4.425531914893617 47
Rothschild The draw has been consistently hard and the flavor is burnt and bitter. Not what they were back in the 1980's to 2000's. Very inconsistent. Some maybe 20% work out then... what happened? 2 5 1
Rothschild I don't why I sample other cigars. I've tried a bunch from Rocky Patel Monte Cristo Partagas Macanudo and JR Alternatives and I always come back to this cigar as my all time favorite. Even the morning after taste is delicious as opposed the the RP cigars I tried that left me wondering if a cat had crapped in my mouth in the middle of the night. They're a good size for when you don't want to spend two hours smoking a stogie. Now I like a bold flavored cigar which is why my top two are this cigar and the Partagas Black. The JR Alternatives of this cigar are good too. 5 5 1
Rothschild This cigar should be the first cigar a new smoker tries. It is that good of a cigar where a newbie will be hooked for life. Not strong good aroma and nice looking in the hand. Been smoking cigars for 30 years so this is an experienced opinion. This cigar is good. 4 5 1
Rothschild This is one of my go-to's. Always consistent and always the same quality. Never dry never cracked never smolders out. Just a great little stick! 5 5 1
Rothschild Great cigar but I have noticed what seems like short fill at the clipped end. Seems like this has been the case over the past year or so. 4 5 1
Rothschild This is my go to cigar for about the last 15 yers 5 5 1
Rothschild I usually buy this at the a local cigar shop but these were the wonderfully consistent with those. its just a enjoyable one hour smoke!! 5 5 1
Rothschild For me this is the cigar I compare all others too. 5 5 1
Rothschild A very enjoyable smoke right to the very end. 5 5 1
Rothschild Good draw every stick is the same the build is fantactic !!! Awesome flavor have not had a bad one yet 5 5 1
Rothschild My first ever punch. Wow now I know why the picky smokers smoke punch. From the first puff to the nub that burns your fingers it is consistent with flavor burn draw 5 5 1
Rothschild Great cigar. 5 5 1
Rothschild Purchased through a 30% off deal, glad I did. Very consistent smoke, burns slowly and evenly. Nice draw. Mostly a medium strength. Will reorder in future. 5 5 1
Rothschild That’s right, the are always the same. That is to say consistent, consistently great, consistently well made, consistently an excellent smoke. And I consistently search for and acquire when on sale. 5 5 1
Rothschild Very big white clouds of smoke pour from this cigar. Smooth sweet taste comes from that dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Easy smoker nice 30 minute cigar at 4.5 4 5 1
Rothschild Whenever I'm in need of a good easy burn my faithful fallback cigar. 5 5 1
Rothschild Good smoke. Have always enjoyed a good punch and with JRs prices it has become a true favorite 5 5 1
Rothschild My old favorite. Waiting for a sale to buy a box of 50. 5 5 1
Rothschild Consistent quality with construction, draw and burn. Medium strength. For its size, the cigar last a long time. A nice one hour smoke that I highly recommend. Reasonable pricing, especially with occasional JR discount pricing. Thanks JR 5 5 1
Rothschild Annoyingly, Rothschilds are now coming exclusively individually wrapped in cellophane. The cigars are perceptively smaller. 3 5 1
Rothschild Excellent cigar and came very fresh not dried out 5 5 1
Rothschild Very happy 5 5 1
Rothschild I would review them but I have not received them! I have not received a response to my request for a current status as to when I will receive them! 1 5 1
Rothschild This is my go to cigar while golfing. Great smoke 5 5 1
Rothschild Favorite cigar 5 5 1
Rothschild When did Punch start using Connecticut Broadleaf as there wrapper and binder? This is not the same cigar as in the past. I have noticed the manufacture uses Connecticut in the majority of their line. 2 5 1
Rothschild This has been my go-to cigar for many years. Lately though their construction has been slightly inconsistent. I find that many out of each box, about 1/3 of them have really packed hard spots and cannot be smoked. This also affects the draw, making it difficult and detracts from the enjoyment of the cigar. But overall I enjoy them and will probably continue to do so until I find a cigar that is comparable and if they're more consistently easier to smoke I will switch brands for my every day cigar. 5 5 1
Rothschild Just as I remembered from the late 1990’s, still a great smoke with a glass of bourbon neat. 5 5 1
Rothschild Very nice for a quick smoke I enjoyed them 4 5 1
Rothschild I ordered a box of these and there was a promo for 10 free cigars. I called when I did not receive the 10 free cigars and was told the promo was "while Supplies last". I was never offered a cancellation of the order and the promo was still running on their website 3 days after my order was placed. Not Right!!! 1 5 1
Rothschild Still my favorite stogie to smoke while I’m at work....it doesn’t fall apart easy and a consistent even burn with every stogie 5 5 1
Rothschild Burn is good. Great Spicy flavor 5 5 1
Rothschild I was very pleased with the product and the fast shipping. 5 5 1
Rothschild I have been wanting to try these for a while and finally bought a 5 pack. This is a nice smoke. Very consistent with a nice flavor. They did not disappoint. 4 5 1
Rothschild Damn good stogie when you got to work or short on time. Hell Of a good tasting smoke 5 5 1
Rothschild This cigar is awesome! Really tough to beat this one for the price. Zero complaints 5 5 1
Rothschild Does not burn hot and burns even. Smells good and favor of Rothschild is excellent! 5 5 1
Rothschild Nice nutty flavor. Great burn. Never go wrong with punch 4 5 1
Rothschild Punch clasico,, A nice after dinner cigar. 5 5 1
Rothschild Seems to burn a bit hot 4 5 1
Rothschild Good smoke and great construction. Fun little 40 minute smoke 4 5 1
Rothschild I have been smoking Punch Rothschilds for years. Specifically, the Madura version. Always a great smoke. 5 5 1
Rothschild Draw and burn are sometimes inconsistent. Mostly a very decent cigar that I like. 4 5 1
Rothschild I have always enjoyed a good Punch to the face! These extremely well constructed beauties deliver a smooth draw with the aroma and flavorful taste of cedar and a note of peppery spice. I recommend the Rothschild Punch to anyone who wants a classic cigar with a good medium body and mouth feel. With a reputation that dates back way before the good old days you simply can not go astray. Cheers 5 5 1
Rothschild Punch has always been a great choice. Always consistently made, draws well, burns well and gets better the longer its smoked. 5 5 1
Rothschild Perfect size for me, an everyday smoker. Construction and flavor were very satisfying 4 5 1
Rothschild Punch is one of my go to cigars! If I can't make up my mind...I find a Punch that I like, buy a 5 pak til I make a decision!! 4 5 1


Rothschild 4.50 × 50 PUR3

Tangier than the EMS and a tad smoother than the Oscuro, the famous Punch Rothschild Maduro has always found its niche with the most discriminating of smokers. This solid dark Connecticut Broadleaf has been a huge seller since the Nixon administration! Packaged in boxes of 50.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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