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From the creative mind of cigar legend Nick Perdomo and the skilled hands of the Tabacalera Perdomo rollers, comes another premium beauty- the Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro.

A core of distinctively flavored long-fillers from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli Nicaragua, are rolled inside a maduro wrapper that was naturally aged at least 6 years, and then set to rest in bourbon barrels for an additional 14 months.

This incomparable, and time-consuming blending process yields a medium to full-bodied flavor profile with luscious notes of cocoa, almond, leather, and dark roast coffee, all heightened with the delicate smoky essence that bourbon barrel fermentation yields. 

A dark tobacco lover’s dream come true, these outstanding smokes are worthy of some prime real estate in your trusty humidor. 

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