4.333333333333333 48
3000 The Padron Series 300 just like the other 100 series is a awesome cigar with nice flavor transistion 5 5 1
3000 This Label of Padron looks like Montecristo. Taste is Ok without fireworks for me. Construction and consistency are good 4 5 1
3000 Padron series 3000 is amazing. I am a big fan of padron cigars in general so I am a bit.bias for sure 5 5 1
3000 Good stick...burnt evenly & consistently. Very good draw with a roughly medium body. Construction was solid. Not too bad of blend. . 4 5 1
3000 Amazing inexpensive Padrón. Classic Padrón coffee and cocoa flavors and great smoke output. This is best in Natural IMO it's smoother. 5 5 1
3000 Great reasonable priced cigar not quite as good as the anniversaries but still a well made cigar with great flavors 3 5 1
3000 I love these cigars..so much flavor a Nicaragua puro..these are much more affordable the their anniversary series..a great every day smoke..loaded with spice and billows of smoke.. 5 5 1
3000 Its a great smoke never lets me down amazing flavors with a great burn 5 5 1
3000 This is an amazing cigar. A true classic and for good reason. These cigars rarely last in my humidor... I just can't help myself. Pick a few up if you can' 4 5 1
3000 Theses are more on the affordable price range and these I do t have a problem getting since they are also good 4 5 1
3000 Very pleasing cigar as with all Padron. A great value for the dollar you can't go wrong with a box of these gems. 4 5 1
3000 Padron on a budget. Very rustic looking cigar but awesome flavor. Won't win any awards but at its price point it doesn't need to. 3 5 1
3000 Have only had one but have to say it was a great cigar. Good flavors great draw and excellent construction resulting in a great burn all the way to the nub. Can't wait to try other padrons. 4 5 1
3000 All around great smoke for cheap too! A padron smoke for less than $8. Smooth smoke great flavors and flawless burn 5 5 1
3000 I expected more from the Padron cigar but found it to be more strong than full. 4 5 1
3000 Fantastic. Can't beat the price a go to smoke. Coffe. Chocolate. Tons of chewy smoke. A fantastic go to smoke. 5 5 1
3000 For the price you can't beat the value of the quality of this cigar it's well blended, smooth and the flavor is well balanced from start to end. For a tighter rolled cigar it has a great draw and nice end burn. 5 5 1
3000 Not what I expected in a Padron cigar. 3 5 1
3000 I like this smoke not as much as the 1926 series but if your new to the hobby this stick would be a nice one into the world of Padron 3 5 1
3000 Definitely on the cheaper end of padron but doesn't lack any flavor whatsoever another great cigar draw and flavor are supo 4 5 1
3000 1 time to many I did not enjoy this at all it was not a great smoke for my opinion!! I don’t think it was not worth the money spent. Won’t try again 2 5 1
3000 Love the Padron 1964/1926 so I gave this one a try as a less expensive alternative and I was disappointed. Where as the former are some of the best most complex cigars I've ever smoked this one was very mediocre and boring. I obviously didn't think it would be as good as it's big brothers but it's worse than several other ~$5 cigars (i.e. New World is superior in every way). 4 5 1
3000 First time I tried this series. Very disappointed in the taste. It had a weird flavor like a chemical taste aweful! Will never buy these again 1 5 1
3000 The budget friendly Padron. Great construction. Flavor profile is almost complex. Really enjoy this cigar though. 5 5 1
3000 One of the first Padrons that I ever tried. Excellent all the way around. 5 5 1
3000 Great price for an cigar! 5 5 1
3000 Aromatic strong classic tobaccoey cigar smell. Dryer smoke rich with a lingering back end. Easy draw even burn overall a good cigar. Pair with a cold beverage 3 5 1
3000 The Padron 3000 was the cigar that started this cigar smoking passion of mine. The cigar is built darn near perfect. The flavors are full of chocolate brownie batter black pepper and espresso notes. This is a dessert smoke for me 5 5 1
3000 This was an OK cigar constructed well what can I say it was OK definitely You should try this cigar 3 5 1
3000 the 3000 series is a great lil treat great stick awesome flavors and outstanding construction 4 5 1
3000 Awesome on all counts. It's a step above any other cigar. Perfect draw and composition. 5 5 1
3000 Here's a way to enjoy a Padron on a budget. The series 3000 is a great cigar for the price point. So if your looking to try Padron this is one to start with. 4 5 1
3000 The draw was just a hint tight but otherwise an awesome cigar. Nice earthy bold flavor dense ash and typical flawless pardon construction. 4 5 1
3000 Got this in my sampler 88. It is the best in the bunch. Very moist and sweet with great burn and construction. 5 5 1
3000 This is the cigar that locked me into cigar smoking in the first place. This was the first cigar that I was able to pick up specific flavors from. Because of my experience with this cigar I will never forget my friends bachelor party. This is a chocolate brownie bomb and is a desert stick to me. I try to put one of these in the cigar bombs I send out because of my fond memories with this one. 5 5 1
3000 The fact that this is the lowest line just says everything you need to know about Padron. If you like a mild cigar then this is definitely not for you. It's very strong and full of flavor but smooth at the same time. Very good cigar and the price is much more reasonable than higher lines. 5 5 1
3000 The 3000 is a pure pleasure to smoke just cut light and smoke without the worries of uneven burn wrapper comming apart just plain enjoyable 5 5 1
3000 I love the padron thousand series you get padron quality construction and flavor although not nearly as complex as the anniversary series for a fraction of the cost these cigars are a great deal could easily go for much more 4 5 1
3000 Great daily smoke. I have said it many times that it’s like smoking a Candy bar. This is a well crafted cigar, perfect burn, sweet with a hint of nuts. 5 5 1
3000 I can't get over reading some of these reviews. Padron's lower end blows away just about anyone else's top end. As a 2-3 stick smoker per day over the last 27 years, I've found nothing that consistently smokes as great as a Padron...any number. Now, I ordered the natural's by mistake, usually, I smoke the Maduro 3000 or 5000 (which have been difficult to get lately)and while this stick lacks some of the complexity and profile of the Maduro, it's still a Padron. Of course, it's not going to compare to the 26 or 64, so why even attempt that comparison? I can assure you if you want a consistent smoke that burns like the others wish they could, smoke after smoke for years on end....ANY Padron is great. For everyday smokes? These 3000's can't be beaten...natural or Maduro...even if you make a mistake as I did....I guess there's always someone out there who can dine at the finest establishment, stay at a top hotel or fly a private jet and still find something to bitch about. 5 5 1
3000 I smoke several a day, and a 1926 in the evening. After years of smoking anything I could, I know almost exclusively smoke Pardón. There is no better draw and consistency I’ve found in any other cigars. A taste that seems tailored for myself. You can always count on the quality of Padrón. A cigar that has never disappointed and that I could never grow tired of. 5 5 1
3000 This cigar is the epitomy of consistently great. Same construction,taste,burn on every single cigar. No transitions in taste or retro hale. If you like the taste and I do it will be the same every time. 5 5 1
3000 Always great service 5 5 1
3000 I have found this to be my favorite, go to, cigar. I have several to pick from in the humidor, but this Padron series 3000 is what I consistently crave. Along with the fact that this is a great cigar, JR has been fantastic to buy from. Shipping is quick and efficient, 5 5 1
3000 Consistent box after box for years and years. I panic every time I find them on back order status because there isn’t anything close that I have tried for the price. 5 5 1
3000 Like most Padron’s this is a well constructed, easy drawing smoke with great flavor. It’s is not as complex as the 1964 or 1926 lines, but is is also not in the same price bracket. For an every day smoke at a reasonable price, and when I want a guaranteed great cigar, this is it. My humidor will never be without them. 5 5 1
3000 One of the best cigars on the market. Problem: can’t get them in stock 5 5 1
3000 Consistently excellent smoke. One of my favorites. 5 5 1

Padron Series

3000 5.50 × 52 PD30

The highly-rated Padron Series 3000 cigars are crafted with super-aged sun grown tobaccos that create the perfect medium-bodied, creamy, and smooth smoke. Presented in a box of 26, these premium cigars feature a silky draw and long, lingering finish.
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