3.0625 16
6 X 60 Horrible! Not worth the price or any price. Peeling splitting uneven smoke. Reordered several times first time I received garbage. I would return but they went straight to humidor. Won’t make this mistake again. 1 5 1
6 X 60 This is a very good cigar for a reasonable price. A daily smoke for me. Burns even good draw & the 6X60 is the perfect size. Bought the first bundle on sale but just ordered another at the regular price. 4 5 1
6 X 60 Can't bear this size on the schizo. I always assumed asylum was al gimmick but they are great. 4 5 1
6 X 60 Great smoke for a Cuban sand which Well put together burns great great flavor from start to finish price is perfect for a daily smoker would buy again 4 5 1
6 X 60 An awful cigar with an unusually bitter-tasting wrapper that doesn't burn evenly. Drawing is a chore that requires picking out brittle tobacco stems (better bring along a tweezer. You've been warned... 1 5 1
6 X 60 Taste, so so. Burn, uneven and canoe a lot. Chances are that I won't buy again. After reading all the reviews I must have gotten a bad batch, but I still plan on not buying again. 2 5 1
6 X 60 Very nice cigar with a medium body and sweet, cocoa flavor. Good construction and fairly even burn. 5 5 1
6 X 60 Taste, was ok. Burn, was uneven and canoe a lot and lots of charcoal. Chances are that I won't buy again. 2 5 1
6 X 60 Bot at auction. Thought I try at great price Mistake. Mediocre in every respect 2 5 1
6 X 60 I was hopeful that this cigar would be decent. After a few days in humidor the wrapper was loose still and the filler kept coming out and I was spitting after every draw. Disappointing for an Asylum brand cigar 1 5 1
6 X 60 Excellent $2 cigar! Tastes great. Even burn. Better than some expensive cigars I have tried. Priced for what it is. 5 5 1
6 X 60 This is a FINE stick; hard to pass up when I am loading the Herfadore (?) for a 14 hour day in my dump truck. I stock 300 (+/-) cigars probably containing 30 or more choices and it is seldom that I do not have one of these amidst the 15 I carry with me. Smooth flavorful and good to the very almost burn you lip end! 4 5 1
6 X 60 Not as good as asylum 3 5 1
6 X 60 Awesome cigar smooth taste but burns so uneven even after being in humidor standing up . Not sure my comments matter 3 5 1
6 X 60 Really like this cigar very smooth smoke I like the wrapper burns pretty much evenly. I'm going to reorder this as soon as I run low. 5 5 1
6 X 60 Not as good as Trinidad y cia a cheaper 6x60. 3 5 1

Asylum Schizo

6 X 60 6 × 60 SCH660

Asylum is once again bringing you the big ring gauge. This 60 ring is smooth and subtle with a natural sweetness. It is also a tremendous bargain. Using premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, this cigar is a complete steal at any price! Packaged in a bundle of 20.
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Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 20

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