4.3584905660377355 53
Champion One of my favorite smokes on the market. Always have some in my humidor. I often try to find things similar to this guy but could never find something I like quite as much. Also the shape of the cigar is AA+. 4 5 1
Champion Great little cigar that packs a punch 4 5 1
Champion I got these for whenI don't have time for a larger stick. They are fantastic! Nice draw terrific taste and a great value! 4 5 1
Champion Nice draw . Fun little shape. Not a bad long dog walk cigar. Had alittle issue with an even burn maybe will even out after resting in the humidor for a bit. 3 5 1
Champion This is my favorite Punch cigar. Punch is so underrated in the cigar world. Never disappoints on flavor lots of an earth and leather. With hints of a roast coffee. 4 5 1
Champion This is one of my favorite cigars All punch cigars are excellent O love the shape Makes people do a double take 5 5 1
Champion my go cigars went I have 40 minutes or less to relax with a very good cigar 4 5 1
Champion Recently tried a 5 pack. Very pleased with the flavor smoke and even draw. The shape is a bonus. 5 5 1
Champion Inlove the shape of these cigars it really makes an interesting smoke. And for a figurado they are not too expensive. Nice and short for a good workday smoke. 5 5 1
Champion This is a rock solid short smoke. Great flavor. Well made and a cool shape. 4 5 1
Champion Even smoke very smooth. The taste is consistent with a well made cigar. Shape is unique. 4 5 1
Champion The cigars I received look like they haven't seen the inside of a humidor in years. I smoked one but meant to give the rest away. Now I hope they reconstitute themselves in my humidor 2 5 1
Champion This has been my go-to smoke for about 10 years (500+ cigars) and my buddies and I really like these.....but the last box from a Feb 2014 order which we are just getting into now has had a few cigars with tar issues that really destroys the taste. The last cigar made me gag when I didn't notice the tar droplet. I haven't seen tar like this since my King Eddie cigars in the 80's. What is going on with these Punch's? Such a shame. Anyway I'm hoping that the quality issue is limited to only a few bad apples in this current Punch bunch . 4 5 1
Champion I bought these because I thought they would like the Punch Contender 2 which I really enjoy. I tried a couple before sending them back. I tasted too much pepper for me and little else. 3 5 1
Champion One of my favorites. Solid construction and burn this cigar gives full smoking enjoyment and looks cool too! Great mid-size smoke perfect for those times that you don't have enough time for a Churchill. 5 5 1
Champion This is the only cigar I smoke and I have sampled many many cigars over the years. 5 5 1
Champion Short in length long in enjoyment. 5 5 1
Champion Never fails to come through...great taste comes in this small package... 5 5 1
Champion A go-to cigar for me. Very good construction for the shape. Lots of smoke. Taste closer to full than medium. Doesn't last that long but then I can smoke two if I need to. Never been disappointed. 4 5 1
Champion Purchased 9 boxes-price was great 5 5 1
Champion Great little cigar for when you are actually doing something like washing the car. 4 5 1
Champion I love this short egg shaped beauty. Burns so perfectly creating a solid long ash 5 5 1
Champion Very smooth rivals the fuente Hemingway short story. Excellent consistent burn and flavor throughout.Wll buy again 5 5 1
Champion Exceptional cigar for a reasonable price One of my favorites 5 5 1
Champion I got one of these in a sampler and I was highly surprised, Draw starts pretty good but tightens up I guess due to the shape but the flavors are there. Very well constructed, nice even burn and ash, the silky leather stands out I will buy this when my fairly large supply starts to go down. 4 5 1
Champion one of my all time faves! Usually go with Romeo or Macs but this is becoming one top 3 smokes! 5 5 1
Champion Before I got the product my order was flagged as a fraudulent order. I called customer service and requested a call. Nobody has called me yet. Not very happy 1 5 1
Champion Excellent causalmsmoke. 5 5 1
Champion Very good construction, decent flavor. Weird shape, but won’t come apart on you. Obviously won’t last long 4 5 1
Champion They are great 5 5 1
Champion Punch, always a good smoke, always 5 5 1
Champion Good 4 5 1
Champion Great Smoke 5 5 1
Champion Punch is an excellent brand and this did not disappoint 4 5 1
Champion The Champion has a very interesting shape which makes it easy to hold and allows a longer smoking session. This is a pretty cigar! The burn is good and consistent. The flavor is classic Punch. Bold and earthy. Definitely a very good short smoke! 5 5 1
Champion Steady burn good flavor 5 5 1
Champion Just what i wanted 5 5 1
Champion A very good short smoke. The shape is really cool! This is a medium to full bodied cigar and is very consistent. Classic Honduran flavor. I buy them regularly. 5 5 1
Champion Excellent 5 5 1
Champion These cigars burn relatively nice and have great flavor. JR was very competitive on the price 4 5 1
Champion Cool shape and burns really nice. Simi quick smoke. Consistent draw and flavor. 5 5 1
Champion This is a great every day smoke. It lasts longer than the size of the cigar suggests. Good Honduran flavor, good consistency and construction, and good burn. Very good price from JR! 5 5 1
Champion I always go back to Punch because it never disappoints me. I prefer Nicaraguan cigars but this Champion is a beautiful smoke. Easy draw, smooth flavor, burned even and it never got hot or bitter. Delicious with espresso in the morning and always consistent. 5 5 1
Champion I bought it because the shape seemed curious to me and I was definitely surprised by the quality. 5 5 1
Champion Luv the Shape. Great when smoke time is limited. 4 5 1
Champion good 5 5 1
Champion Ok so a good smoke. From start to finish great construction and draw. But but but I thought I was getting this "champion" cigar and gor a "classic" one. Don't know if there's a difference or not but it's like ordering chocolate with nuts and you get lite chocolate. Maybe it was just in my head but now I wonder....was it suppose to be chocolate truffle? Hmmm I'll ponder that. 3 5 1
Champion From beginning to end it was awesome 4 5 1
Champion Good flavors 5 5 1
Champion Good flavors 5 5 1
Champion Nice 20 minute smoke, great flavor and constant. 5 5 1
Champion I Don't know what it tastes like because JR sent the wrong cigar and won't replace it. So much for customer service. They lost my business, I hope $30 was worth losing the thousands that I spend every year. 1 5 1


Champion 4.50 × 60 PUC

You will never say, “I could have smoked a Champion”, when you buy a box of these unique premium cigars. This little Figurado is a powerhouse of rich earthy flavors and its distinctive shape will be turning many heads. Packaged in boxes of 25.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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