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Schizo is the aptly named mixed filler brand extension of the popular Asylum line of cigars. Available in both a maduro version with a rich black Mexican San Andres’ wrapper and Honduran filler and a tasty Nicaraguan puro, you will probably start arguing with yourself about whether or not it’s a long filler or short filler cigar. There is your emotional part telling you what a great cigar it is. Then there’s your rational part that simply states “It’s just a short filler cigar. How good can it really be?” Your emotional part takes a nice long pull of the Schizo, savoring the flavorful smoke as subtle notes of leather, cream, and spices with just a hint of cocoa covers your palate. Then after starting the whole process all over again with the spicy maduro variety, you say to yourself, “Flavor this good doesn’t come from a short filler cigar. No way!” Your rational part then casually reaches in your pocket and pulls out the receipt for your Schizo bundle, looks at it, and then places it in front of you before smugly replying “At that price it has to be short filler.” The arguing continues, and at times gets pretty heated, which is actually quite entertaining for anyone watching.

Regardless of what the voices in your head have to say about it, by the time you’ve finished one of these inexpensive, flavorful, Nicaraguan puros, or dark San Andres maduros you will feel surprisingly relaxed, and happy, with both parts of you finally realizing that they’re both right. After all Asylum Schizo is a Cuban sandwich type cigar, which is a combination of both kinds of filler.

Schizo is a great everyday cigar for those of us on a budget who love medium to full body cigars with large ring gauges from 50 to the extreme 70. Try a bundle today & you 2 can have a flavor-filled party . . . even if it’s all by yourself.

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