4.4106280193236715 207
3000 To me the 3000 is the staple of the Padron family. It’s a great mid priced stick tht you can always depend on. It’s not going to blow you out of the water but it’s consistancy kills! 5 5 1
3000 I sat with a buddy of mine to a local smoke house we bought this to sit and enjoy so we did and I really didn’t enjoy it at all sorry! It was not every tasty and needed to be relit time after time. 3 5 1
3000 This is a good cigar with a good flavor. These are a great after dinner smoke but anytime works really. 4 5 1
3000 very nice cigar. doesnt cost very much. good deal for anyone to try. all around good. 4 5 1
3000 My 1st box purchase. An affordable every day smoke which consistently impresses me. Excellent !!!!! Must try 4 5 1
3000 Excellent smoke at this price point! Great draw even burn and good to the end. Very consistent as all Padron cigars are! 5 5 1
3000 Very nice smocke smooth yet enough spice for a very well Balanced cigar flavor from beginning to end with an ash you will give up on before it falls well well made stick I have only had one but I will buy a box 5 5 1
3000 I have only had a few of the Padron. This one had a nice flavor that wasn’t too bold and burned evenly. A good everyday smoke. 5 5 1
3000 These are a great affordable cigar when I want a patron but d ont want to shell out the cash for the annaversario which are my favorite. Good flavor. Solid constriction. A bit looser packed than I remember but the burn was good and I enjoyed them. 5 5 1
3000 Good maduro for the price. The typical maduro flavors are there. However u can get something similar in maduro for less. 4 5 1
3000 This is what you'd expect from padron. Great construction awesome flavors. 5 5 1
3000 This is my go to smoke. Its construction is impeccable and the flavor is classic Padron from every box. 4 5 1
3000 It's just one solid cigar! Medium to full is an understatement. The 3000 is full-bodied and rich in flavor! Lovin every last one right down to the nub. 5 5 1
3000 If I had to pick one cigar under $10 to smoke for the rest of my life this might just be the one. 4 5 1
3000 Flat little flavor not much there. A pretty boring cigar 2 5 1
3000 A full bodied smoke w spicy and earthy taste. For price quality and overall value these are tough to beat. 4 5 1
3000 We should do it for the kids and grandkids the kids are being so forgiving to get something to say the 4 5 1
3000 I Eliot this cigar on special occassions. Well constructed. Excellent draw. Great taste from start to finish. Not an overwhelming taste that last two days. More medium than not. I just ordered another box. I highly recommend. 4 5 1
3000 Earthy. Spicy. Nutty. An incredible construction and even burn. If you like full bodied Padron is the way to go. 5 5 1
3000 Padron the best cigar brand in the world has delivered again. Great cigar perfect draw wonderful flavors and consistency that can't be beat. 5 5 1
3000 Great cigarI would smoke one everyday if I could. A little pricey for me but I went ahead a picked up a box. Nice thing is that it comes with 26 cigars. Love Padrons and this cigar won't disappoint. 4 5 1
3000 These are a decent smokes burn evenly don't come apart the taste and aroma are o.k. at best. It just wasn't a cigar for me. 4 5 1
3000 Super earthy a little woodsy. Nothing super mind blowing but these are an excellent value. padron's an awesome brand and these are great for being their base line. This 3000 is a perfect size for me 4 5 1
3000 It was everything I could ask for in a cigar. From the excellent construction to the even burn to the wonderful flavor this cigar delivered in every way. Stoic flavor of leather sweet notes of spice and clouds of aromatic bliss. 5 5 1
3000 Nicaraguan tobacco tends to be on the stronger side as compared to Dominican or Honduran. If you like medium bodied cigars and have found most nicuraguans to be too strong give these a shot! They are very good and reasonably priced. If you like strong cigars though you will probably find these on the weak side. 4 5 1
3000 Good little cigar from a top name brand. Great construction and looks. I'd smoke it. 5 5 1
3000 Padron is as good as it gets. If you ever find these bad boys on sale then you better stock up. These are my special occasion smokes. Perfection. 5 5 1
3000 This is the only padron mostly because they are failed as special occasion smokes however the thousand series price point makes them affordable enough you could enjoy a few times a week this smoke was super smooth and silky I got alot of flavor with the easy draw gives you a ton of smoke easily great smoke 5 5 1
3000 I gave this 3 stars across the board. Not because it really fell short on any levels. But it's the most average of any Padron. Burns good. Tastes good. But it's not my first choice when I want a padron. It's average. 3 5 1
3000 This mouthwatering cigar will make you crave for more why wanted to tobacco shop in Georgia wow 5 5 1
3000 It's no padron 64 but for the price it's hard to beat. Nice smooth earthy and cocoa notes and a bit of a strength kick as it progresses. Really great stick 4 5 1
3000 Padron is always been a good cigar for me I love the flavor and the construction of them and this 3000 is a good one. 3 5 1
3000 I have now had 2 of the lowest end 1964 padrons and this is my favorite vitola so far! I really have been blown away by 3000. Very sweet rich earth and chocolate for days. No spice on this smoke smooth smooth smooth 5 5 1
3000 These cigars are worth the price. Excellent flavor and draw. The first taste might be a little heavy but by the third draw the flavor really develops. Great evening smoke with a snifter of scotch. 5 5 1
3000 Picked up a 5er of these. Excellent mid range Padron cigar. Will definitely keep several of these in the humidor. 5 5 1
3000 Great affordable everyday cigar. Of course not as good as the high end Padrons. But then again in my opinion nothing compares to any Padron. 5 5 1
3000 I bought these for the 4th of July after having the 1964 anniversary series in hopes that this would be some what comparable in flavors and become my new daily cigar. Man I was wrong I bought three of them and everyone that I gave them too didn't like it. 3 5 1
3000 This is one of my favorite cigars ever! There isn't a Padron out there I haven't liked. 5 5 1
3000 If you love that Padron flavor but can't afford to always smoke the 1926 and 1964 cigars then this is the stick for you. Consistently a great smoke at a fraction of the cost of its bigger brothers 4 5 1
3000 Padron is one fine stogie.amazing flavors developed into deep rich flavors of dark coffee and chocolate. 4 5 1
3000 Good consistent smoke. Each one has had good draw and flavor with decent smoke production to boot. 4 5 1
3000 I love padrone. The 3000 is a good price and entry series into it. The flavor is amazing and the smoke is great! 5 5 1
3000 Nothing special about this stick. Flavor was bland other than a bit of pepper on the finish. Construction was good; burned evenly good smoke output easy draw. I'd consider this an everyday stick just not one I'd smoke everyday. 3 5 1
3000 The Padron 3000 is a fantastic smoke. Great flavor and pretty consistent and very reasonably priced. Always have some of these around. 4 5 1
3000 Just like I said before Padron never seems to let down. The flavor and smoke out put is good. 5 5 1
3000 The name speaks for itself. The 3000 had a nice dark wrapper with minimum veins. Great smoke output and so fulll of flavor from beginning to end. 5 5 1
3000 BBQ or tailgating must. great taste draw and price. you have to love these cheaper padrons 4 5 1
3000 This cigar from padron is very bold on flavor. I liked this cigar for the boldness flavor. Very leather taste. 5 5 1
3000 The perfect everyday cigar. Very smooth draw and great flavor. A great value alternative to the more expensive Padrons. 4 5 1
3000 Another great smoke by padron. The flavor profile was great great draw and a solid burn. Again you can't go wrong with padron and at a slightly cheaper sticker price then the top of the line smokes it's a winner 4 5 1
3000 This cigar is just okay. Not terrible but not one of my favorites. Not on my list to smoke again 3 5 1
3000 Any Padron from bottom to top of there line does not disappoint. Great construction and flavor all the way 4 5 1
3000 The padron 3000 was such a great smoke all the way through and through. Had such wondwrful flavor and the draw was quite pleasant. 3 5 1
3000 This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: cocoa cream hint of coffee pepper & spiciness. The draw is very easy. This was a great stick. Towards the end it becomes stronger but very good stick. 3 5 1
3000 This is an entry level Padron and should t be expected to be as good as the 1964 or 1928 but holds its own as a solid value priced cigar still worthy of the Padron brand name. 3 5 1
3000 Not what I thought that it should be for the price. Flavor was ok but it did not burn evenly at all. 3 5 1
3000 Love the padron 3000 perfect toothy wrapper with lots of spoce and tons of flavor to be combined with cedar and himot soice 5 5 1
3000 Name one thing Padron puts out that isn't good that's what I thought I'd you don't know where to start start here for a good time 5 5 1
3000 The Padrón 3000 is a great cigar value. Not as smooth as the 1964 anniversary but the same excellent construction draw and smoke output. This is a great cigar when trying to watch what you spend. 4 5 1
3000 As with the 2000 draw can be a bit loose so dont cut too much off the cap. Flavor and construction are outstanding. 4 5 1
3000 The padron series 3000 in my opinion is an excellent choice of cigar it is very flavorful 5 5 1
3000 These are very classy cigars with a classic flavor and a very nice construction. I will be buying more to keep on hand this summer. 5 5 1
3000 The pardon 3000 is a great draw cigar that is very easy to light ! This is a great everyday cigar to smoke with almost a full flavor with no cons to smoking it good construction and even smoking 4 5 1
3000 Great affordable everyday cigar. Of course not as good as the high end Padrons. But then again in my opinion nothing compares to any Padron. 4 5 1
3000 Fantastic cigar perfect ring gauge and size. Aways a good draw and construction very nice flavors. Not the most complex but seriously gets the job done 4 5 1
3000 One of the best cigars to keep on hand in your humidor for sure nice medium body with hints of chocolate and spice definitely pairs well with coffee or cognac. 5 5 1
3000 Padron Series 3000 is a great treat for anyone. Tasty smoke pours out of this cigar. This cigar is a good example of how cigars should be made. Very awesome cigar with awesome flavor. 4 5 1
3000 Taste of this is fantastic and wonderful. Nice even burn with nice medium bodied flavors. Not gonna lie I liked it. 4 5 1
3000 Pardon the interruption. Fantastic smoke. Starts medium with great amount of thick creamy smoke. Some pepper earth and sweetness that becomes more cocoa sweet with spice and peeper 4 5 1
3000 I absolutely love these! I keep a few in the humidor and break them out when I simply need that cigar. 5 5 1
3000 Flawless through out...haven't had a bad Padron yet. great any time of day...thoroughly enjoyed... 5 5 1
3000 Can't say enough good stuff about Padrons you really need to try it to understand. Rich dark cocoa notes with hints of dark fruit fantastic construction and a classic yet unpretentious band. 5 5 1
3000 So tasty it makes you want another. Smooth draw that lingers on your tongue so good 5 5 1
3000 Enjoyable cigar. I prefer the natural over the maduro. I like the sharper flavors that come from the natural wrapper. Nice coffee and butterscotch notes. Very enjoyable. Holds up well to a heavy bite. 4 5 1
3000 Great stick with a good aroma smooth draw and great flavor. I'll be buying more of these. 4 5 1
3000 Nice smoke. Not a favorite. But nonetheless a good solid stick. Not overly complex. Just enough strength to relax. 4 5 1
3000 Had it in a sampler. Pretty much the same as the 2000 to me. But I'm a new smoker! 4 5 1
3000 A great well balanced cigar. Nice profile for the price point. I enjoy them with morning coffee or tea. 4 5 1
3000 The padron 3000 dollar for xollar you like padrons then you will enjoy these the thousand series price typical padron flavors everything is padron perfect 5 5 1
3000 Great stick got one of these in Tampa Florida last year ! I get a lot of comments what is that I am smoking and FrIends 5 5 1
3000 This is a very pleasing cigar with a sungrown wrapper! More of a medium body not too stout it's great! I love it 4 5 1
3000 Great value and remarkable consistency delivered every time with this great stick. The 1964s and 26s are great but this is nearly just as good. A tad less complex and a bit uglier in appearance but it is truly amazing. 3 5 1
3000 The maduro 3000 is one of the best deals in sub $8 cigars. Super rich chocolate flavorw earthy and nutty tastes dominate the finish. Good construction great burn all around Padron quality and flavor for bargain price. 4 5 1
3000 Great construction and draw but I found the cigar to be stronger than I typically like. 4 5 1
3000 Seriously buy a box of these. Let some age. Smoke some right away. These are some of the best smokes for the price. Everything you expect from padron at a lower price. 5 5 1
3000 Very nice like most of the P family. Well made smokes even & clean with nice body & good taste. Its hard to put it down and harder not to light another one right away. 4 5 1
3000 The natural is a medium flavored sun grown beauty. The Maduro has a more complex flavor profile with a hint of coffee. 5 5 1
3000 Padron series 3000 is a good one by padron. Smooth and easy to smoke with good flavor 4 5 1
3000 Five stars across the board this is one fantastic stick for the price if your into full flavor smokes you can't go wrong here great slow burning 5 5 1
3000 Much like the 2000 the 3000 has a flavor profile of pure chocolate. Couple that with a medium body and there's no need for infused sticks! 5 5 1
3000 Padron 3000 5 5 1
3000 Good cigar- price a bit too high 5 5 1
3000 Padron series 3000 is one of the best cheaper cigars padron sells very yummy 5 5 1
3000 When ever I can get these I grab them. Lots of Smoke spice and creamy. Great construction and holds up all the way to the very end of the stick. Never need relighting. 5 5 1
3000 Just have one last week Went to a local shop for a break from the office I expected this to be a much better stick. The flavors were a bit harsh and overwhelming not the best I’ve had 4 5 1
3000 I wanted to try a Padron and the 3000 series seemed like an inexpensive place to start. I'm not a big fan of the leather flavor. But the burn and draw were good. Flavors changed as I smoked through the cigar. Might try the 2000. 4 5 1
3000 These are good. But for me they don’t live up to the hype. 4 5 1
3000 Very good maduro for the money. The usual maduro flavors and the padron quality is there. 4 5 1
3000 Every Padron I have ever had has been a top quality gem and this one is no different. Tight roll loose draw plenty of properly prepared and properly presented smoke. These cigars burn long and develop very well matured flavors. 5 5 1
3000 Excellent cigar a classic. Beautiful cigar alas draws excellent. The epitome of consistency. If you haven't tried one do yourself a favor. 5 5 1
3000 Nothing better at this price point in the cigar market. Well constructed. Great smoke to the very end. 5 5 1
3000 Classic strong aroma very rich somewhat dry smoke! Pair with something creamy. This is an all nicaraguan stick. 4 5 1
3000 Deep rich smoke notes of chocolate and spice. Great draw and burn. Perfect wrappers for all in this box of perfection. 5 5 1
3000 Padron on a budget. Great for people like me who can't afford the more special expensive stuff. 4 5 1
3000 Great craftsmanship and a delightful aroma and flavor made this a very good smoking experience. 4 5 1
3000 What can you say about Padron? They make the Cadillac of cigars. While the anniversary series cigars are the top of the line the 1000's are not to be overlooked. Great consistent cigars. 5 5 1
3000 Great padron taste without paying for the anniversary prices very complex flavors and tasty as heck. Only problem is it will go out on ya of your not careful 4 5 1
3000 Pardon cigars are always a pleasure to smoke. Nice nutty smoke flavor. Good draw medium consistency. Good smoke for the buck 3 5 1
3000 I have always been a fan of a nice long smoke! And this definitely fits the bill!!!! This is also a must keep for me. Just love the Padron Natural 88 series Maduro!!!! 4 5 1
3000 Nothing wrong with this Padron. Straightforward smooth and to the point. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! 5 5 1
3000 Excellent smoke. Very loose draw but it was well constructed and never got too hot. Nice leather and peppery notes. 4 5 1
3000 Great flavor and consistency. Almost as good as the more expensive Padrons but at a fraction of the price. 5 5 1
3000 out of the Padron series this was not what I would have expected. I was not pleased with it I guess it's because I expected it to be close to the 64. 3 5 1
3000 All Padron cigars are amazing the flavor never changes great cigar good flavor. One of my favorite cigars 5 5 1
3000 This is a good cigar at a good price good taste stayed lit good we'll smoke again 4 5 1
3000 The 3000 is another good entry level Padron cigar. If you haven't had a Padron go for it. If you've only had a nicer '26 or '64 then don't waste your time. Those premium blends are much better but also much more expensive. 3 5 1
3000 Great cigar for the gentleman night out. Grab your clubs and hit the course with this exclusive only at JRs.com 5 5 1
3000 I have now had 2 of the lowest end 1964 padrons and this is my favorite vitola so far! I really have been blown away by 3000. Very sweet rich earth and chocolate for days. No spice on this smoke smooth smooth smooth 5 5 1
3000 Any Pardon cigars is a great cigar! Tons of flavors and smoke. Nice tight ash.. if you try one it won't be your last 4 5 1
3000 The Padron 3000 Maduro was love at first sight for me and started my love affair with cigars. Many different cigars later and this is still one I know will never let me down. Very sweet and a hint of spice. This is a dessert stick for me and one I know will never let me down. 5 5 1
3000 Padron has been the best Nicaragua has to offer for a long time. Nice medium to full flavor with lots of leather and nut in the background with a little black coffee in the final 3rd. Nice stick 5 5 1
3000 A very mild Padron compared to the standard Padron smoke. Still very good flavor and a very good price point. 4 5 1
3000 The Padron series 3000 is a good solid smoke. Very clean and smooth taste. Worthy of a place in my humidor. 5 5 1
3000 A good everyday cigar. Burns and draws great. Consistant cigar great price for a great smoke. 4 5 1
3000 I think Rocky Patel has better options for less money and the flavor is comparable. 4 5 1
3000 The 1000 series are all great sticks. They are a economical way to smoke Padrons and not spend $18-$80. If you are starting out or in a budget smoke these not the expensive ones and you won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
3000 Great cigar. I prefer the maduro but you can't go wrong either way. Once you've had one you can tell it's a Padron with a blindfold on. 5 5 1
3000 I like all off the padron x000 series especially in maduro. Think there are many other choices out ther in the price range that are better. Some construction and burn issues as well. Overall a very good smoke 3 5 1
3000 This is an OK cigar for the money in this price range it's okay but they're always better choices 3 5 1
3000 Not my favorite but still wasn't bad. Good cigar. Appearance was good. Flavor was good. Construction was good. Burned evenly. Smoke was plentiful 4 5 1
3000 Another great Padron cigar! You can not go wrong with a Padron. I highly recommend anything they make. 5 5 1
3000 Fantastic cigar. Bold dark flavors easy draw and great buen. This made a very pleasurable smoking experience! 5 5 1
3000 I have only had one but it was a little disappointing. The smoke was thin and almost tastless 3 5 1
3000 Good cigar nice with a strong drink or coffee black. Nice smooth draw cigar 5 5 1
3000 Wonderful flavor. Best if you let it sit to take some of the edge off. Can be a bit spicy. Single cap is annoying and the cigar is ugly as heck but it smokes perfectly. For price it's unbeatable. 5 5 1
3000 Smaller ring gage. Excellent smoke. Can't go wrong with any Padron. Smaller price tag than their other cigars so you can smoke it every day without emptying your wallet. 5 5 1
3000 This may be the best stick in the world for the money. Always a perfect draw with excellent bold flavors. 4 5 1
3000 Great smoke. You get that awesome quality of a Padron at a fraction of the price. Great flavor and construction and you won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
3000 Ive heard a lot about these soon decided to try them. Was not disappointed. Great price . 4 5 1
3000 For a higher priced cigar I thought the draw was rather loose but it was a very good tasting stick. 4 5 1
3000 Love this stick. Very well made and constructed. Got complexity and simplicity. Tastes great 4 5 1
3000 This another great cigar by one of my favorite brands. Tasty flavorful dark and delicious. Cant go wrong here. 5 5 1
3000 I had a better experience with the 2000 this one was just ok. Construction was subpar and draw was too loose. But flavor was great. I think I just had a bad example would smoke again. 3 5 1
3000 If they could get this stick consistent it would be amazing. Tons of coffee flavors with leather and a little spice on the medium finish. A good draw and burn but the flavors aren't consistent from stick to stick 4 5 1
3000 Great cigar and great cigar experience. Padron continues to show they are a great brand and I would recommend trying this cigar. 5 5 1
3000 Great construction even open draw. Complex flavors of wood and coffee with a deep long finish. Fuller side of medium+ in strength. One of my go-to's for the money. Superb nearly everytime! 4 5 1
3000 Delicious and earthy. Very consistent construction burn and draw. Have not had a bad one yet. Felt medium to medium-full for me. 5 5 1
3000 Great smoke for the rain. Smoky and rich with flavor of olive and grape leaf. Best after a summer rain storm. 4 5 1
3000 Can't go wrong with any padrons. This cigar is very flavorful and great right down to the nub. Spice and cream. 5 5 1
3000 For the price it's tuff to find a better Padron. This smoke is beautiful and smooth and has amazing flavor all the way to the end. Wish I had a thousand of em 4 5 1
3000 Padron 3000 maduro is what started my lie affair with cigars. This was the first cigar I ever smoked that worked very well with my palate. Dark cocoa espresso a little spice but overall creamy smooth. If you haven't smoked a Padron 3000 maduro you are missing out. Fair warning though: you better get yourself a nub tool. I burned my finger tips and my lips on this one. 5 5 1
3000 Really excellent fairly mild cigar. Only downside was that it became more harsh towards the end. 3 5 1
3000 I love this cigar. If you enjoy a nice maduro cigar with great flavor consistency and draw; this is it. Not too heavy not too light. 5 5 1
3000 This stick is awesome can't beat this one smoothgood drawwell made this is one great smoke 5 5 1
3000 One of the best values on the market incredibly good cigar... Lots of flavor perfect draw on every one I've smoked... 3 5 1
3000 A really well balanced cigar great flavor and a nice texture in the hand. Well blended flavors. 5 5 1
3000 My absolute favorite cigar. Patrons are always in my humidor and am currently aging 5 to garner even more flavor. 5 5 1
3000 Great everyday smoke a little less quality since the price drops but still a great cigar. 5 5 1
3000 The Padron thousand series cigars are always an excellent smoke with a perfect draw and full flavor. This is my goto cigar when I want strong flavor easy draw and a reasonable price. 5 5 1
3000 This cigar has become my favorite its medium to full flavor is smooth and rewarding. I'll continue to buy more. 4 5 1
3000 Good flavor and good construction of this particular cigar make it a treat to smoke every time 4 5 1
3000 Absolutely my favorite value cigar. Nice everyday smoke. Smokes even better with age. Can't beat it for price. 5 5 1
3000 A step up from the 2000 in terms of flavor. Complex tobacco flavors with subtle nuances of sweetness and spice. 4 5 1
3000 Padrons are some of my favorite cigars and this is one my favorite padrons that I've tried. Give this one a shot! 5 5 1
3000 Padron is probably my favorite go to stick. Never had a bad one. Great stick at a good price. Nice traditional aroma. Smokes great. Hints of chocolate coco and leather. 4 5 1
3000 Nice spice in the first third. Transitions to a smoother cedar flavor with a very small hint of sweetness in the rest. Great everyday cigar. 4 5 1
3000 All i go to say is this is the best cigar for the price i smoked quite a few of them there pretty much a full strength smoke with alot of chocolate flavors with a little creme thats pretty consistant 5 5 1
3000 You can always count on this Padron to be one of your favorite cigars. The flavor that you experience is only that of a great cigar. You need to have these cigars in you humidor for that.special moment. Excellent draw smokeburn and flavor. 5 5 1
3000 Padron hits it again. Some might consider this their entry level selection but it smokes like high class. Good choice on a budget. 5 5 1
3000 Typical of all the Padron series cigars the draw and construction has always been spot on. Honestly these are some of the best cigars I have ever smoked. 4 5 1
3000 After trying one of these at a cookout I bought a box and am now enjoying them on the regular! Definitely an excellent smoke. 5 5 1
3000 Awesome cigar for the money. You get the same dessert like flavors out of it as you do with much more expensive Padron's. 4 5 1
3000 As far as padrons goes everything was perfect in this! NoT the same flavor transitions as in the 1926 or anniversary series but wonderful coffee and leather notes along with creamy smoke! Love these! 5 5 1
3000 Really good cigar a bit on the heavy side but I loved it. Would reccommend for more experienced smokers 5 5 1
3000 I had this particular cigar in this size at a wedding and completely outclassed other cigar smokers there The ones who tried mine looked at theirs in shame Padron is simply one of the best 4 5 1
3000 These are reall a good construct stick love the quality and taste is ah ok but good solid stick 5 5 1
3000 Smoked them all. This is so good. The flavor is amazing and so is the flavor and draw. These are well made and jr price is the best out there. 5 5 1
3000 One of the biggest deals and steals that is out there for a cheap really good cigar 4 5 1
3000 Smoke it all the time. Sweet chocolate goodness in and around your mouth But on the cheap 5 5 1
3000 Smoked one of these for the first time a few weeks back and I was not disappointed. If you get the chance give it a shot. 5 5 1
3000 I left a similar review for the 2000. These small Padrons are the bee's knees...chocolate-filled well-made and enjoyable for everyone. 5 5 1
3000 Easily one of my favorite cigars (especially one that doesn't break the bank). Loose but good draw. Consistent dessert-like flavors. Smoke these to the nub. 4 5 1
3000 Good and great class of cigars mild and sweet and rich taste a bit more bold but still good 4 5 1
3000 Great cigar padron quality at a fraction of the cost though not as complex as the anniversary series this is a great cigar I do prefer the natural over Maduro because the Maduro tends to over power the flavors 5 5 1
3000 Very smooth all the way down always consistent quality each time I purchase Good value 4 5 1
3000 great cigar! 5 5 1
3000 Cigars were great. 5 5 1
3000 The padron 3000 maduro is the best buy for such a wonderful smooth tasting smoke that you can get today! Buying your cigars at JR's is the only way to get the most satisfying and reliable service there is! That's why I'm such a loyal customer! THEY'RE GREAT PEOPLE!! 5 5 1
3000 As is usual Padron cigars are well made and this size is good for about 50 minutes with a nice even draw and good flavor 5 5 1
3000 Good all around cigar. Strong flavor without being overwhelming. 5 5 1
3000 Padron 3000 and JR go hand in hand with greatness!!!! 5 5 1
3000 There is nothing like a Padrón, consistent flavor, draw, and construction. Have never experienced a brand that was more consistent. Excellent smoke. 5 5 1
3000 The best as it's best at JR. CIGARS is the PADRON 3000 MADURO!!! There's no questions asked if it's a PADRON!! 5 5 1
3000 I prefer the 1926 better, but this smoked well and you can’t go wrong with a Padron 4 5 1
3000 You Always know when it's a Padron!! I usually smoke the 2000's, but when Jr's had the 3000 in a four pack, I jumped on it!!! Flawless construction, easy draw and perfect burn with ZERO relights. The flavor is complex with coffee, nuts and the Maduro wrapper gives it peppery spicy bonus flavors. This is a perfect cigar IMHO. 5 5 1
3000 Been smoking the 3000 Maduro for over 20 years. Perfect every day, morning, noon or night. The only thing that has changed is the construction quality, otherwise same Maduro flavors and smoke. I scoop’em up whenever I get a chance 5 5 1
3000 This is one of my go to cigars. Great flavor, burn and draw. Good consistent construction 5 5 1
3000 Everything about this cigar is top notch. Pretty decent price for a superb cigar. 5 5 1
3000 I was waiting on this back order for a minute and when I put this in my check out box with a few other things, I thought the order was canceled since it was on back order. When the item did come available, I purchased a box not knowing the back order that I previously tried to order was also included so I ended with two boxes. I said would give these a try based on some of the reviews and I’m very impressed. They were ready to smoke right out the box even though I did put a stack in my humidor to get the full effect. Great smoke throughout and after little consideration, I’m not going to send the other box back as these are fantastic. Glad I made the blunder and order two boxes. 5 5 1
3000 Consistently perfect draw and burn. The flavor is fantastic from beginning to end. Currently my favorite everyday smoke. Super good for a moderate priced cigar. 5 5 1
3000 Can't go wrong with this stick. 5 5 1
3000 Great smoke and on time shipping. 5 5 1
3000 Excellent every day smoke brimming with flavor. Flawless construction with a great draw. 5 5 1
3000 Great Padrons as usual. Well kept and arrived in proper form. 5 5 1
3000 Padron base blend is better than most reserves from other makers…. 5 5 1
3000 So consistently good 5 5 1
3000 The most consistently good brand. The flavor tics all of my boxes. 5 5 1

Padron Series

3000 Maduro 5.50 × 52 PD303

The highly-rated Padron Series 3000 cigars are crafted with super-aged sun grown tobaccos that are wrapped in a dark maduro leaf to create the perfect medium-bodied, rich, creamy, and smooth smoke. Presented in a box of 26, these premium cigars feature a silky draw and long, lingering finish.
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