4.30188679245283 53
London Club Excellent draw and çonstruction some uneven burning and after taste but good occasional smoke. 4 5 1
London Club These little gems have a great flavor profile and always have a razor sharp even burn cant beat the price 5 5 1
London Club Lots of smoke. Great flavor. Coffee and cocoa with a bit of sweetness. Definitely will keep a stock. 4 5 1
London Club I tried these at a B&M when I first started cigars and now they are a permanent fixture in my humidor. I order a box a month and enjoy every minute I am smoking one. 5 5 1
London Club I like both London Clubs depending on mood. I alternate orders to mix things up a bit. The maduro is a full flavored smoke 5 5 1
London Club Nice sticks after they rest. Nice burn and draw with good flavor. Punch brand are in my top 5 favorites. 4 5 1
London Club The most consistent cigar I have found have like one per hundred that might not draw as desired. Almost always keeps a straight burn. The taste of these little one is awesome hard to beat for the price. 4 5 1
London Club Definitely a cigar for sharing. Nothing too special just as you would presume by the price. I would use this for mooching friends. 3 5 1
London Club I love these smokes! Great flavor and size and consistency. a nice shorter smoke with lots of rich flavor and decent strength. A daily smoker and for $2 a piece by the box they are hard to beat 4 5 1
London Club Good Cigars at a Great Price... Will purchase again. 4 5 1
London Club I've been smoking these for years. Good quality consistent little smoke for not a lot of scrilla. Nothing fancy or complex here just a good average every day smoke. Stock up and always have some in the box. 4 5 1
London Club Very good and easy on the billfold. Much better than most of the others I have tried. 5 5 1
London Club I am happy to be ordering from JR 5 5 1
London Club Great cigar!! 5 5 1
London Club PULC3 is my usual brand; I like the size and price for these cigars (though I have to admit, over the years the price of a box has more than doubled so I'm seriously considering stopping the cigar smoking habit). 4 5 1
London Club Just as good as their lager cousins, but at a better price. I like the maduros. 5 5 1
London Club Did not receive London club classics . Substitution was made on last 4 boxes I’ve ordered. Extremely disappointed . 1 5 1
London Club Same great Punch flavor format as his big brothers. 5 5 1
London Club I enjoy them in the evening 5 5 1
London Club Punch is a fine cigar; always consistent and well constructed. JR always ships promply. 5 5 1
London Club Great taste and I love the small size for a quick-ish smoke. Had a couple small construction issues but considering the price and great flavors I really can't complain. 4 5 1
London Club Drier than a popcorn fart. Cigars ordered May 7 arrived May 17. Got them in the humidor but these will never recover. Question: JR has been rock solid on deliveries what did you do to take 9 days to deliver???? 2 5 1
London Club When I want a stout smoke I go to the Punch brand. This guy is on the low end of the line as far as price but hangs with the big boys when it comes to flavor and strength. 5 5 1
London Club A nice flavorful quick cigar. Took me around 40 minutes to smoke one and it didn't turn harsh once. 4 5 1
London Club These are a really good spicy little cigar especially for the price. 4 5 1
London Club This is exactly what I want in a small maduro. Sweet cocoa and spice flavors in a 40-45 minute smoke that doesn't suffer from overheating at a very low price. A fantastic small stick. 4 5 1
London Club This is one of my favorite cigars regardless of price . They are always consistently flavorful and well made . Love em 5 5 1
London Club Very good cigar particularly for the price paid. Only rarely do I encounter bad construction causing a bad burn. 4 5 1
London Club Punch brand cigars are my second favorite cigars. The flavor is remarkable with a smooth draw and razor sharp burn. Great taste of leather and coffee with a hint of creamy sweetness. 5 5 1
London Club Tried the maduro this time. Think I'll be alternating them with the English Market Wrapper ones. Great smoke though!! 4 5 1
London Club This is a great cigar. Smaller in ring size than I typically like but for a quick cigar smoke I like it. Smooth draw good construction nice flavor and the price was right and I am sure to enjoy the entire box. Once again JR's provides the deals and the quality I like... Thank you 4 5 1
London Club I was a little disappointed in the construction of the cigar is the outer wrapper fell off of every single one that I smoked. I'm not sure if it was the way they were stored or what the situation was but all I know is that it was not favorable to have pieces falling off while smoking that s***. Other than that it was a great tasting cigar so maybe if you can have it in your humidor for a bit longer it would actually hold its construction better 4 5 1
London Club Price will always be a consideration, but I feel the large ring cigars are over hyped. many quality brands do not even offer a small corona or palma/palmita size. Prices continue to rise on small ring sizes and appear to subsidize the cost of the larger cigars. do not forget us daily smokers of smaller rings. That being said , the Punch London is an excellent aromatic and tasty choice. Rich tobacco flavor, with hints of baking spice. These need a little aging to bring out the best smoking experience, so buy several on sale and put them away, it is well worth it. 5 5 1
London Club Besides the occasional tight draw, these are excellent smokes. Sweet, creamy, and rich flavor are great after dinner. I've noticed these age very well, keep getting better the longer they're in the humidor. Enjoy! 4 5 1
London Club Perfect cigar for an after dinner smoke. 5 5 1
London Club Great cigar! 5 5 1
London Club I've been using these cigars for many years. They have been a good smoke. 5 5 1
London Club Has nice spice and good when you’re short on time. Ya can’t beat punch 5 5 1
London Club Cigar always very consistent 4 5 1
London Club Punch is one of my favorites 5 5 1
London Club Dry 3 5 1
London Club Very good little cigar 5 5 1
London Club Always box in my humidor good value punches rock 5 5 1
London Club The London Club marduro is my "running errands" cigar; a great walk-and-smoke cigar or for a friendly social outing. I always re-order a box whenever running low (thru JR they're priced 40% less than at the local chain smokeshop) and carry an extra one or two in case I run into a friend or to make a new one. Medium flavor (good not great), good feel, filler never flakes out from the cut, consistent burn even in weather. It's a credible 4 of 5 for me. 4 5 1
London Club The tasty, full bodied flavor provides notes of sweet spice, pepper, caramel, cocoa, & cedar that extend to the retrohale, aroma, & aftertaste. Great construction, draw, burn (for a maduro), & consistency; with a firm, white ash. The dark brown & oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper has intermittent toothiness throughout its length. A well-priced, premium Corona that’s a mainstay in my humidors and one of my favorites for a short smoke. I’ll occasionally smoke several, back-to-back, instead of firing-up a larger cigar. 5 5 1
London Club Great construction and even burn, very nice feeling wrapper, and to echo another reviewer: good, not great, medium taste. Honestly not peppery ENOUGH for my tastes. One star off for what I feel it lacks in flavor. Still a step above all the no name smokes at a really killer price. I've always got a Punch on hand. 4 5 1
London Club Very consistent in construction and flavor 4 5 1
London Club Good taste, good burn, just the right size when you don't have a lot of time for a larger size. 4 5 1
London Club The punch cigars were fine. The sampler pack had four cigars that the wrappers were cracked and falling off the cigars. they are unsmokable. I sent an email to Customer Service but have not received a response. 2 5 1
London Club Good smoke 4 5 1
London Club Have enjoyed this cigar for years 5 5 1
London Club Nice smoke 5 5 1
London Club Nice short smoke with a lot of flavors 5 5 1


London Club 5 × 40 PULC3

The Punch London Club Maduro is a popular dark, Corona sized cigar in that has been one of this brands best sellers since they first opened shop in Honduras. The entry-level price and superior quality keep these gems flying off our shelves. Whether you are new to the brand or your saving for a rainy day the affordable London Club is just one click away. Packaged in boxes of 25.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Box of 25

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