4.125 8
7.5 x 54 Another fine example of Nicaraguan tobacco. Earthy tones bold taste and smooth finish. This has become one of my new favourites. 5 5 1
7.5 x 54 Very smooth great smell & taste. Evenly burned! Slower draw 5 5 1
7.5 x 54 Just wish processing was quicker. 4 5 1
7.5 x 54 7.5 x 54 tons of TERRIFIC!!! A 1 hour treat of cocoa and spice: a much better treat than anything at Starbucks! 5 5 1
7.5 x 54 Well this is the first box of cigars I bought from JR then I bought a box of El Rey del Mundo Robusto Suprema Reserva Nicaragua five Montecristo Double Corona and a bundle of JR alternatives cigars. All these cigars suffers the lack of a good control regarding storage condition. They were delivered dry to much dry. I light up El Rey Del Mundo and there's no taste just a dry piece of paper. Now they rest inside my humidor and that's is no good I'm heavy kind of smoker that want to smoke . I'm not a healer or doctor trying to save cigars delivered in an unsmokable condition. I sugest the JR people to fix this issue. The Punch Nicaragua must be a really good smoke but the lack of cuality control in the storage made them just sad smokes. I want to smoke not pamper paper dry cigars in my humidor. The JR alternatives cigars and the Montecristo Double Corona ends in the trash can I give up the majority of the Punch and Rey del Mundo to some friends of mine and keep four or five of them in my humidor hopefully they come back to be cigars I don't know. So from this bad experience I learned that is better to buy in Cigars Store's or Cigars Shop's than from big kind of retailers or storage building. 3 5 1
7.5 x 54 Great flavor but the size doesn’t work for me. It’s hit or miss whether or not they’re going to draw. And when they don’t draw it’s a miserable experience. They also don’t burn evenly. I tried the smaller size and I don’t seem to have that problem with them. They are very flavorful and when they smoke correctly very enjoyable. Definitely would not buy this size again! 3 5 1
7.5 x 54 Quality cigar flavor profile but not the best in the line. The smaller 6x50 burned cleaner and was a much more consistent and even cigar. These ( and I am smoking one while I am writing) basically give the feel of the same amount of tobacco stretched out to make a larger cigar. Holllow spots, uneven burn et al. Still the same flavor of the toro size but with all of the construction flaws. Buy the toro. 3 5 1
7.5 x 54 Great cigar! 5 5 1

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

7.5 x 54 7.50 × 54 PUGPN7

An exciting premium offering from the legendary General Cigar Company, the Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua 7.5 x 54 cigar boasts a stunning dark and oily wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper surrounding a superb blend of 100% aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. This line extension to the original Honduran Gran Puro cigar is a complex full bodied smoke brimming with savory notes of spice, earth, chocolate, and cocoa.


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Connecticut Broadleaf






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