4.037037037037037 27
Governor Great flavors and enjoyable late evening smoke. It burned a little quick couple of times I had it after I dialed it in in my own in the door it was perfect. Sometimes the drawer is a little rough for construction of flavors are great. And would buy over and over !! 4 5 1
Governor A decent medium bodied smoke. Great construction and great draw. Hay wood chocolate and a touch of cinnamon. Decent smoke. Not my favorite but decent. 4 5 1
Governor Big cigar 60 gauge long lasting and great taste good smoke and smooth draw up with the orange and green 4 5 1
Governor Yeah you get yourself down to Church's Fried Chicken or Kentucky Fried Chicken get you some watermelon you know you smoked some of that and get you a big fat black smoke like this and you just suck it 5 5 1
Governor Last night of a great deal to an offer a few days to his brother to a more to the us in your 5 5 1
Governor Hoyo is a great line of cigars ang the governor is no exception. Great tasting and well made. 4 5 1
Governor Very well made cigar. Perfect draw nice long ash. The flavor was very mild I had expected a little more kick. All in all this is a good cigar. 4 5 1
Governor Draw was a Lil tight but great med stick great flavors of leather a cream note to it with a hint of sweet 3 5 1
Governor Hoyo DE monterey governor a good smoke exquisitely constructed and deliciously packed with flavor a great blend from a great maker 5 5 1
Governor Well governor was a delightful size for myself it had a near perfect draw a large amount of smoke and never burned hot 4 5 1
Governor A bit disappointed...I noticed the wrapper starting to fall apart after my 2nd smoke. They seem to be old and not very moist. I’ve always been pleased with this brand but I’m sure this issue is about humidity. 2 5 1
Governor I like the wrapper and the spice that it provides. This cigar is packed full of flavor. I prefer these in the afternoon or later. Very enjoyable cigar start to finish. 4 5 1
Governor Simply put this is a fine cigar. Very good aroma draw and ample flavor without being overly spicy. Enjoy one! 5 5 1
Governor The perfect cigar in my opinion. I was really surprised with this one when I got it in the sampler but it's awesome 5 5 1
Governor Nice even flavors that make you wanna smoke these back to back. I know it sounds weird but goes good with a chocolate flavored drink 4 5 1
Governor Nice cigar. Great draw. Construction was good. There wasn't much flavor. But it was a decent smoke. I would recommend to novice. 4 5 1
Governor A bit tough on the draw but other than that... This cigar is pretty darn good. I love the flavor and the construction is solid. 3 5 1
Governor They are great cigars. 😀 always burn well and delivered fresh. 4 5 1
Governor Well constructed, smooth draw. Excellent medium bodied smoke. Great way to spend 45 minutes to an hour. 4 5 1
Governor I had The Cuban version. Full disclosure, the Cuban I had came from Romania and was hurt during its voyage but I digress. Great Cigar. If you’re looking for in your Cuban experience this is a great smoke. It’s very similar to a Cuban brother. Cigar just has a really great taste. For my pallet it’s a medium. It’s a nice change from all the Maduras I smoke. I’m not very good at this but I would say it’s creamy. I hope you enjoy it! Also it’s a very good value 5 5 1
Governor Great cigar for the price 5 5 1
Governor A very nice everyday cigar. 4 5 1
Governor Found a new everyday smoke. Great taste. Nice creamy finish in a medium bodied smoke. I’m buying more of these and stock the humidor. 4 5 1
Governor At the sale price, these are a great everyday cigar. The flavor is outstanding, but the construction is inconsistent. 4 5 1
Governor It’s a good cigar but you’ve doubled the price in the last 5 years so I probably will never order them again 3 5 1
Governor I ordered the Hoyo De Monterey large ring pictured above but what I received was a smaller variety. The cigars were so dry when they arrived they wrappers cracked and broke. 2 5 1
Governor great flavorful cigar, fast shipping to! 5 5 1

Hoyo de Monterrey

Governor 6.12 × 50 HMG10

The maduro wrapper covering the popular Hoyo Governor adds some spicy kick to this extraordinarily delicious medium to full bodied Honduran cigar, packaged in 10-pack.
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Connecticut Broadleaf / Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf / Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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