4.380952380952381 42
Elite Nice quick smoke with great taste and nice draw...Tied to a great deal of 10 free....How can anybody go wrong with PUNCH deals ??? 4 5 1
Elite The cigars are great. Price is good. What the problem is. They are dry. The last few orders I bought. The cigars were so dry the wrapper peals. I had to crank up the humidity in my humidor just to smoke rhem. Come on JR's. 3 5 1
Elite Very nice cigar i will be ordering on a regular basis punch has outdone themselves 4 5 1
Elite Smaller format doesn't mean less taste. Rich, enjoyable, quality construction makes for an enjoyable smoke. 5 5 1
Elite Very good price for a very good cigar, 5 5 1
Elite One of my favorite, near daily, smoke. Great price. 4 5 1
Elite Harsh smoke. Will not buy again. 2 5 1
Elite Slightly bitter, reasonably priced. 3 5 1
Elite Great flavor and smoke no relighting this cigar 5 5 1
Elite good cigar for the price 5 5 1
Elite Just a good smoke 5 5 1
Elite These cigars are very consistent box after box. Robust flavor and good construction every time.I have tried many different brands but I always come back to punch 4 5 1
Elite The cigars are great. Price is good. What the problem is. They are dry. The last few orders I bought. The cigars were so dry the wrapper peals. I had to crank up the humidity in my humidor just to smoke rhem. Come on JR's. 3 5 1
Elite Got these to hand out at a cigar party and I have to say I'm happy with them. Nice flavor that isn't overpowering for the new cigar smoker but still a nice cigar for more experienced smokers. Price for a box means I'll be keeping some in my humidor for those times a larger cigar would be too much. Can't wait to try more from Punch! 4 5 1
Elite Flavor good . But I don't know how hamy times I've had to re light this cigar. Never had that problem with the elite maduros but I do with this ems while it was lit it was a really enjoyable smoke. I bought it as a single and not a box like I do with the maduro 3 5 1
Elite Smoked these years ago and was looking for something to smoke when you don't have a lot of time. Very solid pleasant tobacco taste on the higher side of medium. 5 5 1
Elite exceptional price, service, and cigar!! 5 5 1
Elite New box & cigar band...I hope 'they' left the 'blend' alone! Wrapper was a little 'rough' but the pre-light & smoke appeared to be the same. Punch & HdM have always been my favorite. 'You' can usually smoke these down to the nub! 4 5 1
Elite A somewhat smaller sized cigar, but absolutely perfect for an enjoyable sitting. Every cigar was flawless in both construction and burn, & the ash from the wrapper was the whitest I've ever seen. I would not hesitate to purchase again. 5 5 1
Elite Consist burn, good draw, both Madurai and EMS are good choices for flavor. 5 5 1
Elite very good cigars 5 5 1
Elite good inexpensive cigar 5 5 1
Elite Like much of Punch's offering, Elites are great, 5 5 1
Elite Dark oily goodness 4 5 1
Elite I usually smoke at least two of these per day. It's a nice smoke with good flavor. You can't beat the price on these from JR Cigars either! 4 5 1
Elite The cigars are so fresh , delicious and exactly as I have expected It’s so great experience to buy from that company, plus the price is encouraging. 5 5 1
Elite One of my 'go-to's. Received a box a couple of weeks ago & tried one last night. The first thing I noticed on lighting up was a bit of 'grit. I've had this happen before, not a pleasant experience! Nice solid white ash w/ cocoa flavor on lighting. Even burn all the way down, some flakiness. Some heat/pepper near the end, about a 1 hour smoke. This is still one of my favorite cigars, tho' I prefer the Ult petit corona in maduro/oscuro when available for about the same $'s. I could do w/ less 'grit' however! 4 5 1
Elite The Punch Elite Maduro is one of my favorite Coronas. Everything about it is top notch and I give it a personal 95. 5 5 1
Elite always a consistent smoke; dark earthy flavor with a little spice, this is my go-to stick for casual social occasions like BBQs and tailgate parties because its a well-burning half hour draw and an easy treat to offer up to others who'd "love a cigar right now." 4 5 1
Elite I had been searching for a quick smoking cigar for an everyday (sometimes twice a day) burn. This guy is it. It smokes well and has just enough where you know you are smoking something with substance but not so much you get green in the gills. I bought a box and got the ashtray and freebe 10 pack. I honestly think I got the better of JR on this deal. At under $4 per stick these are a high end feeling smoke that you won't feel guilty lighting up 5 5 1
Elite Excellent cigar, wery smot with good flow. 5 5 1
Elite Easy ordering, quality products, and swift delivery. JR doesn’t disappoint. 5 5 1
Elite Nice daily smoke 5 5 1
Elite They are my everyday smoke 5 5 1
Elite Bought these as a larger version of the Hoyo sabroso as Punch and Hoyo are pretty much the same cigar. These are excellent smokes, but are not as good as the Hoyo’s.I’m gonna stick to the sabroso’s , even though they’re smaller, they have a significant flavor advantage over the Punch. I guess my all time favorite cigar is a Hoyo de Monterrey in Maduro, so that’s what I’ll be buying from now on. 4 5 1
Elite These have been a favorite for years. I smoke them when I don't have a lot of time. 5 5 1
Elite Nice full flavor. 5 5 1
Elite good smoke draws way to easy flavor was okay 3 5 1
Elite Having been a fan of several Punch cigars over the years, I stepped in and bought a box. This size cigar fit the criteria I was looking for. Consistent draw and burn, does not get hot near the end. Flavor is good. Great value for the price. I will reorder. 5 5 1
Elite Ok everyday smoke. Flavor is just ok 3 5 1
Elite always have a box of Punch cigars in the humidor. nice smoke, well made no cons from me 5 5 1
Elite I enjoyed these a bit more than the London Club. Consistent smoke, good draw, didn’t require a lot of babysitting. Good for just sitting and enjoying a good smoke, or as part of an activity. Very fair price. Currently sampling a few alternatives but have no doubt these will be purchased again (and again) 5 5 1


Elite 5.25 × 45 PUE3

Punch lives up to its famous name with the bold, full-flavored Elite. This Corona is blended with the richest tasting Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos wrapped in a dark brown Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Packaged in boxes of 25.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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