3.892857142857143 56
5 X 50 Alright so I first smoked one of these from my local shop after a Friend recommended them to me. For the price this cigar is great. About 2 bucks and you got yourself a great 45 minute smoke. Consistent flavor with great construction. I love these. 4 5 1
5 X 50 One of the best budget sticks ever I highly recommend the asylum Schizo for anyone looking for an affordable every day smoke 4 5 1
5 X 50 This is my go to cigar I keep at least 4 of these in my humidor nice wrapper on occasion have some issues great taste 3 5 1
5 X 50 Undoubtedly a very good cigar! Me thinks I should pick up another sampler with some in the collection. Drives me crazy! 5 5 1
5 X 50 The Schizo was an interesting smoke. It was a medium to medium full bodied stick but parts of it burnt quicker and hotter than other parts. Probably the worst burning cigar I've ever had. Overall not terrible but I wouldn't go as far as to call it good either. 2 5 1
5 X 50 A good smoke good draw and burns fairly evenly. I enjoyed it. 5 5 1
5 X 50 This had a bit of a kicker but still a dissent time and flavor complexity nothing wrong 4 5 1
5 X 50 The schizo is an excellent every day budget smoke that is often overlooked in search of a higher end budget cigar. The Maduro is hands down one of the best and most affordable budget smokes around and I highly recommend them 3 5 1
5 X 50 I really like these cigars. I find the flavor to be medium-full. The short size is perfect for a smoke after lunch while at work. 4 5 1
5 X 50 Nice stick burned great gets a bit of sweetness from that beautiful Madurai wrapper. A well made sandwich. 3 5 1
5 X 50 I was disappointed by these guys after reading the hype when they were first released. These aren't very well rolled and the tobacco isn't the best... 3 5 1
5 X 50 The everyday cigars for me period 5 5 1
5 X 50 This was a wonderful surprise a mixed filler with taste and burn of a top notch cigar! 4 5 1
5 X 50 After a few bundles I had two wrappers unravel and three bad burns. Definitely better with a good cup of coffee. I would drop my original five star rating only a bit. It remains a keeper. 4 5 1
5 X 50 These well made sticks burn evenly and hold a nice white ash for over an inch but taste was disappointing. An uncomplicated straightforward medium somewhat bitter tobacco taste with a short finish. A decent inexpensive smoke but one I won't be revisiting. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Delicious? Nah. Better than one would expect from a $1.65 (including shipping) cigar though. First one had me spitting bits of tobacco the whole time. Just started second one so cannot say if it will do the same. A little better than what I expected for the price. Would stick with Primo Del Rey though for a low cost solution. Twice the price but twice the size. All in all I cannot NOT recommend it if budget shopping. Cigars are way too pricey these days. So Schizo does the job as others have said. Hell of a lot better than Brick and Mortars which came as a freebie. 4 5 1
5 X 50 Beautiful dark oily wrapper and silky smooth. I love this cigar it's has well balanced flavor and consistency. It's truly and enjoyable relaxing smoke so give it the time it deserves. 3 5 1
5 X 50 The 550 is not a bad smoke for the price point the construction of this cigar was good the burn was alright one relight a nice volume of creamy smoke 4 5 1
5 X 50 Meh not a great cigar. I wouldn't recommend. It was pretty dry and didn't hold togeather well. Not an expensive cigar though so that's a positive. 2 5 1
5 X 50 Good cigar from the asylum line. Full bodied cigar that I enjoy. You would not think that this is a mix filler cigar. Great cigar for the price. 3 5 1
5 X 50 I wasn't expecting much from this cigar I'm not usually a fan of mixed filler but this had great flavor with a nice light body. I'll definitely be picking up more of these to have around. 4 5 1
5 X 50 This little guy is packed with flavor. Good first draw but fell off a little as you go on. The wrapper just loads the mouth with nice flavor 4 5 1
5 X 50 This is a great budget stick and it packs good flavour for the price. It really is a great commuter smoke or just a good sitter and sipper. 5 5 1
5 X 50 A perfect lil cigar when you don't have the time to enjoy that big ring beast although for its size and price it doesn't lack aroma or flavor a great lil cigar 5 5 1
5 X 50 Very well constructed easy to smoke cigar. I'm s robusto fan and this was nice and easy. Smoke this and enjoy. 3 5 1
5 X 50 It's short/mixed filler so don't expect a ton. That being said it's a great short/mixed filler smoke. Good construction and flavors for a fantastic price. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Great everyday smoke for the price. Nice flavors. Good burn. 5 5 1
5 X 50 Yes I smoked one before I placed them in the humi. I seem to enjoy a bit of leather in my sticks and this one satisfies. A very satisfying smoke that developed nicely. Burn was a bit off but that's not a big issue for me. I really was surprised by the different flavors I experienced throughout the whole smoke. Can't wait for them to rest a bit. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Ok but not what I expected 3 5 1
5 X 50 This is a good yard gar. Very enjoyable while you are walking the dog or mowing the lawn. Medium body consistent flavors. Earthy and a bit of leather. 3 5 1
5 X 50 It is what it is. It is a cigar. The flavor is not something I like in a cigar. Many of my golf buddies stated that from a distance it stinks. So there you have my take on this cigar that smokes like a cigar and has a flavor that doesn't fit my profile. 4 5 1
5 X 50 Can't really beat this stick for the price. Just great Puro Nicaragua. The construction draw and burn are great. The taste is modestly complex and enjoyable. It is rich tobacco with subtle coffee and chocolate hints. Patience is rewarded. Sit back with your favorite beverage and relax for 50-55 minutes of smoking bliss. 4 5 1
5 X 50 This one takes the cake in budget cigars in my opinion this one could easily be re-banded and sold for an extra $2 per smoke and would still be excellent value. I was very surprised by the dessert like chocolate sweetness which I love in a good Maduro cigar. 4 5 1
5 X 50 What can I say about this cigar? Decent smoke for the dough. Pretty good deal. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Not a bad budget stick but not something im gonna buy i already have a gew bidget sticks i like more 5 5 1
5 X 50 The schizo is a good smoke. Hearty flavor. Even slow burn. I enjoyed this thoroughly and recommend it highly. 5 5 1
5 X 50 Loved every minute smoking this cigar. Even though it's short fillers the cigar has great flavor and consistency. And it's great on the pockets. Good job 5 5 1
5 X 50 My budget only allows a premium stick a few times a year. A wrapper that won't blow away in the breeze a nice flavor and smooth draw has put this beauty high on my list. This is a five star stick for what it delivers. A hole punch rather than a blade keeps the bits in the cigar not in my teeth. Already reordered as a keeper. Not a cheap cigar only inexpensive. 5 5 1
5 X 50 A good budget cigar not a favorite but it will do in a pinch. Not a lot of body or flavor...not bad just not great. Would make a good freebie. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Great medium flavor everyday cigar. Expected this to be a full strength cigar based on the band but was really pleasantly surprised as I prefer mild to medium smokes. 4 5 1
5 X 50 This is a hidden gem usually can score these for fairly cheap and pack some serious bang for the buck. One of the best unknowns out there! 4 5 1
5 X 50 This is Silencer gar is a rich full bodied Madura rapper cigar that is guaranteed to deliver a rich and complex smoke. It will not finish hot. It will satisfy even the darkest desiring smoker. Add this to your humidor. 5 5 1
5 X 50 One of my favorite Asylums. It's a great shorter smoke. full of flavor and really enjoyable. The burn has been perfect every time I smoke one and the flavor consistently delicious 5 5 1
5 X 50 My everyday smoke. Great taste construction and for the price easy to buy by the handful. Overall great smoke for all occasions. 5 5 1
5 X 50 Schitzo by asylum is a cigar that is in my opinion underpriced. This cigar is a great value and you need to grab a couple bundles before they get out of the nut house. 5 5 1
5 X 50 A stronger version of an Asylum 13 was my impression from this one. A lot of tobacco and cocoa flavors followed by a huge punch of strength. 3 5 1
5 X 50 this little Robusto cigar is fairly enjoyable as pretty middle of the road as far as flavor and complexity it's worth a shot if you like other asylums 3 5 1
5 X 50 It's a decent cigar. Not great. The flavor doesn't change much from beginning to end. Good creaminess with a good hint of spice. 3 5 1
5 X 50 Great everyday smoke that i have added to my rotation. Draw can be a bit tight on some of them but most of them are perfectly fine and burn perfectly either way. 4 5 1
5 X 50 Santiago on 03/07/15 This is a great smoke I have one tray in my humidor dedicated to just this one stick. I love these babies. 5 5 1
5 X 50 A good tasting and even burning well priced smoke. 5 5 1
5 X 50 One of my favorites... 5 5 1
5 X 50 Great value smoke. Better than comparable a at 2x and 3x the price in my opinion. 4 5 1
5 X 50 These needed about 3 months rest before I was happy with them. Very good aroma, solid construction, excellent draw and crisp burn line. I'd characterize these as a medium strength smoke with a good kick of nicotine near the nub. 4 5 1
5 X 50 Taste like plastic and fermeldahide. Just terrible. Smoked 1/3 and tossed in garbage. Worst cigar I ever had. 1 5 1
5 X 50 Very enjoyable 5 5 1

Asylum Schizo

5 X 50 5 × 50 SCH550

What happens when a premium boutique company makes a mix filler bundled cigar? Affordable magic. The Schizo is in inexpensive yet delicious Nicaraguan Puro. From the mind of blend master Christian Eiroa, this bundled smoke tastes way above what it costs. A terrific everyday smoke! Packaged in a bundle of 20 cigars.
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