1
2000 Toast coffee caramel. Three of my most favorite flavors in a cigar found in this immaculately constructed beauty 5 5 1
2000 Less creamy and more coffee flavor than it's 1926 and 1964 compatriots but a solid smoke none the less. 5 5 1
2000 I had the pleasure to experience this cigar for the first time and man am I pleased. A solid med/full flavor good draw......I could go on and on. Pick one up. You won't be disappointed. 5 5 1
2000 My favorite smoke and ive smoked em all. 5 5 1
2000 The 2000 Padron just like all other Padrons are one of the best cigars in the world 5 5 1
2000 I had bought these for my step father for Christmas. He loved them and is looking forward to more. 3 5 1
2000 What a great everyday smoke. I’ve gone thru many a boxes of these padrons 3 5 1
2000 These are full flavored cigars without the higher prices. Topical Padron quality and construction and very similar to their other cigars. Lots of flavors hints of pepper earth wood and chocolate. Very affordable for such a rich cigar. 5 5 1
2000 A great cigar. Beautifully constructed. Great draw great burn. These deserve to be in every humidor 5 5 1
2000 Wonderful flavor draw and smoke. You can not go wrong with these cigars. I usually always have one in my golf and fishing bag. 4 5 1
2000 It was very light and creamy. It was firm construction. It's taste was the same till just about then end then began the fuller flavor. It left me satisfied but wanting to explore more. 5 5 1
2000 These are so so good. Medium strong bursting with flavors with good hints of subtleties and complexities that all those boutique smokers talk about. Great construction. A perfect smoke! 5 5 1
2000 Great smoke nice even burn holds together well desent taste and aroma. Would buy again 5 5 1
2000 I don't think you can go wrong with any Padron. Price is on point and flavor to match 5 5 1
2000 This my friends is a good cigar I recommend trying it I will smoke again 4 5 1
2000 Padron 2000 is good and a Wel smoked cigar. Loved the flavor and has a great time with it. 4 5 1
2000 Great value - amazing smoke! When you want Padron flavor on the fly this is the go-to! I can't imagine my humidor without a few padrons lurking about... Rich chocolate spicy goodness in every puff! 4 5 1
2000 As stated all the 1000 series are good low end alternatives to the expensive price tag on Padrons. They aren't the best Padron but for the price they beat the expensive ones. 4 5 1
2000 I'd pass on this cigar and find another budget cigar Woodrow makes good cigars but this isn't one of them 2 5 1
2000 Hard to get em at a discount but one of the best $6 cigars you can buy. 5 5 1
2000 Not sure what to say about this other than it is absolutely amazing. A great smoke in every sense. Definitely a great everyday smoke. 5 5 1
2000 Ugly but phenomenal. Single cap can be annoying. But the cigar itself is a wonderful cigar especially for the price. Even padrons cheap lines are good. 5 5 1
2000 Want a more affordable Padron? Excellent. Woodsy smokey easy draw every time. A great choice when you want a good smoke without the high price tag. 5 5 1
2000 Awesome stick for the money. Perfect Padron draw and flavors everytime. It is impossible to beat the value this cigar brings to the table. 4 5 1
2000 Perfectly made with great taste. I don't want to call it a budget smoke but you are getting grade A everything at a lower price. I smoke several of these a week. 4 5 1
2000 Im glad padron came up with this budget friendly smoke right here. Razor sharp burn with nice earthy notes. 4 5 1
2000 This is a very nice cigar with great construction and loose draw. You can't beat the signature patron flavor either. 5 5 1
2000 Great everyday smoke. Great flavor it's not harsh for a maduro wrap so it's pretty smooth. Some chocolate and coffee tones. Even if this is the lower end of pardon it's a great cigar. 4 5 1
2000 Great value for such a nice cigar. Good for a quick smoke or for someone in a hurry. 4 5 1
2000 This is one of the better priced patrons. This one unlike the 3000 was a smoke with a good draw and enjoyable flavor. 5 5 1
2000 Not as good as the 3000 but this will still make you happy. It's a good bang for your buck 3 5 1
2000 Construction can be a little rough from time to time but always has great flavor. 4 5 1
2000 Terrible ratings from me because the stick was plugged and draw was impossible. Tried forever to loosen it up and finally gave up 1 5 1
2000 This is a medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: pepper wood earth cocoa hint of coffee. The draw on this stick was wonderful. Burn however was not even - had to touch up throughout the smoke. Very highly rated cigar and I agree. Will have in my rotation. 3 5 1
2000 Wow great value!!one of my favorite cigars and always a great bargain perfect draw.... Great flavor!! 5 5 1
2000 Great smoke time and time again pick these up they will never dissapoint. Padron is a well known brand and this thousand series delivers at a reasoabke price. 5 5 1
2000 Even though these are the less expensive line for Padron they are just as quality. Fantastic smoke. 5 5 1
2000 Smelling this cigar before lighting is a pleasure . This is a medium to full flavor that has a consistent draw and flavor through out the entire smoking adventure of this fine cigar 4 5 1
2000 I love padron cigars the series 2000 is a very flavorful and consistent smoke two thumbs up 5 5 1
2000 My go to every day smoke. Great flavor and perfect size for a quick but enjoyable daily smoke. Can last anywhere from 30-45 min depending on how fast you smoke it 4 5 1
2000 Excellent cigars to keep on hand in your humidirp nice medium body pairs well with your favorite cocktail cognac or coffee. 5 5 1
2000 Its one of my favorites with alot of spice cocoa and creme one of the best sticks out there 4 5 1
2000 Padron Series 2000 is a great cigar for anyone that likes quality. Padron is well known for their commitment to excellence and quality. You're going to get a good cigar every time from them no matter what. These are delicious. 4 5 1
2000 Very good cigar one of my go to's. I prefer the 3000 just because of size but the 2000 is just a good just smaller. A cigar this good needs more smoking time not less. 5 5 1
2000 Padron 2000 gives you the typical padron flavors ata fraction of the costs of the 64 26 family reserve lines if you like padrons youll like these and your wallet will love you 5 5 1
2000 Pretty similar to series 3000 in my opinion. Consistent smoke didn't really blow me away. 5 5 1
2000 Mediocre stick wasn't the best I didn't like the flavor and the construction seemed to be poor 4 5 1
2000 Well priced great construction and with a little age really can't be beat. Always end up having these on hand at any time. 5 5 1
2000 As usual Padron does it again. Another one that is a cut above the rest. Great construction and flavors. A must try. And a bit easier on the pocket from other Padrons 4 5 1
2000 Remarkably consistent great expression of what a Nicaraguan Puro should be nice caramel flavors and a little mocha spice. Little earth and leather as well. Always a winner! 4 5 1
2000 Good cigar that is very underrated. I think it is the best stick under 6 on the market for its ring gauge 3 5 1
2000 This is a crazy wonderful cigar! Able to smoke it to the nub without getting hot or bitter. Love the feel and draw! 5 5 1
2000 Great cheap offering from padron. Priced for every smoking. Great option to get into more full bodied smokes. 4 5 1
2000 Wonderful cigar. Plenty of smooth earth leather and spice notes. This is an entry level for padron cigars. But in my honest opinion padron has never made a bad cigar 5 5 1
2000 Superior premium cigar by a great cigar company. Well made and smokes amazing. Pure pleasure smoking this cigar 4 5 1
2000 Just as good as any of the anniversary Serie. These are mellow creamy with earthy and leather notes. 5 5 1
2000 Got this cigar at a charity golf And was not dissapointed . Padron delivers once again with a superior cigar. 4 5 1
2000 Great cigar I love padrons and this is an inexpensive way to experience what padron has to offer. Doesn't the complexity or transitions the more expensive padrons have. But they cigars are well made and have a similar flavor profile. 4 5 1
2000 One of the first cigars I ever smoked nice cigar all around the darkness of the wrapper screaming to be smoked burned well ample amount so of smoke and the aroma was pleasant 4 5 1
2000 A cigar every single cigar smoker should try. Classic good Padron that doesn't break the budget but is still great! 4 5 1
2000 Padron 2000 is a little less money then the 1926 and q96r but it's great and the burn is always perfect and it has great depth of flavor 4 5 1
2000 My last order, I wanted the natural but could only get the Maduro. Small and well built. This is one of my favorite smokes. The Maduro is good but I prefer the natural. Leaf for leaf this is one of the very best Monte's. 5 5 1
2000 Good 4 5 1
2000 These cigars are fantastic. They’ve become one of my daily go-tos, and I prefer this blend to the more expensive padrons. Absolutely no complaints 5 5 1
2000 The best! 5 5 1
2000 There is nothing like a Padrón cigar. I have personally never had any construction issues nor have a ever had one that didn't live up to it's reputation for consistent flavor. Padrón cigars should have a home in any cigar lovers humidor. 5 5 1
2000 They’re nice….. I’ve bought about 25 boxes over the years. I still like them, although I feel there has been a slight downturn in the last few boxes. A few plugs and a late bitter draw makes me think something in the process, or the quality of the leafs, has changed. 4 5 1
2000 I have tried hundreds of different cigars over the years, and I can honestly say that these are my favorites. They are the most consistent in construction and they burn evenly every time. The price is also very reasonable based on the quality of this cigar. 5 5 1
2000 Ordered these cigars on a promo and have been waiting and waiting and they are still on back order. I’ve received no contact/updates on these or even the fact that it is delayed. I’m concerned that I will be waiting for as long as the other reviewers. Customer service has not been helpful. I will never purchase cigars from JR again. 1 5 1
2000 A must try for any cigar smoker period. Everyone should give it at least one chance in their lifetime a perfect balanced full flavor smoke with spicy and earthy notes. Perfect even burn, a great cigar by a great company. 5 5 1
2000 Very nice smoke. Good burn and easy draw. Still not as much flavor as 3000 but very good. 4 5 1
2000 Exce cig 5 5 1

Padron Series

2000 5 × 50 PD20

The Padron Series 2000 Natural Robusto is a premium cigar combining Cuban-seed tobaccos aged for almost 3 years to create a medium bodied smoke that is perfectly seasoned and amazingly complex. A further testament to its greatness, the 2000 achieved a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado!
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