4.7368421052631575 19
Epicure This is the best in the line. The Epicure delivers a solid smoking experience that the non maduro bourbon just does not. 4 5 1
Epicure If you’re a fan of whiskey and maduro cigars this is the one for you! You’ll smoke if right down to the nun. 4 5 1
Epicure Great cigar! Perdomo knows how to make Maduro smooth and flavorful. The construction and draw are fantastic and great balance of flavor. 5 5 1
Epicure This is a solid smoke from Perdomo. If you haven't tried this one I highly suggest you do. The flavor and build on this cigar is excellent. Pepper kick with dark brownie flavors. 4 5 1
Epicure In my opinion the best maduro Perdomo has to offer. A must have for the dark wrapper lover. 5 5 1
Epicure The maduro are the best out of this line they have the right flavors with a added punch of a maduro 5 5 1
Epicure This is a good choice and when I'm able to get them I def pick one up not a bad stick 4 5 1
Epicure There is just something about barrel aged cigars. The sweet earthy wood taste is fantastic. They all seem to burn better too. 5 5 1
Epicure My favorite smoke. Nice rich smooth smoke from beginning to end. These cigars are constant from box to the next box. Perdomo cigars are the best on the market. 5 5 1
Epicure You can spend a lot more for a cigar, but the Perdomo Habana Maduro is my favorite go to cigar. It is a constant smooth rich full body cigar that can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or your favorite adult drink. If you have not tried one, I highly recommend it. 5 5 1
Epicure I’ve been a cigar smoker about 30 years... Ilike strong cigars...usually full bodied....tried this Habano at someone’s recommendation...what I thought I wanted was “strong”...what I really wanted was flavorful....this is the best tasting cigar I’ve had in a long time...great construction...the epicure size burns over an hour...I’ve had both Connecticut and Maduro both excellent...Perdomo hit a home run here 5 5 1
Epicure Introduced to this great cigar at pheasant camp in SD this year. Well made, as solid as the JR ultimate cigars and I’m a big fan. Love the taste, the feel, the burn...all exceptional, IF only I could find this cigar for 3 bucks. Don’t normally go for the bourbon or chocolate infused fru-fru cigars but this is a superb cigar. You won’t be disappointed! 5 5 1
Epicure I had called customer support about an order and while talking with Richard at JR, I mentioned he should try the Hoyo de Monterrey Sabrosos. (I like them very much, not a huge commitment but a very good 30-45 min indulgence while grilling or having a beer or two). He suggested that I might like these Perdomo Habanos. I bought a box of the Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro Epicures. They are much bigger ring size (6x54 vs 5x40 for the Sabrosos) and they are maduros, while I liked the Sabroso Ecuador Sumatra wrappers, but I went ahead and pulled the trigger and bought a box of 24. (They didn't have singles but I saved $32 going bulk and I'm so very glad that I did.) These things are thaaaaaat good. With a glass or two of chilled JW Black and a good conversation with friends or just reading a book (or anything) - it doesn't get any better... Thanks for the shout-out Richard - you were right... I hate to leave a 5x5 review because they will only increase in price. But these guys deserve a following and patronage. Kudos to the Perdomo folks for barrel-aging tobacco via the tedious process of rotating in and out of casks - it's...really wonderful. If anyone knows of a great roach clip for cigars - let me know. I want one now... 5 5 1
Epicure I’ve heard a lot about Perdomo cigars. The bourbon barrel aged intrigued me so I bought a couple the Habono epicure and a Gordo. I smoked the epicure first ( Haven’t smoked the Gordo yet) the smell of the cigar before lighting was intoxicating. It lite very easily and the first draw was something special. The hints of cedar, leather, and of course bourbon were fantastic. The construction of the cigars are unmeasured. You can see and taste and feel the quality in the cigar. The cigar lasted about an hour before it reached it’s downward spiral of taste. I going to buy a box and add it to my humidor and save them for special occasions. Thanks Nick for making such special cigars. 5 5 1
Epicure Good cigar. Try it first time love ou 5 5 1
Epicure Love it 5 5 1
Epicure Very nice flavor and burns evenly. A few had hard draws but overall very good cigar 4 5 1
Epicure I've tried a few Perdomos. All were great. I love a good Maduro cigar and this is my favorite of the Perdomo. I'm not a whiskey fan, but, with the coffee and cocoa in the flavors, doesn't get any better. Lights easily, great aroma, lots of smoke, thanks Nick for the work you put into your cigars.Ordering my first box soon. 5 5 1
Epicure Great smoke this is one of my faves from Perdomo. 5 5 1

Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro

Epicure 6 × 54 PEBAE3

Feast your eyes on the stunning Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro Epicure. This dark 6 x 54 shows off a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper that is naturally aged at least 6 years, and then an additional 14 months in bourbon barrels. Underneath, a core of distinctively flavored long-fillers from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli Nicaragua, add tons of complexity, and well-balanced, medium to full bodied flavors.

Delectable notes of cocoa, almond, leather, and dark roast coffee, all heightened with the delicate smoky essence of bourbon whiskey will make this one of a kind smoke simply unforgettable. When you buy cigars online at JR, be sure to add a box of 24 of these fragrant gems to your cart.

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