4.724137931034483 29
Principe Probably the best cigar I have ever smoked besides the Davidoff yamasa. So potent and flavorful and the consistency was unbelievable. Amazing cigar 4 5 1
Principe Very underrated cigar. Short in size so it's a little quicker and the natural wrapper in this size is just amazing. Don't sleep in this. 5 5 1
Principe It's a Pasron 1964 that should be enough to try it! The natural has a dry cocoa flavor with a little spice too. These cigars are fantastic through and through. Even though this is a small one it is no less fantastic 5 5 1
Principe what can u say its a pasron great smoke awesome construction and taste just such a great smoke 4 5 1
Principe Doesn't matter the size of the Padron they all taste really great. One of the best sticks out there for under $20. 5 5 1
Principe Really really good. The folks at Padron know what they are doing and this is no different. Pricy but worth a try at least once. 5 5 1
Principe Very good cigar. Put together well nice draw great flavor. It is a must try in my book. 5 5 1
Principe Very smooth draw full of flavor. This is always stocked in my personal humidor. Its great for just taking you time at the end of a long work day! The construction of this cigar is beautiful! 5 5 1
Principe This is an experience you must have. A cigar worthy of a true aficionado. This is a cigar you would love no matter what level you are on. 5 5 1
Principe Great little cigar the size is among my very favorite in the line Near perfect construction and flavor and draw you would expect from this producer 5 5 1
Principe The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Principe is a big stogie lovely smell and taste 5 5 1
Principe This cigar is for special ocasion. I like this taste...a little bit spicy. Smell is very nice. I recomended 4 5 1
Principe The 64 Anniversary cigars are my favorite of the Parons and the 20% off my order made it worthy. Great cigars! 4 5 1
Principe Wow. This is an incredibly good cigar especially given it's size. We'll balanced flavor nice strength and great draw combine with a gorgeous aesthetic to create one of the best cigars I've smoked 5 5 1
Principe This is a small cigar but still packed with the excellent flavors as some of the other smaller rg 1964 vitolas. This is great for short smoking time frame but you want that Padron quality. 4 5 1
Principe Now this one right here has everything that a cigar smoker wants from flavors to smoke 5 5 1
Principe My friend gave me on at a bbq. Very sweet cigar with great construction an draw. Very nice with some cold beer. 5 5 1
Principe I am not a huge fan of Padron cigars but the Padron 1964 is a pretty good cigar. 4 5 1
Principe 1 9 6 4 serie precipe by padron I just smoked a few months back at a wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it 5 5 1
Principe Smooth and creamy with an exotic tobacco flavor. Hints of sweetness in the Maduro version. Overall great for weekends with friends or special occasions. 5 5 1
Principe I love padron 1964s. They are by far the best tasting cigar I've ever smoked. Superb flavors 4 5 1
Principe Just as amazing as the full size but in a smaller package. Complex flavors and a medium body make this stick a winner 5 5 1
Principe I gave this a perfect score. What a smooth natural tobacco flavor. Perfect construction and great razor sharp burn. Plentiful smoke output. 5 5 1
Principe What can I say about the Padron 1964 that hasn't already been said? Perfect draw excellent construction and burn wonderful consistency great flavor and lots of smoke output Also this is the perfect size for an hour smoke 5 5 1
Principe Great smoke 5 5 1
Principe Product shipped quickly! What a great cigar! Good size for an occasional cigar smoker that I am! 5 5 1
Principe Great construction, draw, and immense flavor of cocoa, cedar, pepper, and a touch of letter. Definitely delivered on all of the hype on this line from Padrón. 5 5 1
Principe The right size and smooth draw it really is a find cigar. 5 5 1
Principe I have had this cigar and it’s amazing, the order I received had all the right wrapping but the shell felt dry, the pull is smooth but a tad harsh, I don’t know if they weren’t kept right or what. 4 5 1

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

Principe 4.50 × 46 PD64PR

Padron 1964 Principe Natural, packaged in a box of 25, is smaller (4 1/2" x 46) but packs the same great PADRON taste as its bigger cousins. These amazing smokes are highly sought after for their immaculate construction, seamless wrappers and stout, yet creamy smooth flavor. With lush notes cocoa, sweet spice, coffee bean and caramel, these rare, box-pressed, puros made with 4 year-aged all-Nicaraguan tobaccos, rank among the top of the world's best cigars. The production on all Padron 1964 Anniversary smokes is very limited; they literally fly off our shelves. So, when you order cigars online, be sure to snag a box while you still can!
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