4.610526315789474 95
No.1 Maduro The Padron 1926 is one of the most delicious cigars I have ever smoked loads of nic 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Just the ash alone makes me want to smoke these over and over don't get me wrong the flavor is great but to get a burn out of a Maduro like this stick can do well the. You know the quality and time that goes into these 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro You have to try this one. If you’ve got the time this thing will rock your socks. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro This cigar has everything - nice smell good taste and very nice construction . In my opinion 9/10 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro this is my favorite cigar I wish they were cheaper but this cigar is worth every penny. if you've never had them do yourself a favor and buy them 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro An excellent smoke especially in Maduro. Pricey but a great smoke that gets better with some age to it 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro A spectacular cigar. Very pricy but can't be beat for a special occasion smoke. This is a bucket list cigar. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro All around great cigar. Very heavy with potent flavors of hay and hickory that melts into honey tobacco 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Lovely cigar bold smoke and effortless draw. Notes of cedar Cocoa and nuts. Flawless wrapper even burn. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Fantastic 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Any of the 1926's are in my book a 10/10. These are full of flavor and have a perfect toothy delicious wrapper. Honestly I prefer the naturals over the maduro which is odd for me. You can't go wrong. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro I have never had such a full strength cigar that smokes so smooth. You definitely want to pair this with a top shelf scotch of bourbon 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Very good cigar. A very lengthy smoke as well. It's powerful with lost of nicotine so watch out. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro The padron 1926 is good. I do think I prefer the 1964 slightly. Good special cigar to break out. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Another good cigar from Padron always construction I rated it up 4 I have a couple of my humidor 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Nice draw. Lots of spice. Because this is a full flavored cigar you have to go easy. It can get bitter. Complex flavors keep your taste buds guessing. A definate must try cigar. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro This has to be one of the best cigars money Can buy. Hopefully it will be free on beat the dealer someday. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Top notch. Perfect burn perfect draw and amazing taste. To me this has always been a celebratory cigar. I'm finding more and more ways to celebrate lately. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro I fully enjoyed this cigar. Robust and smoother than most maduros. Never pass one up. Put them in your humi and let them age they are the best 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is a great classic cigar. It is an easy draw and a smooth smoke with a mild flavor 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Make sure to eat a decent meal and you will enjoy this phenomenal cigar. Fuller bodied than the 1964 but still has all the great flavor and more. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The 1926 Padron is the best Padron I have smoked. Little pricy but worth the price if you are looking for a special smoke. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro 1926 Series 1 is a no joke smoke. Starts mild with building flavors. Burns well and finishes nicely. Nicely constructed. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is one of my favorite cigars of all time. Great smoke from the start to the finish. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is an exceptional full bodied and medium strength cigar. It doesn't disappoint. It's very smooth and well aged. Padron is the best for a reason. This is a must try. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Absolutely a fine cigar. Pair it with coffee or something more interesting. Perfect draw. Earthy with a slight sweetness. One of the best Padrons on the market. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro One of the best sticks I have tried lately it was a gift for my birthday and I was told it was resting in a humidor for about a year I need more 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This medium to full body cigar has some really nice spice and dark chocolate flavors. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro One of my3 favorite cigars period Always full bodied but not bitter Nicotine heaven and chocolate smooth overtones 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The taste on the palate is just phenomenal. great wood and barn yard smell and cocoa coffee expresso and cream cream cream all over 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro You can't go wrong here. Bold and spicy and exactly what I'd expect from Padron. High end stick worth every penny 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro this maduro was a awesome find i cound and i cant wait to get my next shipment of these they are so nice 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Really really good. The folks at Padron know what they are doing and this is no different. Pricy but worth a try at least once. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The Padron 1926 is a good cigar but i think i prefer the Padron 1964 more 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro This pardon 1926 cigar has some great flavor good draw and decent construction makes for a good smoke 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Probably one of the best cigars I've had. Top shelf all the way. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is a really great cigar and definitely worth every penny. This is a cigar for the true afficianado. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE PADRON. seriously. Love it. Just freaking smoke it. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Dark oily wrapper cocoa and coffee aroma pre light. Great flavors throughout cocoa coffee leather spice. A must have. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro A very long and great class of cigars it's mild sweet and a bit more bold but still good 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro These are a great smoke. Spendy but the Maduro is fantastic. One of the best I have smoked. Can only get these occasionally because of price. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Awesome smoke. I mean seriously this is a phenomenal cigar. Sure the price is high but well worth it. And try this: old rum that has had a handful of raisins soaking in it for a few weeks. Not sugary sweet but a hint of brown sugar and caramel. Amazing!! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro My second favorite cigar flawless construction and wonderful flavors I personally favor the natural wrapper though because the maduro tends to over power the cigar and some of the subtle nuances are lost but if your a huge maduro fan you will not be disappointed 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Excellent every cigar 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Extremely smooth hard to beat definitely my favorite cigar right now. Usually smoke el Rey del mundos and the Padron puts them to shame 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is a great cigar. There is nice spicy and chocolate flavor. This long beauty is a very enjoyable commitment. Will continue to buy these. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is a good smooth cigar. Great flavor profile. Enjoyable all hours of the day. Overall I’d say it good. I’ve had a few over the years 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of Padrons but this stick was smooth and consistent that’s for sure. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Simply perfect hence of leather as well as coffee and cocoa make this a really supreme stick. Needless to say construction is flawless I had one issue early on with real lights. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Truly as smooth as it comes. Perfect from start to finish. This is what you dream about before smoking a cigar. Love it. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Very nice cigar. This is a pricey special occasion cigar for me. Pre-light draw has some of the finest notes ever. Once litthe cigar starts out medium. As it burns is slowly sneaks up to a more full bodied cigar. This cigar tastes as good when chewed as it is smoke wise. The cap does not last long for me. This cigar will surely please a more seasoned cigar smoker and should be tried. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Padron 1926 maduro for the win! I love this cigar in maduro and have these in my humidor all the time 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro What a fine specimen from the Padron family. Perfect construction great smoke output and flavor with medium/strong strength. Flavors were dark wood earth and aged tobaccos. Light natural sweetness endured throughout this stick. Recommend 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Not bad for the price good consistency white ash even burn and no taste after taste. 3 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is one of the most uniquely rolled and tastiest cigars out there. This needs to be enjoyed by a seasoned cigar smoker. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro For the discriminating aficionado the 1926 maduro offers a glimpse into Heaven. Enjoy and thank God for the experience. Beautiful. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Super tasty maduro. Hints of cedar with bit of sweetness in ebd...youll deffinetly want to give a try 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Patron 1926 series no. 1 maduro is the best maduro of all maduros. It will put all others to shame 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Padron is a great cigar. These especially are mild with a good draw. If you're used to darks this can be your strange. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro What can you say about a cigar that stays in the top 10 cigars year after year. You will find this cigar to hold its own and have always being asked what cigar am I smoking 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro A very good long lasting beautifully designed and crafted cigar. A very crisp and full flavor is awaiting. Very good! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro An extremely good cigar. This cigar taste amazing and smokes very well. This is one of the best cigars I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Not quite as good as the original but this maduro wrapper is very sweet tasting with a touch of spice. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro Smoke this one like it's the year before the great crash. You'll be feeling like Gatsby for sure! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro It's expensive but worth it. Perfect draw and construction excellent flavors very smooth all around excellent. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Padron 1926 Maduros are the very top shelf of all cigars made. Outstanding blend of flavors very smooth and bold with the best construction in a cigar. The burn is very even and the smoke is very abundant. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Excellent Cigar from Padron. The 1926 line is great across the board and this is a great size. Nice smooth medium/full flavor. 3 5 1
No.1 Maduro One of the greatest non cuban smokes in my opinion. Full of flavor. Very complex 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro I love pardon first of but for some reason these didn't hit the mark not say they are bad just say was hoping for better 3 5 1
No.1 Maduro The Cadillac of cigars! I recieved 8 of these as a gift and am forever in that persons debt. These are so smooth and silky with an amazing flavor that I have not found in anything else since. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Perfect combination and transitions make for a bold and full flavored smoke all the way through 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This cigar is fantastic. Can't beat the flavors or the smooth smoke. Worth the price and most always have in the humidor. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro It's a Padron that's all I have to say about this and it doesn't get much better. Flavor and good stick period! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Two things keep me from buying an abundance of these. The price and the length. Other than that this cigar is perfect. Definitely a special occasion cigar. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro I absolute love his cigar and haven't found a flaw in it yet. Smokes great tastes great and has amazing construction you can't beat. If you haven't smoked if you aren't smoking good cigars 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Great draw. Excellent burn. Medium strength not too strong. First half was beautiful. Second half just okay. A bit too expensive for the second half letdown. BUT all in all a terrific smoke. 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro I really like this one more than the natural 1964 Padron. This one is so darn good I always make sure I have one into he humi. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro padron has never disappointed. good draw. no relights or touch ups needed. great tobacco flavor with a sweet and smoky taste. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro If you haven't had one of these do yourself a favor and get some! The perfect cigar experience! Great flavor smoke output and burn! 4 5 1
No.1 Maduro I am a sucker for a great maduro! This cigar has the perfect blend for any maduro fan! Lovely smooth draw and excellent construction make for a really nice burn. This is a must have for me! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The Padron 1926 as any other Padron are absolutely fantastic flawless cigars. Great pre light sweet tobacco smell. Instantly on light up the flavors over take your taste buds and your off to a relaxing enjoyable experience. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Really disappointed in JR. These cigars were supposed to be a bonus. I did my part by ordering 2 boxes, but they failed to stand up to the offer. I called and got a tough luck response. Fellow cigar smokers should be aware that Jr does not live up to what they advertise. 1 5 1
No.1 Maduro I never received these....they lured me in with the offer of a free 4 pack, and then never shipped Them only to show as backordered, and never shipped when they became available 1 5 1
No.1 Maduro Love the Padron family of Cigars and this Maduro #1 doesn't disappoint !!! Gave a bunch away to clients and the loved them !! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Let me simply state that if you are even slightly thinking about this cigar, stop thinking and just buy them!!! This is one stick that I will always keep in my humidor. I would almost say this cigar is deceptive. While it is definitely a very full bodied smoke, it is so smooth you don’t really realize it. It produces an abundance of smoke, which I love, that consumes you within it. It is only slightly spicy or peppery, but a joyful abundance of other flavors. I honestly have a difficult time picking out specific flavors but I know I love this cigar. It is probably the only cigar I would pay this much for but I definitely will not let myself run out. Do yourself a favor and try this one. You won’t be sorry!!!!! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Bought a single just try and absolutely loved it. Just lit it up and no flaws with anything. Amazing flavor lots of spice with some cocoa and sweet tastes. Everyone around complimented the smell of it. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Nice smoke 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This was probably my new favorite cigars all around from the drawer to the taste from first like to last puff 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Great flavor and consistent draw 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This is, in every category, the best cigar I have ever had. It burned perfectly smooth all the way to the cap, had a tremendous flavor without a hint of bitterness or harshness, and the draw was immaculate. Never thought it would be worth the price, but it absolutely was. If you are looking to treat yourself. this is the cigar for the occasion. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The perfect expensive cigar that’s worth every penny!! 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro The flavor of this cigar was amazing. 1/3 was my favorite, 2/3 backed off a bit but the 3/3 packed a punch as far as flavor goes. The draw was great and I'm glad I purchased this cigar. Also it was littered with tooth. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro This cigar is perfect. Smokes evenly all the way, beautiful flavor, and smooth down to the nub. Reminds me of my beautiful Mary Catherine Gerads. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro I finally smoked one out of a JR bonus pack of 4, from a couple of years ago. It is truly a wonderful smoke, full, rich, smooth, and a perfect burn. At MSRP, it's too expensive for me to normally buy, but it was a real treat. 5 5 1
No.1 Maduro Very good cigar. Smoke everyday. Only 3rd or 4th Padron I have had. Wish they were a tad less pricey. Little too much for an everyday but worth it for night you want to splurge. 5 5 1

Padron 1926 Series

No.1 Maduro 6.75 × 54 PD2613

The full and flavorful Padron 1926 Series No. 1 cigars were expertly handcrafted to honor the 75th birthday of cigar master José Padron. The 97-rated gems will excite your taste buds with bold, spicy, complex, and rich flavors that offer a smooth and long finish. Available in impressive boxes of 24, you’ll want to fill your humidor with these premium cigars for that special occasion.
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