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Punch cigars have a long and storied past that dates to Havana Cuba in the mid-1800s. Produced by General Cigar Co., the non-Cuban version of Punch was one of the first brands to be manufactured in Honduras and it remains one of the bestselling premium cigar brands in the United States. There are many different lines in the non-Cuban Punch portfolio, which range from medium bodied to full bodied and use the finest aged Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

This illustrious brand is famous for creating Punch Champion and Classico cigars that have received a myriad of 90+ cigar reviews and ratings and hailed by their countless minions as one of the finest Honduran cigars ever made.

The Punch brand has grown extensively over the years with nine highly rated line extensions to the original Honduran offering. This includes Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua—the first ever Punch cigar to be handcrafted in Nicaragua.

Check out the full line of premium Punch cigars, available in a staggering array of shapes, sizes, wrapper colors and packaging, right here at JR Cigar, and find the perfect one that suits your smoking style and budget.

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