4.066666666666666 30
44 X 6 Not a bad cigar. Construction was okay. Flavor seemed a bit grassy and had a dry finish. Pretty good but not one I would rush out to buy. 4 5 1
44 X 6 my oh my this was a nice med stick with leather and mild sweetness but great smoke awesome draw 4 5 1
44 X 6 This cigar is great. The flavor and structure of this cigar is amazing. I give this cigar 4/5 stars. Did find this cigar hard to keep lit though which is the down side. But all in all a good cigar. Bought a 5 pack and shared with friends. 4 5 1
44 X 6 Not as intense as the name would lead you to believe. Medium to mild cigar. Pretty great smoke with a lot of flavor just not a big kick 4 5 1
44 X 6 This is a very nice cigar from asylum. The insidious is a nice light to medium bodied cigar with a beautiful rapper. Guarantee consistent draw and smooth smoke. Add this to your humidor. You will not be dissatisfied. 5 5 1
44 X 6 this is a fairly mild cigar and fairly consistent flavors I like something with Boer transitions and complexity 3 5 1
44 X 6 Nothing special to this cigar. Honestly I was a little let down. I've had all of Asylums other blends and this fell short 3 5 1
44 X 6 Insidious is a cigar from asylum that is not as crazy as the regular line. The walls are only padded 2 inches thick here instead of the 7 inch padding of the regular asylum. Enjoy one today 5 5 1
44 X 6 A little too light for my likening but I also tend to stray away from Connecticut shade wrappers. Decent smoke to try at least once in your lifetime. 3 5 1
44 X 6 Another good asylum cigar. Great medium bodied cigar. Heats up fast if your not careful because of the small ring size but a great smoke 3 5 1
44 X 6 I like most of what Asylum puts out but this just wasn't enjoyable for me. The sweetened cap combined with an extremely mild and bland profile just killed it for me. 3 5 1
44 X 6 My favorite budget friendly smoke. Smooth and mild with a lightly sweetened cap. 5 5 1
44 X 6 This is a very good everyday cigar. It has an excellent draw and a smooth flavor. 5 5 1
44 X 6 Mild, hint of sweet, great flavor 5 5 1
44 X 6 As a lady who absolutely love smoking cigars this is my once a day have to smoke cigars. The draw is so smooth every time along with the flavor. I'm never disappointed when I light one of these puppies up. 5 5 1
44 X 6 Very good low cost cigar smooth and smokey nice Connecticut wrapper sweet cap really adds character 3 5 1
44 X 6 Very unexpected nice smoke. The tip is sweetened but not for long. After that the cigar smokes very well. Nice change of pace. 4 5 1
44 X 6 This cogar was a bit longer then what I wanted but just to try it was not a bad experience 4 5 1
44 X 6 Good construction as usual but just way too mild. I'm used to smoking heavier bodied cigars and this isn't one of them. Price is right and if you are a fan of mild cigars then go for it! 4 5 1
44 X 6 Nice cigar has lots of flavor and packs a good punch. Slow and nice even burning and very well constructed well worth the money. 3 5 1
44 X 6 Insidious is a cigar that a Cop introduced to me. I bought a couple of 5 x 50's and enjoyed them immensely. A smooth taste and flavor with just a hint of sweet. I bought a box of 6 x 44 which is my favorite size. I have shared a few with friends and they have found their favorite stick. 5 5 1
44 X 6 It's different. It's not your average asylum stick and it's not the most well known eclipsed by the ogre and whatnot but once you have it you will come back for more. 4 5 1
44 X 6 An good smoke with an excellent smooth draw and good flavour would recommend to beginners and aficionados alike 3 5 1
44 X 6 I've had a lot of asylums just bought another box of these the other day. And every time I smoked the first one out the box I remember why 4 5 1
44 X 6 Insidious is a cigar from asylum that is not as crazy as the regular line. The walls are only padded 2 inches thick here instead of the 7 inch padding of the regular asylum. Enjoy one today 5 5 1
44 X 6 The asylum insidious is a nice medium bodied cigar with a gougeous wrapper. It does burn a little hot from the small ring gauge 3 5 1
44 X 6 When I first started smoking cigars, this was one of my first smokes. Years later, as someone who enjoys cigars frequently, i am still dumbfounded as to how great this cigar tastes. It easily competes with any $15-$20 stick I have tried. 5 5 1
44 X 6 In terms of the cigar it is a terrific smoke for the money. I would not call it a flavored smoke but it is does have a mild hint of flavor that was a very nice surprise. I highly recommend it. I have it 4 stars instead of 5 because of continued shipping problems. This was my 3rd consecutive order that had delayed shipping. 4 5 1
44 X 6 Always reliable 5 5 1
44 X 6 Light and sweet , for my morning coffee 5 5 1

Insidious by Asylum

44 X 6 6 × 44 ASI644

If you think Asylum is all about powerful smokes, take it back jack! Here is the Insidious from the mind of blender Tom Lazuka. Smooth and subtle tasting, it uses vintage Honduran tobaccos wrapped with a light Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. A great smoke for the beginner. Packaged in a box of 25.
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Ecuador Connecticut






Box of 25

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