4.533333333333333 30
Elite Smoked one OTT & it 'burned' my throat & tongue. After nearly 2 weeks in the humi the 'burn' is gone & beginning to 'pick up some flavors I suspect these will get even better over time. 4 5 1
Elite Rich lore cigar wolf cigar is magnificent medium-bodied blended her taste this cigar is good for relaxing outdoors and looking at the skies. 3 5 1
Elite I love Punch of all types I've tried and I 've had many. I love Champions and Gran Cru. But I buy Elites of all flavors by the box! Morning smoke is a Rocky Patel Connecticut, Gurhka Royal Challenge or Gran Cru. Midday Rocky Corrojo or Punch Elite Rare Corrojo. Afternoon Punch Rothchild. By the 50 box! Evening/Night Maduro or Punch Elite Double Maduro. Manly little cigar Punches like big one, well above weight class. I smoke many different cigars and enjoy the variety. I seem to prefer Maduros/Escarro/Ligero/Double Ligero/Medio Tiempo but I also like Cameroon and Connecticut. Very eclectic. Punch is in a class by itself and stands among the great old brands that began on Cuba and live on there and liberated in Honduras, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Sadly the places our best cigars and coffee come from are so violent. I wish and pray for the good guys destroy the bad guys and good government prevails in restoring Law and Order. 5 5 1
Elite An excellent experience.. Excellent product Excellent price Excellent and fast delivery Excellent work Well done...thank you 5 5 1
Elite the wrap is consistent however the cut is not, this can cause problems with the draw especially on the lower third of the cigar. Smell and taste have been consistent however they leave an odor overnight. 4 5 1
Elite This is my go to for an everyday smoke. Good rich full body flavor. Smooth and well put together. Burns evenly with a good draw. 4 5 1
Elite I love these cigars, good draw and the right overall size 4 5 1
Elite I love these tasty bold but not harsh! Go for the elite (PUE) best smoke I’ve had. Remember Punch Elite PUE! 5 5 1
Elite This is my go to day to day cigar. Great tight roll burns even and smooth and very tasty. 4 5 1
Elite Excellent flavor. Smokes like a big cigar but in a smaller package but at the same time it's not overpowering. Very very enjoyable. 5 5 1
Elite Great Little Cigar. Dark oily wrapper ( more like a Maduro ) that was fantastic to look at. It is beautifully constructed and the flavor is outstanding. This was a consistent cigar from light-up until it was burning my fingers at the end. This is one of my go to cigars. I'll definately buy another box. 5 5 1
Elite My fav Cigar! Nothing comes close to the flavor! Thanks JR. But my last order was for the London Club and you guys charged me the price of the Punch Elite PUE that I normally buy every week for the last 3+ years! 5 5 1
Elite A special birthday gift and he loves it! 5 5 1
Elite I've been smoking these for over 20 years, and before me - my gramps smoked Punch. It's amazing that they've kept that same flavor. It's bold, but not a "pepper bomb" at all. Full of flavor and the aroma is big and deeply satisfying. Punch Elites are just better than whatever you're smoking right now ~ and that's that. 5 5 1
Elite Great cigar, been smoking for Years! 5 5 1
Elite The draw on this cigar was not as strong as I had hoped. Need to find a cigar of similar flavor with a stronger draw. Good flavor smoked smoothly, but was not strong enough. 4 5 1
Elite I have learned to expect a bummer occasionally but as my daily smoke, the Punch Elite suits me best for price and enjoyment. And for quick pleasure, the Bolo is my choice. 4 5 1
Elite This is a great smoke when there is a limited time. It is my second favorite. I would smoke these on my way to work. I have been smoking these about 15 years. Of late though the last 3 or so boxes have been rolled to tight and you can't poke them because it would damage them. 5 5 1
Elite Punch cigars are great. The construction and performance are always spot on. The flavor is classic and very good. I love the Elites for my lunch break. 5 5 1
Elite These are very well made for the price, with good draw and constant burn. Personally, I found these too strong and harsh for my liking, I just do not like the flavor. They have a darker wrapper than I realized, and that is probably the issue, a little closer to maduro. I got a box of 25, and should have started with just a few first; I will still smoke them, but won't get them again. 3 5 1
Elite Punch Elite is a great go-to cigar for socializing. Terrific, consistent burn every time. Identical to the Punch London Fog, its a medium-to--dark flavor that's not rich or complex yet delivers no off-flavors or inconsistencies ever. I like them for outdoor social occasions because they stand up to any weather (i.e. cold, wind) and are inexpensive enough to offer to anyone who wants to join in a good smoke. No need to baby this cigar, ever. 4 5 1
Elite I enjoy the flavor and quiet time with a good beverage. 5 5 1
Elite Every cigar I have taken from the box has been exceptional. Tight ash, thin perfect burn line, easy draw. Flavor is consistent to the end. Strength is mild to medium. Perfect with scotch or coffee. JR sent me 10 free Punch; also perfect with boveda pack. This is why I order from JR. Well done, as always. 5 5 1
Elite This is my anytime of day "GoTo" cigar. Since I've become a "Seasoned Smoker" Punch is my favorite brand. I love them all but the Elite Maduro is my all around favorite. These cigars consistently deliver in all aspects. 5 5 1
Elite Very pleasant smooth draw 5 5 1
Elite Good for everyday 4 5 1
Elite Wow morning noon & night My getting mellowed out! 5 5 1
Elite Great size, great all around cigar. 5 5 1
Elite These have been my go to cigar for quite awhile...Punch is a solid and dependable smoke...Performance is usually very much the same one to the other...I have long preferred a corona size and these are perfect ! 5 5 1
Elite A long time favorite 4 5 1


Elite 5.25 × 45 PUE

The bold full flavored Elite is blended with the tastiest Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos wrapped in an oily chestnut brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. This Corona is perfect before or after a large midday meal. Packaged in boxes of 25.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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