4.521739130434782 23
4 7/8 x 48 I love full bodied full strength oily dark maduros and this cigar does not disappoint. Super rich aged tobacco flavors with cocoa and spice. I love to smoke this cigar with a cup of black coffee. Get you some! 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Stick exceeds most I have smoked for a small cigar great Cuban flavor with hints of sweet cocoa to keep it from being too sharp. 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 DELICIOUS! this cigar exceeded my expectations. I was always a Punch fan but this cigar takes flavor to a new level. Smooth and rich. great construction and draw. You owe it to yourself to try it. I have tried many and they are always great. 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 This is an amazing cigar for the price ... solid draw, great taste! The wrapper is beautiful! At under 5 bucks a stick this and the Bolivar Cofradia Cubam Corona are always in my humidor! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Great cigar price right 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 First off , I have been trying to find a replacement for my Padron 3000’s cuz of their price. This one met its match today ... I love the draw, the burn , construction, and most of all the flavor.. pure Nicaraguan smoke !!! Great job Punch cigars .. 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Sweet grass, earthy, perfect strength! Nice , medium smoke... not as strong as you would think. Love it! Will keep these on hand in the future! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Nice cigar, enjoy one every day. 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Incredible smoke! Especially for the price. Great taste rich and tasty; perfect build and burned evenly; fine tobacco to the end. Better than a lot of expensive cigars! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 DELICIOUS! start to finish. excellent draw burned slow and even and the taste was coffee smooth. I wanted to try the shorter ones first and definitely am moving up . 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 I fully agree with Really Goods review. Found it peppery at the very beginning but got really smooth quickly. I am not a full body cigar smoker but this one did not over power me. Definitely worth the money. 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Really a good cigar. Wrapped in a beautiful dark oily leaf. Very smooth and rich with flavors of rich dark aged Nicaraguan tobaccos notes of dark chocolate and coffee more so than the typical pepper and spice you expect from a punch but there is just a bit of spice to keep it interesting. Full flavored and full strength also as you would expect from a punch just something totally different as far as flavor goes. This is one of the better cigars I have smoked at any price and I'll likely buy a box in the future. I think more people myself included would buy these if they sold as a single or at least a 5 pack so they could try them without committing to a whole box just to sample. I got lucky enough to be sent a free ten pack as part of a promo here at JR. I highly recommend if you enjoy a dark full bodied cigar. The flavor only gets better and stronger as you go and I like to smoke them to a tiny little nub they taste so good. 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 This is a great cigar at the end of the day. Medium to full body with good draw & excellent flavors ranging from chocolate to a little earthy leather. I bought a box and I am enjoying one right now! I will purchase again,for sure! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Bought a box on sale and wasn’t disappointed. Perfect size for 30 minutes of pleasure. Typical Punch quality construction makes this a new favorite ! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 I love this cigar. Perfect blend of spice and bitter cocoa without being sweet or fruity. Absolutely perfect for and evening smoke or get together with the guys. One of my all-time go tos! 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 I just recently returned to the enjoyment of quality cigars. The Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua is deserving. Consistent construction and draw, great flavor and doesn't bite the tongue. It is definitely a "full" strength smoke yet easy on the palate all the way down to the nub. I'm not a aroma guru but my wife tells me she smells hints cocoa. To me it just smells like a great cigar. 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Let me start by saying that this is a decent cigar for a 1+ a day smoker, or anyone who is looking for a quick 20 minute smoke. I found the burn and the draw to be disappointing. I had to puff every 15 seconds or so to keep it lit. It also began to run quickly. I saw someone compare them to Padrons, and although I normally smoke 1926, I wouldn’t compare the two cigars. I put this one out at about 2/3 but I most say the last bit of puffs were the best. I just don’t want to smoke the whole cigar before I enjoy it. 3 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Really enjoy these. Great construction and flavor. 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 This cigar is good when you get it and even better aged. Lasts about 45 minutes. Construction is good. Burns well. 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Can’t go wrong with punch , always consistent 5 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 I was looking for a more maduro wrapper - Diablos are my favorite. 3 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Like all the Punch cigars, good smoke, great flavor, burns even. 4 5 1
4 7/8 x 48 Well rolled, and tasty, these are great 30-40 minute smokes. Just what you would expect from a long time brand like Punch. 5 5 1

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

Petite Robusto 4.88 × 48 PUGPN4

A stunning dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper paired with a premium blend of perfectly aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, makes the Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua 4.875 x 48 a cigar of luxury and sophistication. Seamless construction, and full-bodied notes of earth, bittersweet chocolate, subtle spice, and cocoa make this cigar a must-try for every seasoned maduro cigar enthusiast. 

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