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Asylum Cigars are an enormously popular boutique brand produced by famed cigar master Christian Eiroa, the man responsible for some of the finest blends to come out of Nicaragua and Honduras. The brand was launched to stardom with the original Asylum 13 blend that’s a bold intensely delicious line of medium to full bodied smokes, all rolled in super large sizes. Today, this ever-growing portfolio includes such modern and edgy names like Nyctophilia, Schizo, Medulla Oblongata, Insidious, and more, that are all expertly rolled to provide a hearty and flavorful smoking experience that’s second to none. If you were crazy about the original Asylum 13 cigars but are looking to smooth things out a bit, then you’ll simply love the Asylum 13 Connecticut blend with its creamy smooth flavors and easygoing mellow to medium bodied character. Asylum Cigars have a flavor profile for every palate, so find your favorites and place an order right here at JR Cigar!

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